Friday, January 11, 2008

Ron Paul: "Where's My Hood At, Where's My Hood At?"

Sometimes a man is exactly what he represents himself as. And, sometimes, he is worse. Those of us familiar with Ron Paul's dismissal of the Cuban people's right to freedom, which he considers inferior to his own right as an American citizen to witness their enslavement at first hand, cannot be surprised that he holds or endorses equally contemptible views about blacks, Jews and everybody else who does not subscribe to his insane worldview. Although he was never a serious candidate, the fact that his fellow Republican contenders didn't sound very different from him on most issues concerned us because it indicated that the lunatic fringe of the party was now the mainstream. His exposure as a Klansman without a hood in The New Republic should have the salutory effect of encouraging other Republicans to distance themselves from his views, which are those of a severely disturbed and dysfunctional individual who should be submitted to the Ezra Pound cure before it's too late for him.

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Vana said...

Poor Tomas, he must be so dissapointed to see his hero is just another racist kkk.

Charlie Bravo said...

What a wholesome Nazi cultist.
What worries me is that such a fringe loonie is given so much mainstream mileage and how many people listen -and get convinced- by such a deranged man. But we have a historical precedent for this, both Hitler and Castro also enjoyed a large following. The rest is history.

nonee moose said...,%20Mark

So that's where he's been...

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


So that's where his hood is at!

Anonymous said...

That is the most ass-backward assessment of Ron Paul speaking to Cuban Americans at the GOP conference that I have ever heard. Oh, what is the source? The New Republic mag? The very mag that has been chasing Ron Paul through three decades screaming "racist", "homophobe", "anti-semitic" and twisting, splicing, and context dropping every sentence all in order to CLOSE THE MINDS of a gullible unquestioning liberal audience. The fact is, Ron Paul sounded COMPLETELY different on Policies from the rest of the GOP field. Lets just say, when it comes to freedom, he was FOR Cuban islander freedom AS MUCH AS HE WAS for everyones freedom, without Romneyite exceptions or McCainiac excuses. Ron Paul stood there and told the Cuban American audience what they DID NOT WANT TO HEAR (how is that for guts from ANY politician). He told them that the TRADE EMBARGO goes against Free Trade (something he is for) and that the Embargo has only served to strengthen Castros power over the Cuban people. He said as President he would IMMEDIATELY end the Trade Embargo and allow Americans to travel and trade with Cuba. Yet Dr. Paul received lots of red-blooded republican boos from the Cuban American audience (as any GOP Presidential advisor would expect). But Dr. Paul stuck to his free trade principles and the right of people to travel. But that is the GOP crowd. But what Dr Paul's policies should not receive is boos from the Left who has seen first hand how the Trade Embargo has hurt the Cuban People, leaving them effectively prisoners on an island. Who is wearing the hood now, lefties? Wake up and start drinking your morning coffee from something OTHER than the Socialist/fascist PC rag, TNR. Wake up and realize that the TNR has had a 30 year character assault campaign on Dr. Paul. Now that the "threat" of Dr. Paul's 2008 and 2012 presidential runs are over, perhaps it's high time liberals took a deeper look at who was the real Bill of Rights champion and who is not.