Monday, June 18, 2007

Vilma Espín Is Dead: One Down and Two Bastards to Go

It was not Fidel.

It was not Raúl.

But it was the next best thing.

Yes, it is confirmed: Vilma Espín is dead.

Raúl Castro has declared 26 hours of mourning (¡qué cursi!) in honor of the "distinguished heroine of the resistance" and his ex-wife.

As the great-granddaughter of Karl Marx, Vilma Espín Guillois was a member of Communist royalty and heir to a fortune in Bacardí stock. That and the blackness of her own character (the beast killed her own sister for an inheritance and betrayed dozens of anti-Communists in the "July 26th" Movement to Batista's police) made her our real-life Madame Defarge and the ideal bride for the heir presumptive of Castroism.

The most powerful woman in Cuba for most of her life, Vilma Espín did not possess the womanly virtues that might have tempered the brutish traits of her husband and brother-in-law, but shared in a triad with them the blame for destroying our country.

The token female in the Communist Party hierarchy, as Almeida was the token black, Vilma Espín was charged by the Revolution with representing the interests of the Revolution in respect to women. As such she was never a champion of women's rights, but the sponsor of every wrong that has been committed on Cuban women over the last 48 years: Cuban women, of course, outside her charmed circle.

At least this Communist "princess of the blood" had the pleasure of arranging a "royal" marriage for one of her daughters (the non-lesbian one) with the head of the Sicilian mafia. Vilma in fact resided in a palace on that other island for most of the last 30 years, serving as the courier in the transfer of the family's wealth to Geneva. She may in fact not have died in Cuba at all, as the absence of a corpse would seem to indicate.

Nevertheless, she is the first to die of that nefarious triad and paves the way for the other two national villains.

We would have preferred Fidel dead.

We would have preferred Raúl dead.

But after them no one is better dead than Vilma Espín.

Disgrace to your sex, antithesis of Maceo's mother, burn in hell forever!

¡Viva Cuba libre!


In an unprecedented development, "Heroine of the Revolution" (if only for marrying Raúl) Vilma Espín was cremated without a state funeral or even an unofficial viewing. Obviously, they did not want the people to see her physical deterioration, which must mirror Fidel's, since she's been kept on life support longer than he's been. Also, if there is no state funeral, then there will be no speculation on why Fidel did not attend it. And, of course, if there was one funeral that Fidel could not have skipped without giving everything away it was Vilma's.


Fantomas said...

Yes Manuel, great post man

I am starting to like you now

Asi es multimillonaria toda su vida...Todavian poseen stocks de Bacardi

Que barbaridad... porque no usaron ese dinero para el pueblo de cuba...

Me dicen que tenia un castillo en Francia valorado en 5 millones

Vana said...

One down and two to go, they say things happen in three's, let's hope for the best, also Manuel what do you mean by great grandaughter of Marx? is this true?

Charlie Bravo said...

Vana, Marx had a Cuban son-in-law, Pablo Lafargue.... (given name sometimes spelt as Paul)

Vic said...
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Vic said...

Hello Vana,

I just found this very intersting article where Pablo Lafargue is mentinoned. Read it, as I said is very interesting and instructive

PS Same message than the one deleted above.

Vana said...

Oh wow Charlie you blew me away, I guess us Cubans are and have been everywhere, even related to Marx, I never would have guessed, thanks Charlie

Vana said...

Hello Vic
Thank you for the site, I will most certainly read it, I'm totally blown away by this revelation,and Vic nice to meet you.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

In his letters, Marx referred to his Cuban son-in-law Pablo Lefargue, who was of mixed French-African ancestry, as "the monkey," a term which, incidentally, Fidel Castro has applied to various African chiefs of state over the last 48 years.

Fantomas said...

Slow down...Manuel este blog se esta poniendo muy lento. Vas a tener que conseguir contributor writers

Hay mucha tela para escribir..Are you ok, man?

Charlie Bravo said...

Mexico weeps for Vilma: read it here
Beware, this is vomit inducing material!

Fantomas said...


A Calderon quien lo estara asesorando en el tema de cuba?

Charlie Bravo said...

