Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fidel Castro Is Now Deaf and Mute

Fidel Castro is dying by installments and it is hard to decide whether to wish him a quick release (which, sadly, his death will not mean for the Cuban people) or to let him linger as long as his brother does, letting him suffer those thousand deaths of a coward which he has so richly earned. Since man can die only once, it is the loss of his faculties, one by one, that constitutes this multitudinous death of cowards. The loss of his ability to excrete, which turned inward the maleficent rain that had been pouring on the Cuban people ever since he first opened his mouth in a public forum, was a poetic start. Few men in history have worn out their anus. The proof, if any is needed, is that even Fidel's brother has managed to keep his.

This was followed by the visible diminishment of his mental faculties. His toadies always marvelled at this encyclopedic knowledge. Undoubtedly, he did have a vast capacity for accumulation but was nearly retarded when it came to the assimilation of that knowledge. The encyclopedia that sits on your bookshelf is not a living organism. Neither was Fidel's brain. Now that library of arcane trivia and truncated statistics has shut down. Accumulating at its door are fliers and yellowed newspapers and it is these which are the only sources at his command now. Fidel has lost the ability to impress useful idiots with his diffuse knowledge. He can now only continue that illusion with his silence. But this is not the reason that the audio was turned off in his latest televised appearance this week.

The reason is that Fidel is deaf and quickly becoming mute as well.

In his latest video, the first issued in 6 months, Fidel is shown wearing a hearing aid. His artificial anus may have come from South Korea but his hearing aid was definitely manufactured in North Korea. It looks as if it were made from the broken off corner of an old transistor radio. But even that is not the most compelling proof of his deafness. It is his inability to articulate words clearly anymore and the exaggerated contorsions of his mouth and face, which are intended to compensate for the indistinctness of his speech, that betray and confirm his advancing deafness. The more animated his speech the less actual speech there is. A man needs to hear himself speak to know what he is saying. If all he hears is mumbling or even silence, then his speech will deteriorate until it becomes incomprehensible to others. Fidel has clearly reached that stage. His listeners, of course, may catch a word or two, or think that they do, and elaborate their answers accordingly, and he, in turn, may guess at what they are saying too and answer in the same vein. But the string is frayed and almost broken and the cans are rusty and filled with holes. In such circumstances it is better to turn off the sound and let the viewers also participate in this game of charades by imagining what it is that Fidel is telling Raúl and Chávez.


joey "mugshot" giggles said...

Maybe that Charlie guy was onto something....

Fantomas said...

Who cares if he is dead or alive?\\

El Raulato is still there

We will know for sure when Obama se siente a hablar con ellos en 09

Obama nos dira si era fidel o si era un doble

Agustin Farinas said...

some people are so stupid they consider Obama's win in Nov as a given. I hope if he loses, and I hope he will, they will have enough decency to shut their filthy mouths and keep their ugly rubber mugs away from you blog.

Anonymous said...

Agustin por que tanto odio por tus venas

Vana said...


I was not aware there had been no sound during Chavez visit, it goes to show the dictator is losing it, that's the way someone like Fidel should die, little by little, his long awaited death, though it will do nothing for Cuba, will as we have seen come slowly and painfully, nothing else will do for a tyrant.

Vana said...


No es odio lo que Agustin siente, solo se odian a los que se aman, el igual que yo lo que sentimos por cabeza de condon es ASCO.

Fulano de Cal said...

This slow death helps to destroy some of his cult of personality, but we need to finally breathe a little easier. Muerete ya.

Anonymous said...

Vana muerete YA

boricua en kmart said...

It's not enough to charge me four fucking dollars and eleven cents for a gallon of gas; I now have to hear a lecture about the dangers of smoking. What's next? Advice for the love-lorn? Shell Oil Co., here's a clue: Save the money you spent on the stupid TV monitors and lower the price a few cents. And, oh, please: go fuck yourselves.
Posted by George Moneo at 11:53 AM | Habla (7) | Leenkaso (0)



pedro el panadero said...


que hipocrita es usted. Nos dijo que no volveria a mencionar a fantomas. Pero ya veo que no puede vivir sin el.

michelle obama god I'm beautiful said...

Not only is Vana hipocrita . She is a Cali Bitch

Anonymous said...

moscas , mosquitas salgan de las cuevas y hoyos

Vana said...

