Friday, June 29, 2007

George Moneo Wants and Needs Val-idation.

Ah, poor George, he feels left out. He needs val-idation. He wants me to raise him to the category of Val & Henry. In truth, I have not ignored him entirely, especially as regards his recent hosting of the The Babalú Radio Hour. But that's not enough for him. He is a social climber by nature and choice and wants full parity with Val & Henry. Shall we give it to him? My faithful readers can answer for themselves.

After a long hiatus from Babalú (which was all the better for it), George Moneo recently resumed posting idiocies flavored with the snobbery and racism which are his trademark.

In answer to my appreciation of LBJ, George offered his own shallow scribble in a post entitled "58,253," which pretty much says it all. In it he blames Presidents Johnson and Nixon "for expanding the Vietnam War and not winning it." No word of criticism, however, of Kennedy for starting it. I was under the impression that it was the media and the radicals (like Moneo, back then) who lost the war for us. By "us" I mean humanity.

Few men can be more deficient in their knowledge of history or more oblivious to the truth than George Moneo, nor as a Cuban less grateful or more self-hating, than one who could write and perhaps even mean that "Compared to LBJ, Clinton is a statesman." So the president who gave freedom to George Moneo and 2 million other Cubans is not as good as the president who shut the door of freedom to most of our countrymen, including Elián González! The only answer to that enormity is: Compared to George Moneo, Carter is a soothsayer.

58,253 lives is all that George will allow Americans to sacrifice on the altar of freedom. Not one more. With the 58,254th casualty slavery and national ruin become acceptable to him. So World War II, which cost 405,399 American lives, is not acceptable to him. Nor the Civil War with its 624,511 casualties on both sides. Two wars that Moneo would have approved of since their respective casualties fall way below the 58,253 threshold are the Mexican-American War (13,283) and the Spanish-American War (2,446), those "splendid little wars" of American imperialism. Both these wars were wars of expansion in pursuit of a "Manifest Destiny" that was as worthy of this country as slavery.

How very different was Vietnam (and Korea as well)! In Worlds War I and II, the United States came to the defense of white men, which is just what Western Civilization means. Those wars united rather than divided this nation and no price was deemed too high for victory. But when LBJ put the freedom of yellow men on a par with the freedom of white men abroad as he put the freedom of black men on a par with the freedom of white men at home, this nation all but imploded. The subtext was very obvious: "Inferior [sic] peoples are not worth the expenditure of American blood." The subtext is pretty much the same in Iraq and it's being dictated by the same selfish and pusillanimous people. People like George Moneo.

Well, in any case, the 58,253 limit set by George Moneo gives his tocayo George Bush a wide margin in Iraq, and if he plays his cards right, he can liberate Iran as well and maybe Syria and Lybia as well.

Visit Babalú where George has been given a sound drubbing by several commenters:


What I don't understand is why they cower at the sight of my name. Why rather than addressing me directly as I address them they insist on playing stupid games, replying through innuendo or childish retorts on Babalú or their faux radio hour. Of course, it is because they are afraid of me, not only of challenging me — because they know they'll aways fare badly — but of even addressing their snide remarks to me directly. On the two occasions in the past when Val dared to do so here, he slid away like a wounded puppy. But still I'll give him credit for trying, which is more than the gelded "Pitbull" dares to do. So sad to be afraid of someone you have never even met; afraid, really, of ideas rather than the individual articulating them.

George is wrong in assuming that I am isolated or lonely. Their united front against me has availed them nothing. In fact, Val & Company have made this their second home. It seems to me that they literally keep their computers set on this blog, how else to explain the hours and hours they spend here? [They could also be here furthering their education, but I doubt it since their minds are too closed].

Something else that wards off "loneliness" is the fact that my threads, on average, have 100%-1000% times more comments than theirs do. How is this possible since we've only been around for 2 months and they have been around for 4 years? I guess I must be more interesting. Or they are deleting every other comment on Babalú (which I wouldn't put beyond them). Or perhaps Babalú has just simply grown stale. That must be the answer since Val recently added a boatful of new contributors, which have indeed helped to lend more interest to it. If George would only stay away with his racist twaddle Babalú might actually experience a revival. But the new blood, apparently, cannot drive out the old putrid blood which poisons the entire system.


CorgiGuy said...

George worldview is one of war of wiping out your enemies, achieving superiority through the use of force. George loves the idea of the perpetual war, you know the war that never ends.

It seems to me that in any war, the first casualty is common sense, and the second is free and open discussion.

Here's the rawdata, what this war is costing us

I say let's judge our presidents by how they were able to bring peace and prosperity.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Sometimes, however, we must also judge them on how willing they were to defend liberty. Johnson, for one, was willing to defend liberty at the price of the presidency.

CorgiGuy said...

I'm all for defending liberty and defending our homeland. But i'm not for getting in the middle of somebody else fight.