Mexico ha sido siempre enemigo del pueblo de Cuba, desde que acogio al che huevera y a fidel castro y los ayudo a organizar la invasion del Granma, luego ha sido el pais que ha apoyado a castro en todo y cuyo embajador acabo de leer con mucha alegria en las Naciones Unidas que Cuba esta fuera de la lista negra de los violadores de derechos humanos.
Para no contar que si el Coast Guard devuelve balseros, la Marina Mexicana los ahoga o se divierte viendo como los tiburones los devoran.
Calderon tiene la asesoria del departamento America del comite central del partido comunista de Cuba. La seguridad del estado tiene la mayor estacion en el extranjero en Mexico, y cuenta con el apoyo de un gran segmento de la poblacion que es antiamericana y adepta a vestir t-shirts del che huevera. Odian a los cubanos, y desde que estaba en Cuba, les devolvia ese odio.

Fantomas said...

no valen nada( y me han costado 2 calzoncillos nuevos)

dejare de comer mexicano por buen tiempo. con razon me he embolzado en los calzoncillos 2 veces en mi vida y las dos fueron despues de haber comido refry beans

pa su escopeta

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Look at the number: 116 posts in less than 2 months and most of my posts are extended essays not casual jottings. Of course, I am flattered that you want more Tellechea and you shall have all the Tellechea that you could possibly want when I inaugurate The Best of Manuel A. Tellechea blog, which will collect for the first time all my political writings. Be patient and you shall never again experience a "Tellechea low."

Fantomas said...

I love casual jottings...believe me they are powerful too

Como quiera has descuidado tu blog, no much action

KillCastro said...

You'd THINK that being related to Marx it wouldve spark SOME intrest at the USA State Department in the late 50's . Could we possible go with the dark theory that the USA WANTED a communist regime in Cuba smack in the middle of the Cold war ? A school of thought tends to belive that it was a very clever way of keeping an eye on the Russians! Hell of a lot easier to counterespinage in Cuba than in Moscow and let's face it Cubans (all Cubans have a tendency to blab too much "
"Coño mi socio te lo juro , hay unos cohetes en Guira de melena que le zumban los cojones" Now drop some hot assed babe on a cuban officer and watch him give up the name of every Russian spy he has ever known and if h doesnt know them he'd make them up.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Some of Martí's most entertaining writing is to be found in his casual jottings. However, Martí's reputation does not rest upon them.

If you want a digest you will not find it in the daily post(s,) but you have at your disposal now the material for ten journals in the Archives of this blog.

As I said, be patient. This blog is less than 2 months old.

Charlie Bravo said...

Nah, KillCastro, a great grand niece of Marx doesn't rise a red flag... did the Diaz Balarts rise a red flag? They are related to Kasstro, Vilma, and by proxy to Karl Marx!

Vana said...

Ay Dios mio Charlie, no me digas, eso, que la marina Mejicana los ahoga, se divierten como se los comen los tiburones, me enferme leyendo eso, te juro que mas nunca en mi vida, volvere de vacaciones a Mejico, mal paridos, hijos de puta, that's it se me jodio el dia

Charlie Bravo said...

The abuses against Cubans in Mexico are well documented. They are also raped, killed, and buried in the desert when they are trying to come to the USA. They are mugged all along the way, and sometimes, thrown in jail before being deported back to Cuba, Vana.
But hey, we are busy boycotting Spain! The thing is that ALL Mexican governments have supported kasstro as much as they can due to their inherent anti-Americanism, and their animosity against the Cuban people. It's hard to live a loser life, when Cubans are clearly much better performers, be it in Mexico, Cuba or the States. Let's resume it in one word: envy.

Fantomas said...

Charlie , do you think the BUCL should focus on Mexico , too?

Keep in mind
when we say Spain we dont include the common people... It is a broad term... but is only really directed to the politicos and the business owners that deal with theregime

Vana said...

Yes Charlie, you are right when you say the word is envy, also jealousy, because in many ways we are better, and smarter.
Their anti-americanism I experienced myself, when I was in boarding school in Arizona, it was the first time I heard the word gringo, said with wanton hatred, us the Cuban girls were shocked, since we were grateful for the refuge we received, we asked them what they were doing here in the States, go home to your schools in Mexico, of course the answer we got was that the USA had stolen their land, please, get over it. Mexico has always been an ally of Cuba, that they want to keep us down and miserable as they are, I have no doubt. Thank you Charlie for telling us what happens to our brethen over there, it's sickening.

