Thursday, January 24, 2008

Notable and Sycophantic: Bush Did It Because He Loves Us

"Well [Bush] certainly has said more about Cuba with nothing to gain from saying it than any other president.Henry "Economist" Gomez, "President Bush Meets Biscet's Wife" (comment), Babalú, January 24, 2008

I guess the presidency of the United States wasn't reward enough for his words, words, words.


On the same thread, George "Please Notice Me" Moneo asks abajofidel (fantomas) if his initials are M.A.T., "'cause you are sure the same kind of negative a--hole, never a positive thing to contribute..."

Except the truth.

I predicted long ago that Babalú would eventually excommunicate fantomas because he does not worship at the burning Bush. It appears that the recent torrent of abuse aimed at him from all quarters has that object. Fantomas, however, is not that easy to intimidate and his persistence is more than a match for their abuse.


Charlie Bravo said...

Ah, yeah... President Bush has kept the dry foot wet foot, has not missed a photo-op, does the Spanish mumble-jumble, and just approved 600 million in trade with raul....
And the hyphenated politicos now own Biscet, who owes them the nice treatment he's getting in prison and a medal, one wonders in exchange of what.
Which reminds me that people love caudillos and lovingly clap their hands to them at any chance. A caudillo can be call Bush, Kennedy, Fidel, Raul, Thompson, Stalin, Hitler, or whatever hombre fuerte they see at reach.... by the way, caudillos despise their (p)sychophants and use them as tools, if one is going to take any clue whatsoever from history.
Ah, nothing like the cult of personality.

Vana said...

Henry seems to be getting more and more deranged, lately he's spewing a lot of crap, I should add more crap than usual, he needs to get his facts straight before opening his mouth, I'm still waiting to find out what the hell Bush has done for us, as far as I know nada, am I missing something?

Carlos Miller said...

The only people that Bush has done anything for during the seven nightmarish years he's been in office are the corporate CEOs.

And I'm talking about those guys at the very top of the very top companies in this country.

Bush has not done anything for anybody else.

Any republican or conservative who still waves the Viva Bush flag and is not part of the corporate elite is a political dumb fuck.

Mamey said...

Charlie and Vana: bull's eye!

Alex said...

Basically, Bush doesn't give a shit about anybody, Americans included. ...