Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mike Huckabee: "Suffer the Little Children to Suffer" (If Their Parents Are Illegal Immigrants)

Obese men who lose a lot of weight are the male equivalent of women with PMS. The hormones are raging wildly in them as in adolescents and trying to adjust to new metabolical realities. Since I do not believe that any politician can be so amateurish as to flip-flop twice, three times and even four times on the same issue as Mike Huckabee has on immigration, I can only assume that there are forces driving such behavior which are outside his control or even his recognition. The grand kleegel of the Minutemen (or whatever he's called) has announced that Huckabee, in a private interview with him, reaffirmed his support for a constitutional amendment that would strip the children of illegal immigrants of their U.S. citizenship.

Last Sunday, at a Fox News Forum in New Hampshire, he took the position that he didn't want to punish children for the actions of their parents. Yes, Huckabee wants to deport all illegal immigrants within 120 days, which would break up millions of families (note how these "Family-First" conservatives don't give a damn about families if they are not the right kind of families); but he never insinuated that he wanted also to target specifically the children for deportation by stripping them of their U.S. citizenship. His hope, as expressed then, was that the parents would take their children back to Mexico with them because "like most immigrants they are family-loving people."

QUESTION: Governor Huckabee, at an earlier debate, you had a memorable exchange with Governor Romney about your plan that would have allowed the children of illegals in-state tuition to college. And, at the time, you said we shouldn’t punish children from the actions of their parents.

On the other hand, shortly after that, you came out with a very tough immigration plan, which mandates that all illegals must leave the country and return to their home within 120 days if they want to become legals. Aren’t you in effect, in that plan, punishing those very children that you said you didn’t want to punish?

HUCKABEE: Not at all, because as long as those children are here and people question their authenticity for being here, they live in the shadows. They live hiding. No person living in the United States of America, Chris, ought to live in the shadows, ought to live in fear, ought to hide. The beauty of this country is we live with our heads up. We live with dignity, we live with pride, we live with honor, and as long as people are living illegally, they can’t.

And I know I’m going to be questioned, do I still stand by that idea that we treat the children differently, who didn’t commit a crime? And let me just be very clear, yes, I do stand beside that, because I don’t think you punish a child for what a parent did.

FOLLOW-UP: If you have the child of an illegal immigrant and he is in high school in Little Rock, and now under the Huckabee – President Huckabee’s plan, he and his family all have to move back to Mexico, aren’t you punishing that kid? He’s a sophomore in high school and now he’s been dragged out of Little Rock, and he’s living in Tijuana.

HUCKABEE: I guess his parents could leave him there if he’s a senior in high school, but I think most families, particularly if you understand about most of the immigrant families, they’re a family-loving people. These are not people that want to split their families up, they want to keep their families together.

Yes, they do. They want to keep their families together and Huckabee wants to split them up. The "leave the country now and we'll re-admit you later" ruse is an insult to everybody's intelligence. If he really intended to re-admit them he would not compel them to leave in the first place and cause a national convulsion that would be repeated when they supposedly returned. He has shown his hand with his proposal for a constitutional amendment that would denaturalize the children of illegal immigrants. You see, he doesn't want their U.S.-born children to be able to return to the U.S. as adults either.


Charlie Bravo said...

Manuel, it's just about those twins, Xenophobia and Racism. Huckabee, Thompson, birds of a feather. They were hatched from the eggs Newt the Grinch so lovely laid.
What's next?
Progroms to deport people?
We Cubans are particularly uncomfortable for these guys. I mean, us who dare to think independently. Not the fin clapping circus seals, those are fine in their book.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Let's also remember that Newt Gingrich's original proposal was to deny all social benefits to illegal immigrants. When the Republicans took control of Congress, he expanded this prohibition to legal immigrants as well.

I have no doubt tha Huckabee's proposal will also be amended to include revoking the citizenship of the children of legal immigrants too

Citizenship will then become a hereditary investiture passed from American citizen to American citizen.

Charlie Bravo said...

Just imagine what big nation could be built then out of the people rejected by such country (I mean, this would become a "new country" if such a thing ever happens, and it will be a country totally foreign to what was envisioned by the founding fathers, the pilgrims, and the immigrants of yesteryear)
If Cuba is free at that moment we would benefit of erecting a Creole Statue of Liberty at the Bay of Havana.

Vana said...

By sending the parents back you DO punish the children, I tell you some of these conservatives scare the hell out of me, makes me wonder why I vote Republican.

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

This shows how shallow his thinking is. His amendment would create a group of people without a birth nation. Orwellian aye?

Anonymous said...

I think that he looks scarier skinny than fat. Skinny he resembles Kevin Spacey.

Anonymous said...

And the fat Huckabee looks like the late Jerry Falwell — also a Baptist minister.

Anonymous said...

How many times is Huckabee going to change his mind on this issue? I don't find him sincere. He looks like a blimp in the Macy's Thanksgiving parade (3/4 of the way blown up.


Charlie Bravo said...

And if Huckabee fails you, you always can rely on Dr. Ron Paul..... birds of a feather.