Charlie Bravo said...

Fantomas, I think that the campaign that should exist and doesn't is the campaign against the dry-foot wet-foot. Why? I really don't understand it.
I will NEVER get involved in such a thing.

Fantomas said...

Charlie... I am also lost with the dry foot policy.... I dont even know exactly what is it... really no me ha interesado nunca ese tema

I may need to look into it more

I am really pro embargo and pronaval blockade ...not the actual status quo which permits miilions pd dollars sent via western union and food and medicine.. All of that should stop for real... and no i have no family in cuba ..thanks god

Charlie Bravo said...

Well, the dry foot wet foot establishes that all Cubans picked up by the American Coast Guard IN THE WATER be it high seas or two feet from the shore are sent back to Cuba.
Apparently, we don't agree on starving the Cuban people as per the pressure cooker approach. Even if I had nobody in Cuba I would not be in favor of starving them and depriving them of food or medicine, because they are our own people, and because we are just making them weaker to fight kasstro, who by the way has tons of resources for his repressive forces, talk about asymmetrical approach. The repressive forces well furnished, and the Cuban people famished.

Fantomas said...

thanks for the info about dry foot..I think it should be me imagino a nadie que arriegeue su vida en aras de buscar la libertad sea devuelto a cuba...i strongly oppose that...

en relacion al embargo cuando yo estaba en cuba me acuerdo como comiamos arroz blanco, y chicharos todos los dias y nadie se murio por eso...y enaquella epoca no habia ni un solo hotel de turismo sol melia ni exisitian los viajes de cubanoamericanos ni habia 300 de western union

Charlie Bravo said...

I don't agree with starving the Cuban people, period.

Fantomas said...

charlie they wont starve believe me
los chinos y los vietnamitas le garantizan el arroz, los chicharos tambien los consiguen facilmente ...I think if they really want to put food into the peoples mouths they should allow fishing to all cubans, and offer incentive to los agricultores para que no se pierdan las cosechas de platanos y guineos especialmente

no metamos a los americanos en esto por favor ..this is s cuban issue not a crawford texas issue

Charlie Bravo said...

First, who is bringing the Americans into this?
Second, they ARE starving.
And when somebody denies them the help they need, well, they are playing the propaganda card that kasstro wants them to play.
kasstro makes them go hungry everyfuckingday because the BASIC TENET of control in his tyranny is SOCIALIZED MISERY (I am not screaming, just underlining my points, sorry if it looks like a cyber scream)
When somebody denies them the help they need they are just driving me away from their "cause".
That's why KillCastro the Blog is mainly alone in the blogosphere, because one needs to be devoided of soul to deny the Cuban people the help they need and sit up here screaming at them "revolt, revolt, put the dead bodies, take kasstro down" when we are safe, well fed, and without any of the necessities they suffer everyday.
Look, North Korea is much worse, and.... have they been able to revolt? I think not.
I feel like fucking stop blogging when I realize that a bunch of people are actually for starving the Cuban people and letting them die with no help and feel that we are all big heroes because we CAN speak from here. Guaperia de lejos, as they would say in Havana.
You know what, that's why the Cuban people are so grateful to the Spaniards, to whomever visit the country and helps them to live another day, and why they so much fear a take over. Because they have suffered a lot on the hands of kasstro and people here just think that starving them to death is great to get rid of kasstro.... now, how's that Cubans exiled in Europe or other places do not feel like that?

Vana said...

Please Charlie NEVER stop blogging, we need people like you and KC that tell it like it is, I'm on your side, I feel the same way you do, down with the embargo (Paper) down with those that starve the Cuban people, lift it already it has not toppled kaggastro, it's worthles.

Fantomas said...

this issue is a very difficult

it brings division among us ...

como quiera que sea dictadura is on the drivers seat..

