Monday, June 18, 2007

"Please, pretty please with sugar on it."

Henry is begging me to review his performance tonight on Canadian radio, where he subbed for Val, who was no doubt "under the weather."

This is becoming pathological. He requires validation from me as a calf does its mother's milk.

And he visited New Jersey last week on "business."

Very pathological indeed.


Now Henry calls me his "minder" and pleads with me yet again to review his performance on Canadian radio. He must think that he did quite well to be so insistent. I am not made of stone. If he continues to grovel at my feet, I may just do it despite fantomas' prior claims. Although, what a fat baby our Henry is! I have already devoted thousands of words to him and he still can't cut the whining. I'm really too indulgent with him. How will he ever grow up?


Fantomas said...

I heard the show ... It was great man

Vana said...

Wating for the review, Manuel, lol

Fantomas said...

I guess Manuel will have a favorable review on this one...

lo estoy esperando Manuel