Thursday, June 21, 2007

BUCL's Siren Song


Your suggestion to Charlie Bravo on the Vilma Espín thread that he create his own BUCL-type organization shows that, despite your protestations to the contrary, you have been brainwashed by Val & Henry into believing that yet another exile organization is just what is needed to bring about change in Cuba.

There are already hundreds of such organizations that support some or all of Charlie's positions. If he wanted to, he could join one. I find, however, that these organizations only promote an "elephant suicide" mentality, that is, the few that have not lost all political focus and devolved into social organizations. Nothing wrong with that. Free association is also a cherished right that Cubans are denied in our country. But let's not fool ourselves into believing that these organizations are relevant in the struggle. They are not and have not been since the days of Martí.

Of course what we really need is another Martí to imbue these organizations with purpose and device an agenda which would take the initiative in the liberation of Cuba and which would not merely react to events on the island but precipitate them. But, of course, Nature does not strike off Martis as it does other natural phenonema and we have consumed 48 years in waiting for his second coming rather than following his example.

And speaking of nascent exile organizations, it seems that BUCL itself is dead in the water, killed by the political shortsightedness of its founders. Some exile organizations have managed to last nearly 50 years; Henry's barely managed 50 days. Even Henry does not make reference to it anymore, the monumental inappropriateness of its first so-called "campaign" and the ineptness with which it was carried out, have caused untold embarrassment to many of its members, not one of whom is pleased, or could be pleased, at the course it has taken and all of whom consider their $100 as both a waste of money and an object lesson.

When there is a "Dry Foot/Wet Foot" policy to fight, why expend your energies and resources in what amounts to the Cuban equivalent of a Civil War re-enactment? When unity is required in the ranks, why sow division and self-hatred by attacking Fidel's Spanish roots, which are also our roots? Are there no other aspects of Castro's persona which we do not share that we could attack?

No, fantomas, what we need is fewer not more exile organizations, most of which, in the end, are only excuses for inaction.


Charlie Bravo said...

As you well say, Manuel, we need more "organizations" as we need holes in our skulls.
While diversity of thought and free association are rights that are denied in the island, the over fragmentation of thought leads to the non existence of action.
KillCastro wrote a very good article time ago, in which he referred to the phenomenon as "I don't like your fucking flag, I will go ahead and invent my very own fucking flag!"
And true, that's exactly what happens. The suggestion of the creation of still another group, is an invitation to become a ridiculous bunch of people, which I politely refuse.
In regards to the dry-foot wet-foot, there's no need for donations or campaigns, other than keep on mentioning it in every forum, blog, conversation, and or article.
Of course, for that one needs to have whatever is needed to challenge the august politicians who are standing still and silent on this issue, from the President down.

Fantomas said...

The second BUCl is around the corner...A monster campaign is in the works...

Be alert

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

While diversity of thought and free association are rights that are denied in the island, the over fragmentation of thought leads to the non existence of action. — Charlie Bravo

This is so far the best thing that's been said on this blog. If something better is ever said, I will make note of it.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


¡A Italia!

Charlie Bravo said...

Manuel, as the word "(p)sycophants", the sentence you liked is yours to use. I think that you also shall find interesting the word "queendom" coined by me the other day to refer to the rule of raul.

Commissaire Juve said...



I bet you it will be Canada, remember he was on Canadina Radio the other night.

Fantomas said...

Fantomas has gotten hold of the latest campaign blueprints. It will be an international event. Please feel free to join even if you have to put a modest 100 or 200 contributors's fee.

"Cualquier cosa que hagamos para denunciar al regimen es valido"

BUCL= Plan Denuncia

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Commissaire Juve:

No, it's Italy for sure, unless Henry changes locale because I know. I first announced that it was Italy two weeks ago. I'm always kept well-informed. Val & Henry have a lot of closetted enemies.

Fantomas said...

Manuel close but no cigar

Vana said...

I think you are right Charlie when you say, that the over fragmentation of thought leads to the non existence of action, how many organizations are out there?many, they mean nothing, noone does anything, they just get together on Sundays, to have a party and to blah blah blah, and nothing is done, that is why I belong to none.
Also as you say, those organizations have become a ridiculous bunch of people which noone respects, even I laugh at Alpha 66, what have they done with all their training, nothing, zilch, same as bucl will get us nowhere, except to further be ridiculed, alas not only by us, but by the whole world.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


An international campaign?

Does that mean that BUCL is going to take on the whole world?

A tall order but not more than those monomaniacs can handle. Have stickers, will travel.

So making the whole world our enemy will win us our freedom? You know what, the whole world or practically has been our enemy for 48 years. And what did it get us?

The BUCLERS might actually try to win some friends for our cause. But that would be a positive and they only deal in negatives.

Still, I think it is Italy. That's their secret plan. They don't trust you, fantomas, because they think you spend altogether too much time here and they are afraid you might be a double-agent.

BTW, did you get the check?

Fantomas said...

Manuel , I always enjoy eso de agente y doble agente preguntale al comisario que se preocupa porque me guste el hombre de maisinicu