Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Babalú Inaugurates "Estefan-Free Radio"

We understand from the latest announcement (which is bound to be revised or deleted at any moment) that the Babalú Radio Hour has now become Estefan-Free Radio. [I kid you not; this is what they actually called it). This development will no doubt be hailed by pop-music lovers everywhere who have long hoped for Estefan-Free Radio. Babalú also announced that it's going to "cover anything except Santanagate and only because [they've] written literally thousands of words on the matter." This is somewhat akin to the Nixon White House having proclaimed at the height of Watergate that it would not address the matter because there were already thousands of reels of tape that pertained to it.

We also take exception to its description of recent events involving the Estefans as "Santanagate," which is a two-year old scandal involving Carlos Santana's poor choice of wardrobe at the 2005 Oscars. What we have here, however, is not Santanagate, but Estefangate. But it can hardly surprise anyone that Val Prieto would not permit the word "gate" (redolent of scandal) to be attached to the august name of Estefan. The Estefans, after all, have fought longer and better for Cuba's freedom than the rest of us, according to Val Prieto. In any case, the tribute of his silence is certainly preferable to the spectacle of his adulation.

UPDATE: Although the subject is off-limits on Babalú's Estefan-Free Radio, Val has consented to discuss the Estefan affaire on Mambí Radio's "Ninoska" Show" at 3:00 pm. This is what Val lives for and his big chance to rectify all his past mistakes on Estefangate. Will Val avail himself of it? Of course not. The Estefans might be listening (fat chance!). In any case, I'll listen and report if anything worth mentioning is said there. Perhaps I might even call the show if the spirit moves me.

UPDATE 2: Just as I predicted, the Babalú post announcing the inauguration of Estefan-Free Radio has been deleted. I am surprised to see that I exert more influence over them now than I ever did when I opined there.


Agustin Farinas said...

Holy crystal ball Manuel!
You seem to have the power of a clarivident fortune teller! Can you pass on the winning numbers for the next Florida lottery? (LOL)

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

agustín fariñas:

Yes, I can predict almost anything except when the bastard's artificial anus will emit its last fart. Which, of course, is all that matters.

Two weeks ago Alesh Houdak, of the Critical Miami, a Czech who loves our people and our cause well, as all Czechs do, announced on his blog that he was going to visit Colombia. I posted a comment on his site warning him against getting robbed there. The very day he read my comment he was robbed of $2000 of film equipment. He now also believes I am a soothsayer. Sadly for him, Alesh only believed after the fact.