Pedro el panadero:

No soy hipocrita ni mentirosa, yo dije que mas nunca le volveria hablar a cabeza de condon, y nunca mas le hablare, pero de EL puedo DECIR lo que me de la GANA.

Vana said...


No soy una Cali bitch, pues aqui no naci, soy una Habana bitch. So there.

Anonymous said...

Vana if you are a Havana bitch like you proclaim then answer this

What is a libreta and how does it work?

Agustin Farinas said...

do not waste your time answering the many faces and personalities of rubber head. Don't you know by now he is totally insane, he is a esquizofrenic with more personalities than the patient of the movie "The three faces of Eve"? Just ignore them. That is what they cannot stand, as derranged people they cannot survive without some attention. Don't give them any.

pedro el panadero said...


usted sigue con la cantaleta. Si, va a ignorar a fanto- ignorelo. Siempre dice lo mismo- ignorenlo- pero siempre lo mencionan.

Sin fantomas no pueden vivir.

Anonymous said...

agustin usted es un esquizofrenico, usted se cree que todos los comentarios son de fantomas

por favor , mas respeto con los otros comentaristas, mas respeto

Anonymous said...

don mess arround with vana que se tira pal solar.....

Vana, en cual solar de la Habana te creastes ?

pedro el panadero said...

Fantomas que le hicistes a Alex H?

pedro el panadero said...

dedro never questions fantomas.

inpostores inpostores.

gallinas salgan del gallinero..

the real pedro el panadero

Anonymous said...

el panadero, el plomero, el carpintero, el doctor, el mecanico, el soldador, el limpiabotas, el bodeguero, el banquero, el taxista, el camarero

Fantomas ahi tienes para escoger


Fantomas said...

MAt bring me the funeral director please, i like that guy? he is funny

la voz de raul said...

Al mio le queda mucho.

Ms Calabaza said...


great post! It makes total sense that's the reason there is no audio. What a way to go, huh? Imagine such a power-hungry ego-maniac losing his faculties one at a time . . . love it.

Ms Calabaza said...

"that's the way someone like Fidel should die, little by little, his long awaited death, though it will do nothing for Cuba, will as we have seen come slowly and painfully, nothing else will do for a tyrant."

~ Vana,
I agree wholeheartedly with you.

Louis said...


I generally like your blog postings, especially the ones focused on Cuba. Cogent and well written. The snipes against Babalu can be tedious but fun to read just like Us magazine can be fun - it's like reading a gossip rag. However, until you ban Fantomas and his aliases, your comment section is a joke. There is no debate or exchange of ideas on it. It's just the brain-pissings of a clown.

A los demas - para de seguirle la corriente. Let's discuss the issues and not discuss him.

serafin el carnicero said...

quien es Louis ?

you make a lot of sense. but, Vana and Agustin are obsess with the F-man from PR..

no pueden vivir sin el.....

Fantomas said...

until you ban Fantomas and his aliases, your comment section is a joke.

What is a joke fue la apertura de este blog , desde un principio un blog que se dedico a difamar, a criticar, a interumpir the flow of another fine CA blog

por eso es que este blog jamas sera serio ni valdra un centavo hasta que el dueño pida perdon por su existencia de ser

Anonymous said...

luois= humberto= manuel= kc, cb , same person


i got you

serafin el carnicero said...

"What is a joke fue la apertura de este blog , desde un principio un blog que se dedico a difamar, a criticar, a interumpir the flow of another FINE CA blog"

that blog is soooo fine that you were banned from posting...

ha ha ha ...

si sigues hablando sandeses vas a perder a el unico amigo que te queda en el mundo de las blogs...

Fantomas said...

regardless si estamops de acuerdo con ellos o no, regrdless if iam banned , still it is a fine blog

dicen por ahi que es el abuelo de los ca blogs

el grandfather


recuerda el blog is good , son algunos cadres los que no tienen a clue, some of them have never touche cuban soil


Ms Calabaza said...


it has started . . . take a look at this link:

Fantomas said...

calabaza the link is too long

De que se trata dear

bring in the copy and paste

Fantomas said...

it ist is regardin de EU lifting the sanctions thats old news

Recuerda hay que prepararle la camita a Obama

lift sanctions without pre conditions

it is the only language fidel and raul will move an inch

acaso 50 años de obstracismo no es suficiente para tratar algo nuevo algo mejor

un verdader CAMBIO

we need all 300 political prisoners freed at once

the EU told castro

the ball is in his court we are watching

Vana said...


