Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Val

It's "El Jefe Day" at Babalú. Today 43 winters ago Val Prieto was born. With the passage of time I have come to regard Val as the benefactor who provided the occasion I needed to start my own blog. Praise would not have done it, for I received enough of that from other quarters and it never moved me to become a blogger. My eviction from Babalú for violating Val's injunction against criticizing the Estefans did the trick because it convinced me that it was impossible to open minds that were not only closed to reason but hostile to it.

If we rightly examine our lives we will all discover that not only those who wish us well have positively impacted them but also those who sought to harm us, for many who aim to kill miss their mark and rather warn us of danger than inflict it. It was so with Val. Only after I was booted from Babalú did I realize in its full dimensions the danger it posed to civil discourse and the terrible account it gave of Cuban exiles to the world. But, worst of all, Babalú's disdain for our countrymen on the island and its willingness to sacrifice them to Castro's bloodlust in order to obtain the boon of walking over their corpses on their triumphal return home, made it apparent to me that their schemes must be exposed and thwarted, and so we have endeavored to do over the last year.

The Review of Cuban-American Blogs owes much to Val's misshot arrow, and, on this his birthday, we acknowledge that debt and pledge ourselves to continue paying him dividends for many more years to come.

Happy Birthday, Val.


Anonymous said...

and here I thought just maybe this would spur you to try a reconciliation. Oh well, did you hear Thompson dropped out of the race?

victor said...

All those candles might not fit,but his ass will..Im still trying to understand Val the Impaler. It still says "comment" but its only for ????. Awhile back I was also kept from "comments" on Alberto de la Cruz,never commented on blog..You can see the spider webs on his screen..Now just last week I think he left a door opened and I snuck in..He went krazy.After a few wimpy debates from him,he shut me out..I think That day I brought the comment section up to 8 hits..a record Im sure. I thought that this is what its all about..comments. Now that I dont hold a degree in spelling,or writting or that as you well know "I play left field",should not omit me from the comment section..Maybe cause I dont curse like a tugboat captain that I see Val as,or that I dont agree with him and confront him. I come to your website,not because I agree,but because I can discuss not only with you but others.We want the same for Cuba Im sure! Whether I want it one way and you the other,with dialog, maybe out of both ways we can achieve the right way.And no I dont wish him a Happy Birthday.Que se joda!!!

Vana said...

LMAO Victor you and Manuel gave me a good laugh! so Val is an Aquarius, I see.