Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Last Days of Babalú?

What has happened at Waterloo, I mean, Babalú? Where are its commenters? Are they boycotting the blog? Posts without a single comment now predominate in its abandoned precincts. One would expect something like that from a baby blog like mine (not even a month old), but from the "dean" of Cuban-American blogs with over 1.6 million hits since 2003? Val is obviously concerned and has speculated that this might be due to a technical problem. But is that really the explanation or have Babalú's commenters simply tired of the censorship and abuse? Are we seeing "The Last Days of Babalú?" I certainly hope not, since its demise would also be a severe blow to this blog and no kind of victory for us.

God knows that I would never do anything to kill the blog that lays the golden chickenshit.


CorgiGuy said...

In the cult of Orishas, Babalu Aye (also known as Omolu, Shonponno, Obaluaye and Sakpata) is the spirit of illness and disease.

Do you think maybe Balau Aye has something to with this? The Orisha is a doing a healing perhaps?

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Again you arrive at a brilliant conclusion that had entirely escaped me. Val once mentioned that his house is covered with mirrors. We all know what that means. I would advice him to take the mirrors down.

KillCastro said...

kill the blog that lays the golden chickenshit.?
And I had to read this with a mouth fool of tuna cucumber wrap !
My monitor looks like Picasso threw up all over it!I hope windex work on this shit!

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Your own blog has had a very liberating effect on me. Now I do not hesitate to sling anything at them and don't stop to ask myself if I am following Burke's rules of debate. Yes, even chickenshit.

Speaking of which, Val's reaction when he read that line was somewhat similar to yours, except that the excreted matter had already been digested and compacted for disposal.