Monday, April 9, 2007

All Are Welcomed In My House

It is a source of infinite pleasure to me that this site is visited by all my adversaries in the Cuban-American blogging "community" not once but 4 or 5 times a day. Even when I have quit lecturing them in their precincts they still feel the compulsion to come to my house to learn what I think about them. And they stay from 15 minutes to 3.5 hours perusing the scant offerings of this new blog — reading and re-reading what I have written perhaps because they cannot easily digest such concentrated fare.

They are all welcome, of course. Even Val and Henry (especially Val and Henry). All men are free to expand their education and should.


Lucy said...

Hello Manuel,

I'm one of your daily visitors...I'm not a blogger and not even Cuban. I hope you keep this blog up and running.

You are providing a good counter balance and reality check.

Caudillismo shows it's ugly head time and time again. There are plenty of Cubans, like my husband, that don't follow, applaud and march blindly into the sunset.

Thanks. You are a very entertaining writer.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I appreciate greatly your praise and words of encouragement. I do know from the traffic here lately that not all who visit this site are motivated by fear of what I may say about them. There are also many as yourself who delight in the vindication of truth and the smashing of clay-footed idols.

This is for me a labor of love, even though those who are the objects of my attention may feel otherwise. The greatest service I am doing here is to them. For, as you wisely discern, caudillismo is a weed of fast growth; if it is not killed at its roots and early it will compromise and invalidate lives that might otherwise have been useful to the cause. It is my sincere hope that Val Prieto and his tributaries will reflect, re-consider and desist. Certainly, the spotlight which I am providing on their actions will make them more circumpect and less likely to abuse the crumb of power in their hands. Let them be cured while their potential for harm is not yet fully developed; it would be a lot harder to contain them if they were allowed to follow their ruinous path unobstructed.

Thank-you once again for your encouragement and I hope you will continue to honor me with your presence here.

With kind regards,