Considero que debemos explorar mas opciones y tratar de trabajar juntos en lo que podamos...

pero te digo algo , no importa si mañana le enviamos a cada casa cubana 1 billon de libras en alimento para que coman el resto de su vida... con todo y eso,,, los comunistas seguiran con su retorica y su permanencia en el comida no garantiza un shift to end the tyranny con esta gente

on the contray a new generation of well fed cuban communist robots saldrian alrededor del mundo a esparcir la semilla de castro... Con el problema resuelto de la comida... habria mas dinero para continuar impulsando proyectos revolucionarios pero nada de libertades de expresion... Esta gentuza no quieren dejar el poder nunca

Fantomas said...

Vana porque razon Cuba tiene tanto empeño en compararle a su adversario principal de 5 decadas

yo no puedo entender eso todavia?

existen 170 y pico paises para comprar comida ..cuba no esta interesada de que su gente coma . esto no tiene nada que ver con embargo

Vana said...

fantomas said, I have no family in Cuba thank God, no wonder you are for starving the rest, you don't care about them, I have no immediate family left in Cuba, but I still send money to those I do have there, how dare you say that they are not starving THEY ARE STARVING! what kind of Cuban are you that you were not aware of the dry foot wet foot policy, and are for the stupid embargo that doesn't work, and has not worked, yet you back something as dumb as bucl, wake up and smell the rotting roses

Charlie Bravo said...

There's no embargo. Just a cash and carry policy. What I cannot see is why any Cuban would advocate to keep their fellow countrymen inside a concentration camp by not opposing fiercely the dry foot wet foot (all our fucking politicos are silent on the issue)
I can't see how a Cuban with a heart, a brain, a soul, and a pair of cojones can advocate for restrictions that are proven not to be damaging to the dictatorship, but at the same time are just damaging for the Cuban people and for our credibility as their supporters from abroad. I mean, the ones who are really supporters of the fighters.
Keep on advocating for their starvation, and you will gain another enemy in them, and of course in me.

Fantomas said...

vana i knew perfectly what the dry foot was ,,i just dont make an issue of it ..i let the us politicos make their own decision , after all it is their country and if they dont want the cubans ashore thats is thier prorrogative... quien carajos dice que ellos estan obligados a aceptar a los cubanos...que intercepten en el mar

a mi me parece que tu eres una mala cubana...que es una mala cubana ...Esos que salieron al principio de la revolucion y no vivieron en su pellejo lo que es el comunismo y pasar hambre de verdad como lo vivi yo...vamos a respetarnos un poquito mas...

no me hagas pedirte que me llenes la nevera otra otra vez me perdi en llegar ,,, esta vez voy con uno de esos aparaticos que te hablan en el carro y te llevan a la puerta del destino final

by the way how old are you and when did you leave cuba ...what year?

Vana said...

How dare you call me a mala Cubana, you know nothing about me, or the way I feel about my country, who cares about how long I have been here, it has nothing to do with any thing, you make Charlie explain the dry foot wet foot to you, and then you go and say you knew of it, please don't waste our time, as I said before you are a bola de humo, buche y pluma na' mas, eso eres tu

Fantomas said...

tranquilita Vana, you know nothing about me , how dare you called me bola de humo...tomate la pastillita chica

again how old are you and when did you leave cuba...Waiting for an answer

Vana said...

Pasar hambre de verdad, fanto no que no hay hambre en Cuba,tu mismo te contradices, Y si deberian estar obligados a aceptar a mas Cubanos, o se te olvido la mierda que nos hizo Kennedy em Bahia de Cochinos?
al no ser por esa mierda alomejor tuvieramos un pais libre, y no tuvieramos que vivir en el exilio.
Mal Cubano eres tu que quieres matar de hambre a nuestra gente en Cuba.

Fantomas said...

que va hambruna no van a pasar , el estado aun te garantiza lo basico lo minimo para que no te mueras de hambre..en verdad no comeran langosta ni camarones, ni haagen daz , pero NO TE MORIRAS JAMAS

no seamos tan exagerados porfavor

me diras cuando salistes de cuba?

Fantomas said...

Where is Manolo?

Missing in action,I am still waiting for my review and you have an 11pm show to listen to tonite

tocororo_frikki said...

