Monday, June 25, 2007

The "Sin" of Cameron Díaz

Babalú blog, the world's preeminent defender unto death of Gloria and Emilio Estefan's right to bed any other leftist that might help them make a buck (to add to the half-billion they have already amassed on coffee breaks between being, in Val Prieto's immoral words, "the greatest champions of Cuban liberty in history;" the same Babalú whose justifications of the Estefans' own damning press release about their collaboration with "Che" cultist Carlos Santana resembled the contorsions of the oldtime circus rubber woman; the same unctuous hypocrites who purport that Cuban-Americans shouldn't attack their own or air their dirty laundry in public, have proven yet again — as if anyone needed further proof of it — that their doglike devotion to celebrities is limited to those whom they believe might help them turn a buck someday themselves, or who honor them with their phone calls, which for them are benediction enough — yes, I do see them rubbing the telephone for good luck — these kings of cocksucking, in short, must not have had their phone calls to Cameron Díaz returned, because they have unleashed on this beautiful little Cuban girl all the (class) hatred and disdain which they managed to sublimate when the sacrosanct Estefans were under attack for their dubious cubania (which like their marriage is a matter of convenience).

[Now, catch your breath, Val; that was a long sentence, and another follows:]

I don't give a damn if Cameron Díaz wore what some construe as a "Mao purse" — not quite the "Little Red Book," is it? — on a trip to Peru, first, because the Peruvians themselves don't give a damn and have no right to be offended by anything about the Maoist Shining Path guerrillas since they drove into exile and have persecuted ever since the president who freed them from that scourge and saved their country from the fate of Cambodia under Pol Pot. I mean, of course, Alberto Fujimori. Fujimori is under indictment on trumped-up charges of misappropriation of funds and taking bribes while Allan Garcia, who amassed a personal fortune of $1 billion in his previous stint as president while coddling the Shining Path guerrillas, was again elected to the presidency of Peru, now as an anti-Marxist (a safe position to assume now that the Marxists have been defeated).

I am sure that Cameron Díaz did not mean to offend the Peruvians because she didn't know what message her purse implied (if it indeed implied any) and would not have worn it in the first place had she known and has since apologized for wearing it, in contrast to the Estefans who surely know who Carlos Santana is and the parcel of fellow leftists whom they invited to participate in their supposed tribute to Cuba "90 Millas," and who, incidentally, have never apologized to the exile community for their insensitivity at best and betrayal at worst.

Cameron Díaz, a proud Cuban-American, although she was born in this country and hardly speaks Spanish, feels her cubania in her blood because her Cuban father taught her one essential fact which the Estefans have forgotten — namely, that Fidel Castro is the devil. Those were her words when asked on the David Letterman Show in 2005 what she thought about Fidel Castro. When other Cubans my age say that, it doesn't move me. When someone her age says it — someone who has never seen Cuba and probably knows little about the island except that essential fact — it moves me profoundly.

The only thing that moves Val & Company are the Estefans fanning their faces with their abanico de dólares.


Charlie Bravo said...

Besides Manuel, I don't give a damn if her purse choice offends them, since their t-shirt choice here in the States and in their home countries offend me very much and I have to leave with it.
Now you will see phantom reports of che tattoos on her (like the reportedly (not) found and (not) seen on Angelina) and trips to Cuba, and all sort of questions.
She goes on national TV and she says "fidel castro is the devil" and that seems to be forgotten because, mmm, we want to feel some solidarity with the very same people who put Cubans in concentrations camps out of Lima after the Embassy of Peru events on Havana. Ask them why Fujimori is under prosecution and persecution. He was the one driving the Shining Path out to hell and up river to a prison jungle and hey, now they are offended by the purse of a blond starlet.
Santana, and the Eschefans on the other hand know very well who che guevara was and what he represented. However, Santana got a scolding on his day, but the Eschefans are off limits. Never mind that they are cozy with Santana.
But we want Cameron Diaz to be fluent in Chinese while we forget what she said about the Devil, that he's castro, or viceversa; the order of the factors doesn't alter the product!
She might have made a faux pas by buying and wearing something with a script she's not able to understand. But... "serve the people" when taken out of context has a more much benign connotation that "hasta la victoria siempre" or "patria o muerte". And yes, it was totally out of context, because it didn't have a photo of Mao on it for visual indentification.

Vana said...

I don't think Cameron knew what her purse meant, I'm sure she can't read chinese, I have a purse with some chinese letters on it, simply because it went very well with an outfit, I have no idea what it says, just in case I will trash it, but I know damn well what a che picture is, and that I don't OWN, unlike the eschefans, that as you well pointed out Manuel, owe the Cuban exiled community an apology, at least Cameron apolgized for something she was not aware of.

tocororo_frikki said...

well I think cameron acted in a naive way and plus she apologized unlike the eschefans aka what's the fucking big deal?
some of You guys know that every time I see a red star anywhere my mind goes into a full defense mode fueled with anti communist hatred,but that is just me, since most of us who were raise under the wip of torture along with all those fucking red simbols from the kremlin we know all this shit, not cameron so I give her the benefit of the innocence ..she also has great cojones by going on national tv and call kagasstro the devil.

KillCastro said...

I was watching that Letterman show and the questioning went like this :
Letterman " So.. you are Cuban . is that right?
Cameron (Very cheerfully and with a strong nod of acknowledgement" YES I am !
Letterman : "So that Castro guy .. He’s up to no good is he? He's a bad guy?"
Cameron : "A bad guy ..? He is THE DEVIL!" (Grimaced as if she just smelled fresh cow dung)

On the OTHER hand the conversation with Mr. Andy Garcia at "The actors Studio"

Lipton : .. and you were born in Cuba ?"
Garcia "... pauses .... Yes"
Lipton: .." errrrrr hmmm"
(Conversation changed in a HURRY!)

That was the extent of the Cuban deity CUBANISMO!

Now let us get real here who deserves the Cuban/American dual nationality more?
And to go even further.
In a recent interview Jessica Alba complained about being called LATINA saying "I have NO connection with any LATINOS, I do not have any point of reference, how come they don’t call Cameron Diaz LATINA? she is Cuban and she doesn’t stop telling people she IS Cuban"

And holly shit she has never set foot on the country of which she claims nationality.

As far as I am concerned that is one CUBANASA but in the duplicitous mind of some quite open to attack because of course
She does NOT live in Miami and she is NEVER gonna invite any of these hypocrites to lunch!

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