Sunday, June 10, 2007

You're NOT Going to Believe This!

Now, what are the odds of this?

There is another blogger named Tellechea.

He is also Cuban (but not related to me).

He is also anti-Castro.

But he blogs from Spain.

The writing is brilliant and so are the graphics.

(Well, would you expect less from a Tellechea?)

Now, don't trample over yourselves trying to be the first to visit J.A. Tellechea's blog:

And after you've enjoyed the rich humor there, visit this other Spanish blog where the current state of our country is analyzed with great vision and historical perspective by Camilo López:

Finally, let me recommend to you, also from Spain, the anti-Castro blog Yo Fidel: Blogger en Jefe, "ghostwritten" by José Ferrer:


Charlie Bravo said...

Ah... great morning reading! Thanks Manuel!

Charlie Bravo said...

I have to list these two blogs at KillCastro!
Thanks Manuel....

CorgiGuy said...

Wow!! Those blogs raise the standard to anothe level!!

Have you seen this one.

Thanks for the links.

Vana said...

Thanks for the links Manuel, I have saved them to favorites, so I can visit often, I enjoyed Estancia Cubana the most, your tocayo's blog,(is there a word in English for tocayo?) was quite interesting, and very smartly presentend, just like yours,I guess all Tellechea's are quite the intelectuals, and Blogger en me a good laugh

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Something that I neglected to mention is that these Spanish anti-Castro blogs should prove a healthful tonic for Val & Henry and the other BUCLERS who are making war on the mother country (or have they desisted?).

The nearest equivalent in English is "namesake" but it doesn't have the "familial" character of tocayo.

Charlie Bravo said...

That's exactly what we have been saying, painting all Spaniards with the same brush is, to say the least, a very unhealthy habit!

Vana said...

Let's hope Val and consorts read these blogs, as you and Charlie point out, they just may learn something.

Also thanks I had forgotten tocayo is namesake, and true some words in Spanish sound so much better, and richer than in English.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Val & Company read this blog like the rabbis read the Torah. If they didn't have me to tell them what they did wrong, they would wither and die. They spend literally hours here, reading and re-reading everything I write. I can only hope that they may profit from something.

Cuba Press said...

Manuel, muchas gracias por tu reseña. Y gracias a todos también.


Camilo López