Thursday, June 28, 2007

Val Prieto's "Apologia Pro Babaloo"

George & Henry are now in the habit of devoting to me the introductory segment of their faux radio show, and they claim, incredibly, that I am the one obsessed with them! Well, I must report that I have been supplanted as their obsession. In yesterday's show, George and Henry played a clip from the movie Fatal Attraction and dedicated it to their fan in Bayonne, N.J.

Whomever can that be? I wouldn't know. I don't live in Bayonne, N.J.

Can it be that the opposition to Val and Henry's stupidity has become a movement? Or is this just a function of Henry's paranoia?

Well, real or not, they are running scared, and this time it's not dead chickens or coconuts on the Prieto lawn that has put them in flight.

I actually urge my readers to listen to this week's Babalú Radio Hour as it contains Val's phoned-in "Apologia Pro Babalú," which is priceless and should not be missed.


LibertadparaCuba said...


"Do people who are stupid know that they are stupid?" Or, as I have observed, do stupid people think that they are smarter than those around them.
I once said that the most intelligent thing one can say is, "I don't know!" Stupid people always seem to think they know everything! Hence the constant retort, I know, I know, I know! like henry and Val.Now they're saying you obsessing over their immature behavior. I think, Not..I think they should take a close look at themselves before throwing stones.

Vana said...

LOL..Manuel, you want me to gag? I cannot stand to listen to Babalu Radio Hour, but will do it for you, what time is it on today?