I think every cuban should be fighting against the wet and dry foot bullshit law or whatever you want to call it

and what is that?
you don't know what the wet and dry foot law is?
get that fuck out here!!!!
you call yourself a freedom fighter?
man I need a drink!!

Vana said...

fanto, if you would only read these comments, instead of only what you write, you would know how long ago I left Cuba, for I have mentioned it on these blogs, do your homework, find it

Vana said...

Got a drink for me? I need one too

Fantomas said...

toco tranquilo, now I know more what itmeans what it is something that really was not a great concern of mine... Remember i dontmake that policy..the us government does.
I am against any cuban be return but at the same time the Us has the right to dictate their inmigration laws as they please..let the politicos fight it out not you or me...
I want total freedom for cuba , inside of cuba, nothing to do with the us...the cuban problem is that our problem is not in washington or in texas

go and have adrink man.

Fantomas said...

vana , i dont like to read much, please make it easier on my, just tell me the year of your departure...

why are making a big deal of it..i belong to the 1980 mariel generation AND VERY PROUD OF IT...

no como algunos cuban wanabes out there que se creen mas cubanos que nadie y loque son es unos infelices de la vida que necesitan mas lectura y respetar a sus elders

Fantomas said...

Manolitoooooooooo Where are you man?

Agustin Farinas said...

my advise to you is to quit while you are ahead. Sometines you have habit of making people angry with some of your comments. Try thinking a little before speaking, or getting your brain in gear before engaging the muscles in your mouth. From what I see here, you are not making many friends with the positions you are advocating. Starving people, denying them help only plays into the hands of those who have been in power for the last 48 years and keeping them under their boot. Think brother, think. Now you may need to take that little pill you are always asking everyone to ingest. Let's start to think rationally.

Fantomas said...

Sorry Agustin, not today

I am not looking to make any friends

tocororo_frikki said...

fantomas I think that should be a great concern for you and for every cuban around the would you feel if you put yourself in the balseros shoes?
in fact well all cubans abroad fit into those shoes..even if we left in a plane or in a fucking raft!!

we all fled in a way or another..
you fled to puerto rico,I fled to new york,fariñas to argentina and others to spain,europe and I even know a few cubans in japan.. and so on...So I am confused by your" no concern" about this issue mind you that I have great respect for you and the work that you do in your blog.

besides the freedom of my country abolition of the wet and dry foot law is a main concern for myself

Charlie Bravo said...

Maybe Fantomas want explain how is that the embargo gottangled together with the dry foot wet foot and the remittances and Cubans traveling back to Cuba to help their families. What the hell does one has to do with the other???? I will give you the one word shot answer: nothing.
It's just the party line, as parroted by the politicos and their followers. One thing, this is my country too, so I am concerned with everything that happens here, more so with every thing that happens with the Cubans in Cuba and the rafters. But no.... they are going to create traffic jams in Miami! After all, the guys creating that party line are not different from the communists, all of them hate the Cubans in Cuba and punish them every single day for one thing: they are in Cuba.

tocororo_frikki said...

this stupid and evil law is the creation of the clinton administration with the help of cuban inmigration oficials and later the termination of Brothers to the rescue.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I am also amazed, to say the least, that you were unaware of what the "Dry Foot/Wet Foot" policy entailed. Is fantomas allowed out in the light of day? Since Clinton initiated this barbaric practice, which has been upheld by Bush longer than it was by Clinton, all the world has witnessed on numerous occasions the spectacle of the U.S. Coast Guard attempting to ram or sink the refugees' vessels or drown the refugees themselves. On the Miami Beach itself, in view of hundreds of spectators, they have been videotaped attempting to stop the refugees from reaching shore, clubbing them as if they were baby seals (oh no, clubbing seals is illegal!)

What little honor this country still retained — and in its dealings with us it has never shown any — was lost forever when the "mother of exiles" became the whore of the tyrant who oppresses us.

And you tell us, fantomas, with a straight face or any other kind of face, that you never knew what "Dry Foot/Wet Foot" was about?

Maybe I should compile a Fact Sheet for you of everything vile and disgraceful that the U.S. has done to perpetuate Castro in power over the last 48 years.

