Monday, January 21, 2008

Notable and Haughty: Henry Takes Credit for RCAB

"I've spawned at least two other blogs written by fuckhead critics who didn't like what I wrote."Henry "Economist" Gómez, "The Short Good-bye" [to Fred Thompson], Babalú, January 20, 2008

Henry should learn not to take honors unto himself that are not due him. The catalyst for RCAB was Val Prieto. Only Val's monumental presumption could have prodded me from the sleep of the righteous. Henry is merely the court jest out-of-residence at this blog, funnier than Babalú's founder because Val at least has placed healthy constraints of late on his disordered thinking, while Henry grows more unbalanced and reckless every passing day, and has, indeed, as gringotico asserts, turned Babalú into a political forum for Fred ("Godhead") Thompson, who traces his political lineage to Ronald Reagan, Roy Rogers and Tom Mix — the ideal candidate to appeal to puer aeternus Henry.

It was a treat, of course, to see Henry "engaging" John Longfellow on Ron Paul — mad and madder debating maddest. John (aka "gringotico") is like Bugs Bunny: he can don any disguise, however outrageous, and bumptuous Henry "Elmer" Gómez will fall for it. Time and time again. Longfellow doesn't frequent these precincts because he knows I can spot him a mile away on a foggy day. But Henry and Val, perennial suckers, are God's gift to someone like John. In their exchange Henry even trotted out his famous economics degree from U of F, which is the cherry on top of the brazo gitano.

Three blogs were founded in my honor by the Babalunians and ran concurrently for some time: all are now extinct. For the record, the three blogs were: Cuban- American Misfits Review; Review of the Review of Cuban-American Blogs and The Review of the Review of Cuban American Blogs [there's an added "The" in the latter). I linked them and gave them as much publicity as I could, but I couldn't save them; they died by the weight of their own boorishness. The Review of Cuban-American Blogs has survived its critics and continues to engage them daily, driving them to new and higher flights of insanity.


There was also a fourth blog which I could never decide whether it was a parody of mine or not. It was called RCAB, and its author apparently believed that my RCAB was the official blog of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston. He quoted my posts on Review of Cuban-American Blogs as eminating from the Boston Archdiocese. Very strange. At some point he must have realized his mistake and quit.

The Cuban-American Misfits Review: Of Dead Blogs and Other Irrelevancies


Anonymous said...


Henry is unhinged. He refuses to accept any criticism about Fred even though it's been obvious for weeks that Fred just didn't have the energy or desire for the job. As for taking credit for your blog, he appears to have a very BIG ego. Have you noticed how he became #2 in Babalu within less than a year? What happened to the others? Is Henry co-editor at Babalunia?

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I am looking forward to seeing Henry shilling for Mitt Romney in hopes that his man will get the #2nod.

Val needs Henry's yeoman work much as Rick needed Alex's. But it's Val's blog, not Henry's. If Val ever wanted to dump Babalú Henry would go out with the bath water, as Alex did when Rick closed Stuck on the Palmetto. Moral: Don't be a second banana if you can help it. Build your own blog and your own audience and don't rely on somebody else's coat tails to take you any where that you want to go.

Anonymous said...

You are right. I finally read the comments at Babalu. Henry just doesn't know how to have a civil disagreement without personal attacks.
Henry: these are my points ~ Poster: I disagree because ~ Henry: you are a fuckwad, dick, motherfucker and this is MY blog so get used to it.

He does make Babalu look amateurish. Why does Val put up with it?

Mamey said...

Anon...the concept of civility is foreign to Henry.

MAT: Makes I've never liked the cherry on top of the brazo gitano.