Sunday, January 27, 2008

Notable & Quotable: JFK Jr. Endorses the Clintons Posthumously

"I wanted you both to understand how much your burgeoning friendship with my mother meant to her. Since she left Washington I believe she resisted ever connecting with it emotionally or [with] the institutional demands of being a former First Lady. It had much to do with the memories stirred and her desires to resist being cast in a lifelong role that didn't quite fit. However, she seemed profoundly happy and relieved to allow herself to reconnect with it through you. It helped her in a profound way — whether it was discussing the perils of raising children in those circumstances or perhaps it was the many similarities between your presidency and my father's". — John F. Kennedy, Jr., Letter to Bill and Hillary Clinton, May 30, 1994 (2 weeks after his mother's death)

It wasn't difficult to find this. JFK, Jr. didn't write much. But at least his words were his own.

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