Fantomas said...

folks no nos desviemos ni nos adelantemos... nuestro enemigo es the castro corp, no soy yo ni es sera fred thompson ni sera Hillary...

No estoy seguro que las prohibiciones ni el embargo o no embargo sea nuestro main concern



Manuel A.Tellechea said...


This is not my country and never will be my country. I sympathize with its ideals, which it rarely lives up to. I hope the best for it, though I know it will always choose the worst. It has been my home for most of my life and I am grateful to it for its hospitality, more grateful really than it deserves; for I am here because this country left me no other choice when it burned down my own house and saw to it that the flames would always be fanned.

Fantomas said...





La Habana
José F. Sánchez
Jefe de Buró
Dept de Investigaciones
La Nueva Cuba
Junio 20, 2007


La dictadura cubana afirma reconoce la existencia de "una rectificación" de la política de la Unión Europea (UE) hacia la isla en el documento aprobado el lunes por sus cancilleres, pero señaló que esa enmienda resulta "insuficiente", según expresó este miércoles su canciller Felipe Pérez Roque.

"En el documento hay contenida una rectificación que era necesaria, que era ineludible, aunque no es suficiente", manifestó Pérez Roque, en conferencia de prensa.

"Tomamos nota de que la UE ha rectificado su posición anterior de cerrarse al diálogo y de pretender adoptar hacia Cuba una posición de presión y de fuerza (...). Han aprendido que no se le puede imponer a Cuba, pero el documento tiene consideraciones que deben ser contestadas oportunamente", añadió.

El lunes, los cancilleres de la UE acordaron mantener la suspensión de las sanciones adoptadas contra el régimen en 2003 y ofrecieron a la isla establecer un "diálogo político abierto" que incluya "todos los temas de interés mutuo", sin dejar de criticar la situación de los derechos humanos.

Pérez Roque dijo que su gobierno prepara una respuesta oficial a la propuesta que será conocida en breve, pero recordó que el bloque no ha eliminado "la Posición Común, ni ha eliminado definitivamente las sanciones" del 2003.

La UE aprobó en 1996, a instancias del gobierno español de José María Aznar, una Posición Común en la cual exige a la isla cambios en materia política, democrática y de derechos humanos, como condición para recibir ayuda de los 27.

En el 2003, el bloque impuso sanciones a Cuba por la condena a prisión de 75 disidentes y el fusilamiento -tras juicio sumario- de tres secuestradores armados de un bote de pasajeros, con fines migratorios.

Esas sanciones, suspensión de visitas de alto nivel y de la colaboración cultural, así como invitar a los disidentes cubanos a las recepciones por las fiestas patrias en las embajadas europeas, fueron suspendidas temporalmente en 2005, a instancias del gobierno socialista de José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.

"Nos oponemos a la existencia de una Posición Común de la UE sobre Cuba. Consideramos que no tiene justificación, creemos que es una prueba de la falta de independencia de la UE para formular una política sobre Cuba, porque en esencia esa Posición repite los postulados norteamericanos", dijo Pérez Roque.

Agregó que Cuba se opone "a la existencia de sanciones, no le reconocemos a la UE derecho para hacerlo, no le reconocemos autoridad moral alguna a la UE para juzgar a Cuba ". "Creemos que las sanciones tienen que ser eliminadas definitivamente", remarcó.

Charlie Bravo said...

Manuel, it has become my country, for a multitude of reasons, which does not blind me in terms of what is of crucial importance for the freedom of Cuba. And of course, it doesn't prevent me from critizicing with all my forces all the misdeeds towards my country of birth. For some of us, it becomes our country, and it doesn't mean that we for that reason have to forget where we came from and what our objective is. By the same token, I get the bull by the horns and I mention what's unconfortable to many professional Cubans: they stop short from denouncing the double faced hyphenated politicians and the class B celebrities who are always so silent about Cuba.
Having said that, Fantomas in his last post mistakes the representatives of the tyranny for the Cuban people when he said "a esta gente hay que darle candela y no comida".
Yeah, why don't you give them fire. Instead, you're advocating to give fire to the Cuban people.