IRAQ is a civil war. Whose liberty are we fighting for the SHIA, the SUNNI, this guys have hated each other for ages and the hate us even more. Reminds of that saying "Entre marido y mujer nadie se debe meter"

Now George solution would probrably be to nuke the whole place, that his idea for fighting for liberty.

I'm bit cynical when i see that the elites and neocons are the one that profit from the war in the name of patriotism. Checkout Haliburton's profits since this war started. Check out Chaney's net worth, just follow the money trail.

Why aren't Bushs or Chaney daughters helping out with the war effort?

I ask you who pays the greatest price in this war. In my view first the soldier, they come home with mangled bodies and emotional scars that last forever. And me and you and the next generation pay for it with our taxes.

We have less casualties in this war compared to Vietnam becuase we have learned to save more lifes in the battlefied. Just wait, many of our soldiers come back permanently disabled that's the real number you have look at. We love the troops while they are in the battlefield, But do we love them as much when they com home?

And who benefits from war the military complex, the industralist, the bankers that finance it, haliburton. Let face the war business is racket.

With the money we are spending in this war we could have invested in fixing many of our social issues, we certainly could have fixed new orleans levies and protected our borders and ports. Dont you think?

Agustin Farinas said...

George posted: "the magnanimous act of a statesman its painted to be by the historically deficient"
This line I believe was aimed at Manuel personally while omitting his name.
From what I see, George looks at history from a American-Cuban perspective while Manuel in my humble opinion, might see it from a Cuban perspective. That may be why Manuel cherishes the Cuban Adjusment Act just as I do, while George looks upon it as pandering or a bone as he called, thrown to the Cuban community after the Kennedy debacle in the Bay of Pigs. From where I stand, one can only throw bones to a dog and even though we have been called chihuahuas by the editor of the Herald, I think it was a poor choice of words to describe the CAA. Also, I did not see any mention in the posting of Kennedy's or Eisenhower's role in getting us into Vietnam in the first place.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I believe you are completely right. However, we must give credit where credit is due. It was Henry who first described himself as an "American-Cuban." That term really does say it all.

George, of course, is an even bigger "American-Cuban" because, unlike Henry, who speaks it haltingly, George doesn't speak Spanish at all. Since he could easily have correctly this situation we can only assume that it is a wilful omission.

CorgiGuy said...


The difference between your blog and Babalu is that you have better content, you allow different points of view to be expressed and last you are unpredictable that's what keeps readers comming back.

My only criticism is that you give the babalusians too much oxigen. The same drumbeat gets to be boring after while. I say keep your content fresh and engage your readers and you will draw more readers.

Agustin Farinas said...

as you stated correctly, is wilful omission. Since he is probably first generation Cuban-American this is something to ponder. The other commenters and contributors to Babalu are all, so far as I know from their postings, all Spanish speakers. Is hard to believe George is not. In this day and age of bilingual speakers, himself being around the Cuban community and and a contributor to the auto-proclaimed "Dean of Cuban-American blogs", this is an unforgivable lapsus. BTW, great play on words with the choice Val-idation. LOL

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Thanks, Agustín. For a moment there I thought of making it "Val-ideation" but thought that simpler is better.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I appreciate your kind words and I do hope some say to be able to rid myself of the Babalú monkey. But it still has a little life in it and still draws a big crowd. And, frankly, I enjoy making it do tricks. Sometimes I think that the Valalusians actually have a meeting every week to think up stupid things to feed as fodder to me. It's obvious to me that they cannot survive now without my feedback. And at the right moment I am going to make them all go cold turkey. That is, I am going to cut the oxygen.

CorgiGuy said...


Consider adding some google gadgets to your blog. Polls for instance is a good way of engaging your readers. You can easily setup a customized search engine with google search. You can also integrate google reader into your page.

Those things keep your content fresh with miminum effort in your part once setup.

Google is going to be adding polls and podcasting to Blogger, check this out

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I did once post a poll on the RCAB about Posada Carriles. 100% of the voters agreed that Posada Carriles was a hero.

Vana said...

Of course you get more comments on your blog, you are an inteligent, smart and articulate man, I so enjoy myself very much when I come to this blog, I also learn a lot from you, Babalu is boring, the things they talk about there is crap and more crap, they don't articulate as well as you, it's quite obvious to me that you know what you are talking about, and they don't, and no Manuel don't cut the oxygen, I enjoy it, you are their worst nightmare, and maybe, just maybe, they'll learn something from you, and improve their blog.

Fantomas said...

Babalu is boring, the things they talk about there is crap and more crap, they don't articulate as well as you

Vana this is not a pageant contest or spelling bee competition to see who can articulate any pensamiento acerca de la liberacion de cuba...better than the other cuban blogger.-..

Señores cada cual con su estilo..lo importante es ayudar a los invisibles ones que sean mas visibles y acabar con el regimen tiranico...

Vana have you ever send food or medicine to a cuban political prisoner ..if you havenot done so already here is a good start for you ,please help them