Friday, April 27, 2007


Oh, my God, this is too much and way too early on a Friday morning. Val Prieto and Henry Gómez of Babalú blog have decided to found a new exile organization (yes, just what we need) to be called Bloggers United for Cuban Liberty, the acronym for which is BUCL. Pronounced BUCKLE.

buckle: to yield, surrender or give way to another. Commonly used in the expression "buckle under the pressure."

Ok, Henry, back to the drawing board. I hope your commercial efforts are better than your freebies.


And why does BUCL's logo sport a Vietnamese flag? The Cuban flag features a star in a red triangle. The flag of the People's Republic of Vietnam consists of a star in a red square. In the BUCL logo the field with the star is pretty square and not at all triangular.


Yesterday, on a non-Cuban blog, which took Henry Gómez to task for the peculiar "secret mission" aspect of BUCL's inaugural manifesto (so reminiscent of Oscar Corral's infamous declaration that he was "going underground"), some prankster hijacked my name and posted a comment under it. It was a most clever ruse which probably fooled the whole tribe of the Valalusians. Whoever perpetrated it was not without wit as the comment itself attests. He even linked my blog's URL to my name so that if you clicked on the name you were taken here. Very clever but not me. The comment's final line, which gives the joke away, states "I love you, Henry." Not even when I actually liked Henry did I "love him."


CorgiGuy said...

Can we trust BUCLE with our hard earned CASH?

Those damned social conservatives alway trying to get into my wallet

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I think that you could trust them with your hard-earned cash. They certainly wouldn't steal it. Whether they would use it wisely is another question.

CorgiGuy said...


Forgive my cynical side, but i don't hold the blogsphere in such high steem.

Instead of a having a meaningfull exchange of ideas, where we come close to the truth, posts turn into pissing contests, where bloggers are trying to outdo each other with barbs and insults.

The idea of BUCLE where a selected group of individuals are going to control the message of liberty through coordinated campaigns seems a bit paradoxical with a totaliterian undertone.

The liberterian in me says stay away from BUCLE

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


There is much to what you say in that regard. Besides I don't think that you or I would be welcome. It's a "Members Only" affair.

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Come on guys don't be silly. Everyone is more than welcomed...they're vitally needed. I'll put as much of my money as I can afford. Everyone should do likewise considering our family needs. Trust is not a question.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Tomás Estrada Palma:

Trust is not the question, and I never said it was. You can trust Val and Henry to do the best they can with your money. But their idea of good use should be known and seconded by you. First apprise yourself of what their plans entail, and if these strike you as a worthwhile and realistic, then by all means contribute to whatever extent you want. If you always act from a position of knowledge rather than ignorance, it is unlikely that you will feel defrauded in any case.