Fantomas said...

charlie desde hace mas de 5 años los estados unidos le venden millones de dolares en comida a cuba?

ha cambiado esa comida algo al pueblo

No , ni siquiera ellos la ven...

si los Estados unidos levanta el embargo los cubanos siguen comiendo polvo y los dirigentes cubanos lo que harian es revenderles la comida a chavez a evo a correa oa ortega...ellos no estan interesados en feed al pueblo..lo han dejado demostrado inmumerables veces

tighen the embargo more y lloraran

Charlie Bravo said...

Again, who is talking about lifting the embargo, because I am not. Where is that the embargo comes about when we are talking about remittances to families, medications, assistance to them, travels back to Cuba to show the people what we are all about and to help them break the chain of fear?
Because, I haven't said that the embargo has to be lifted, there's no embargo, or I haven't been clear on that?
So why are you mixing it all?
How is that I don't have to get angry about the dry foot wet foot? Just because some politician asshole says so? Or because I have to toe the party line somebody draws in the sand for me?
I don't. And I will be angry for the dry foot wet foot till the day they remove it from the books.

Fantomas said...


Por Dr. Luis Valdés

Estamos navegando por tiempos críticos con respecto a la libertad de nuestra querida patria y como diríamos en medicina se observan y palpan signos y síntomas.

En la isla gracias a cubanos de “La Resistencia” parte del pueblo va despertando (perdiendo el miedo) mostrándose menos inerte e inapetente ya se van escuchando voces que claman libertad, la oposición avanza y el fin del castrismo se acerca. Es el momento para Cuba.

Al no saber si gobierna Fidel con su prolongada enfermedad y su esclerótica decadencia mental o su alcohólico y también enfermo hermano (quien también puede morir antes que el tirano) y al ver como la maldita generación se encuentra en proceso de extinción (ya que algunos se acercan a los 80 años y otros pasan de los 80) la nomenclatura se muestra indecisa y mas débil por ende recurre a sus típicas non santas maniobras tanto en la isla como en el exilio.

Existen elementos y factores en ambos lados que por órdenes de La Habana cumplen su misión de lo que yo llamo las (4D) Desinformar, Deslucir, Desmantelar y Destruir a sus peores enemigos; el exilio y a los verdaderos miembros de la resistencia en Cuba. Ejemplo de esto: Aquellos disidentes en Cuba que desacreditan a verdaderos opositores y al exilio, aquellos que aún trabajando para el gobierno se proclaman disidentes y son autores de extraños proyectos que discriminan al exilio y también aquellos exiliados que atacan a verdaderos patriotas cubanos en la isla y al exilio histórico.

En los últimos años el exilio sufre de una gran oleada de pseudos cubanos que sufren de una carencia total de patriotismo. Estos sujetos productos del “Bombo”, Balseros y otros que cruzan la frontera y que supuestamente huyen de un sistema dictatorial que los persigue y pone en peligro sus vidas, pero después de aplicar como refugiados políticos y una vez establecido su status migratorio al acogerse a la ley de ajuste cubano sufren la metamorfosis Oveja-Lobo al declararse en nuestras comunidades ahora como exiliados económicos a quienes no les interesa la situación política de Cuba.

Estos deshonestos los encontramos infiltrados en todos los medios como: La prensa, radio y televisión, en páginas cibernéticas. Viene en todos tipos como: ex miembros del Minint o de la inteligencia, ex funcionarios del régimen, artistas, músicos profesores, jóvenes estudiantes en fin toda una gama de tipo y color.

Vienen a sentar pautas, supuestamente a dar cátedra al exilio. Es interesante el observar el patrón que utilizan agentes castristas que vienen a este país con ordenes específicas de la tiranía para dividir la sociedad civil y que gracias a la democracia y al oportunismo político que le ofrecen los micrófonos tratan de fomentar campañas de fragmentación creando conciencia de temor y desconfianza entre el exilio y el mundo exterior.

Estos expertos abusan de elementos lógicos comunicativos y lingüísticos como:

Falacias, manipulación del significado, omisiones, redefinición del lenguaje, tácticas de despiste, estadísticas fuera de contesto, demonización y falsa dicotomía.

