Sunday, January 20, 2008

Tonto Says Good-Bye to the Lone Ranger

It's over. Henry's heart still beats in concert with Fred Thompson's, but after his defeat in South Carolina the pragmatist in him has told him that it's time to put sentiment aside and surrender hope: his one-dimensional "American hero" is not going to be the next president of the United States. Henry is "gravely disappointed. Not in him [never in him], but in Republican voters in South Carolina." Yes, the residents of the Palmetto State failed to vote as Henry wanted. Shame on them! Couldn't they have exercised the same "good sense" that they did in 2000 when they chose Bush over McCain?

Henry is now predicting Thompson's withdrawal before Super Tuesday. It will be interesting to see whom Fred Thompson endorses for president. Wouldn't it be a hoot if he endorsed Mike Huckabee? Would Henry feel compelled to subsume his wisdom in Thompson's greater wisdom? Or will he see that the enemy of the balseros differs little from the enemy of anchor babies?

Speaking of anchor babies, Mitt Romney is now Henry's choice for president. He is also Tom Tancredo's choice, who endorsed Romney when he pulled out of the race in December. Rudy "Cubans Are Scum" Giuliani is now Henry's #2. And, yes, he prefers even the non-conservative McCain to the toxic conservative Huckabee (or is "toxic conservative" an oxymoron nowadays?). If Huckabee gets the nomination Henry promises to cast a write-in vote for "Newt Gingrich," the worst of all evils being preferable to the most obnoxious of all evils.

And this is the guy who says he's been a "political animal" since age five? Parents, please buy your kids toys.


Vana said...

Will Henry ever stop, he sounds more moronic every time he opens his mouth.

Mamey said...

I think Henry's toys were all from Communist China...not good for children and other living things.