Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Subcomandante Henry

We extend our congratulations to Henry Louis Gómez upon his appointment today as Babalú's Managing Editor. It is a distinction long overdue since he has shaped for better or worse (well, worse anyway) Babalú's destinies over the last three years no less than Founding Editor Val Prieto.

Some may remember that a few weeks ago Henry was introduced on a Canadian (or was it Jamaican?) radio show as Babalú's "managing editor." Well, the prophecy has come to past and "The Conductor" is no longer in the caboose with Babalú's 15 other contributing writers.

Some day, perhaps, the contributing writers may be promoted en masse to contributing editors, but we don't think so: Too many bites out of the Babalunian apple leaves Val polishing a knob.


joey "mugshot" giggles said...

More like Robin to Val's Batman....

voz de raul said...

I like "Batman and Robin."

"Flipper," too.

China Zoo Monkey and Panda Keeper said...

"China holds funeral for panda killed by earthquake"
Posted by George Moneo at 10:16 PM | Habla (0) | Leenkaso (0)

Panda Mao Mao is dead but Monoe is still breathing after he was found under the rubble yesterday in the Wolon Province

Vana said...

Guess three years of kissing Val's ass at long last paid off...LMAO..two funny posts today Manuel..thanks for the laugh.

Comandante en jefe, ordene said...

Al subcomandante lo ascendieron pero ...

Llego fidel ..llego el comandante y mando a parar

Anonymous said...

they will do anything so their business card does not show how truly insignificant they are in the land of plenty. What total failures. I do hope they list themsleves as yankees on the census , they are bringing down the curve something fierce.
project manager ? what's the other brown noser? night chocolate placement manager at the Loew's Hotel?
What a bunch of pathetic personal lives.
Anyone dare to guess the total income at any of their homes ? I am going for $50k (plus food stamps)
No wonder they dont want balseros in Miami , they get off the boat and are making twice as much and they dont speak english.Not that Castros education is that good , is that these two where way too busy in school fatenning on beer , pot and chicharrones.
Oh lordy .. project manager how frigging pathetic.
So that was the whole purpose of this exercise just to hide the fact they are a bunch of economic fracasao's
So whats next at Blabalot promotions for everyone ?
Does Ziva get to be first licker in waiting ?
it is a circus that place aint't it?

Jack The Ripper said...

What a bloody joke that bloke is.

que fenomeno said...

Val polishing a knob.


Mamey said...

Ah, memories of that classic "I'm a cocksucker" post by Val. It may be a good idea to bring it back MAT, for all of these funny new visitors.

Anonymous said...

Babalu Radio Hour tonight. NEW TIME 9:00 PM EDT
Click the link button below to listen live. George "Pitbull" Moneo returns as permanent host.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


That's the only reason Val took him back. As we noted prior to his official rehabilitation, George was the only one who seemed to enjoy doing the Babalú [Faux] Radio Hour. It was already in extremis by the time of his return. Let us hope that he can revive it and that once again it may be able to boast 17 live listeners as in its glory days.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I meant, of course, the knob of the apple. But since that reference reminded you of RCAB's most famous post, here it is for you and all our readers to enjoy again:


Anonymous said...

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Vana said...

No one has answered Val's plea for pro bono help..lol..still no comments on that post, guess the Babalunians are tired of helping and being abused, if they keep censoring and banning there will be no one left to give freely to Val.