Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Henry Muses

"[T]oday I'm doing two things that I believe are in the best interests of this cause, and that cause is, of course, a secure America. I am withdrawing from the race and I'm endorsing Governor Romney for president of the United States... At this point in time, he is the best hope for our cause."Tom Tancredo, December 20, 2008

It seems that Henry Gómez, Babalú's political commissar, is not quite ready yet to formally endorse his #2 choice for president (now, by default, his #1). Of course, we can't actually imagine anyone being gung-ho about endorsing Mitt Romney except Tom Tancredo, who annointed the Bay State's preeminent xenophobe as his political heir last month immediately upon withdrawing from the race himself. Maybe Henry is waiting to find something good to say about Romney. Or, perhaps, this "political animal" since the age of 5 is waiting for Fred ("Godhead") Thompson to offer some clue as to whom he will endorse (if anybody). Now, wouldn't it be grand if Thompson endorsed his friend McCain or shook up the race by endorsing the "Huckster?" Then I foresee a dark night of the soul for Henry, which may so transform him that he ends up voting for Ron Paul. Suddenly, the electoral system is fun again thanks to Henry. To see him writhing in the ranks of the Undecided is always a welcome diversion.


Like a thief in the night, Henry has made his decision. Not on Babalú — someone may actually see it there — but on his hugely unread blog Cuban American Pundits. He describes Romney as "the best of the rest" but doesn't explain how. He does say that he will "be voting for Mitt Romney in the Florida Republican primary a week from today," which is a kind of endorsement (or kiss of death, you take your pick). Henry is reserving his passion now for local politics, where he is waging a no holes barred BUCL-like campaign against former Hialeah mayor Raúl Martínez, Lincoln Díaz-Balart's Democratic challenger.


CorgiGuy said...

MAT, does it really matter who the GOP nominee is? Flip Flop Mitt, 1000year McCain, Pastor in Chief Huck and Hail JULIEANNE.

Let's get it over and sing REQUIEM for the GOP, may they rest in PEACE with SADAAM and our 401ks.

Anonymous said...

Was that a typo or did you mean it when you wrote:

no holes barred

Curioso na'ma'

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


It should be "no holds barred;" but in its present form it is also meaningful, as you point out. Raúl Martínez and Henry? Logistics forbids that whatever other factors may commend it.