El Modus Operandi arriba mencionado ha sido utilizado en los medios de radio y prensa por los agentes de la tiranía contra el exilio como forma de guerra encubierta.

Si repasamos la metodología no importa cual fuera el tema a tratar (Política, música, arte, ciencia, literatura, historia, religión, salud o sexo) siempre habrá una inyección de maldad oculta para llevar al programa o la exposición a la controversia política con resultados favoritistas al régimen de La Habana.

Fantomas said...

i am for removing it also, i dont have a problem with that

pero esa gente que sale de cuba y alos 4 meses quiern volver para celebrarquinceañeros y cosas parecidas, esos no son refugidos
politicos esos son refugiados economicos y deben ser tratados como los haitianos..adema ultimamenteesta saliendo un cubano profidelista y antiamericano..porquecarajo quieren emigrar si desde aqui quieren defender a la revolucion ...candela pa esos charlie sorry

la ley es la ley

Charlie Bravo said...

The Cuban spies are not balseros, or "gente del bombo" they have been planted here since the sixties.
So, now all the blame is on the newly arrived. Right. Because.... since we all know we are responsible for Kasstro being in power. It was the older generation who helped him to usurpate office and destroy our country, we were born there after kasstro. But somehow we are pseudo Cubans and responsible for that. FUCK THAT.
And you and that guy keep on saying that WE want to divide people. The ones who put labels on us are you. Thanks so much.
Keep on parroting that shit.

Fantomas said...

Charlie all I see is complain after complain, negativity after negativity

why dont you start an international campaign designed to talk about the issues you hold dear

acerca de los viajes a cuba, el dinero, las medicinas y la ley de pies may find backers out there

Charlie Bravo said...

Have you read KillCastro and The Black Sheep of Exile? The campaing is right there, in every single word written on those blogs. The difference is that we don't ask anybody for money or anything like that. Much less we want people to toe the party line at the expense of the Cuban people and their suffering that you deny when you say that they are not starving.
We are also not the ones dividing the people by dates of arrival or anything similiar, or flinging accusations of ñangaras when we disagree, and by the way, those accusations always come from people who never lived under the dictatorship and who don't have a single mark on their bodies produced by a beating. They are always the ones who say "no food, no money, no medication". Yeah, there's a lot of negativitiy. In the articles you copied and pasted.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Your suggestion to Charlie that he create his own BUCL-type organization shows that, despite your protestations to the contrary, you have been brainwashed by Val & Henry into believing that yet another exile organization is just what is needed to bring about change in Cuba. There are already hundreds of such organizations that support some or all of Charlie's positions. If he wanted to, he could join one. I find, however, that these organizations only promote an "elephant suicide" mentality, that is, the few that have not lost all political focus and have devolved into social organizations. Nothing wrong with that. Free association is also a cherished right that Cubans are denied in our country. But let's not fool ourselves into believing that these organizations are relevant in the struggle. They are not and have not been since the days of the Martí. Of course what we really need is another Martí to imbue these organizations with purpose and device an agenda which would take the initiative in the liberation of Cuba and not merely react to events on the island but precipitate them. But, of course, Nature does not strike off Martis as it does other natural phenonema and we have consumed 48 years in waiting for his second coming rather than follow his example.

And speaking of nascent exile organizations, it seems that BUCL itself is dead in the water, killed by the political shortsightedness of its founders. Some exile organizations have managed to last nearly 50 years; Henry's barely managed 50 days.
Even Henry does not make reference to it anymore, the monumental inappropriateness of its first so-called "campaign" and the ineptness with which it was carried out, have caused untold embarrassment to many of its members, not one of whom is pleased, or could be pleased, at the course it has taken and all of whom consider their $100 as both a waste of money and an object lesson.

When there is a "Dry Foot/Wet Foot" policy to fight, why expend your energies and resources in what amounts to the Cuban equivalent of a Civil War re-enactment? When unity is required in the ranks, why sow division and self-hatred by attacking Fidel's Spanish roots, which are also our roots? Are there no other aspects of Castro's persona which we do not share that we could attack?

No, fantomas, what we need is fewer not more exile organizations, most of which, in the end, are only excuses inaction.

Anonymous said...

I loved your blog. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

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