My friend you are right, thank you for your advise, it has been dully taken.

Vana said...

Ms C:

I couldn't agree with you more.

Alex Hernandez said...


Lol...You 'Hit the nail on the head'I didn't have a clue who he was, when Jorge of the Real Cuba used to have a chat room on his site and Enrique used to be there Annoying everybody.I guess,Someone left the idiot box open again..hahahaha..Strangely enough, Enrique hasn't learned nothing yet.

Alex Hernandez said...

C'mon Amuse me...Laugh, and everyone would Laugh With You, or at Least at You.Your Insane Rants sound like just another silly comedy shtick.

Fantomas said...

Alex bro ustedestas mas chiflado que una cabra , que tiense que ver el char e real cuba en todo esto, aquel chat fue excelente , en aquellos tiempos no existian los problemas de ahora, todos nos llevabamos super bien, es mas todos colaborabamos juntos , it was a great chat , I made a lot of friends including you

Why the sudden change? you moved to the bad side, alex quete paso , tiene que haber sido la ecuatorian o la peruanna la madre de tu hijo la que te llevo por el camino del odio y de outings, esa mujer te cambio la personalidad. Espero que la proxima vez sepas escoger mejor , consiguete una cubanita bro, te lo dije anteriormente ya tu visteslas mujeres que salian en laura bozzo lo peligroso que se ponian , hasta le pegaban a aus maridos

y hablando de personalidades it is you the one who has opened like a thousand blogs,opening and closing them like drinking water, ya no mat , diet, worst, who knows you may be all the anonimis here also , chill out bro

go to church , confiesate

Fantomas said...


Conozcan al verdadero Agustin fariñas , el que aboga poque los comunistas continuen en el poder en Cuba y representados en unas elecciones, que desfachatao hay que ser , perdonadlo Dios

Agustin Farinas dijo...

"Como en el caso de España o Chile, los comunistas también tienen que estar representados y gobernar si ganaran las elecciones. Esto hay que asumirlo"
Y me pudieras decir donde fue que los comunistas ganaron alguna vez las elecciones, porque no recuerdo ningun lugar del mundo donde hayan ganado unas elecciones libres. Nunca.

Fantomas said...

agustin dijo

"Y me pudieras decir donde fue que los comunistas ganaron alguna vez las elecciones, porque no recuerdo ningun lugar del mundo donde hayan ganado unas elecciones libres. Nunca."

Hugo chavez--Venezuela ( twice)

Anonymous said...

Internet addiction is a 'clinical disorder'
By Andy Bloxham
Last Updated: 5:23PM BST 19/06/2008
Obsessive internet use is a public health problem which is so serious it should be officially recognised as a clinical disorder, according to a leading psychiatris

Anonymous said...

Fantomas: when was the last timeyou saw the sun dude? No wonder you're so pale. You must sit next to your pc all day -whose paying you?

Anonymous said...

whose paying you? RAUL

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


There is only one possible Colon-Cleanz for fantomas. It would be the removal of his blog from its #2 spot on Babalú's blogroll. That would release such a torrent of excrementa on Babalú as has never been seen since Fidel was fitted with and used his artificial anus for the first time.

The Babalunians are afraid of fantomas, which I have never been. They banned him despite the fact that he was always on his best behavior when commenting on Babalú and was himself often the object of insults and ridicule there. But the one thing which they do not dare to do, and which they will never do if they know what's good for them, is to delink fantomas' virus-ridden blog.

Fantomas said...

Manuel buenos dias

Good morning

Thanks for the love

Anonymous said...

It seeems Val is here now, Manuel please tell me if you have an ip address from miami in the last 6 minutes

Anonymous said...

Val would have to grow another set of balls to remove fantomas from Babalu's blogroll.

Anonymous said...

Coffee anyone?

Fantomas is bying


Fantomas fan club said...

No Manuel , There is no need to remove Fantomas blog from anyone lists. Remenber his blog is not a relajo like this one. If you go there now you will have the latest regarding Cuba

Check the video fantomas just posted from Cuba in the 30's WOW amazing

Also, fantomas is the 1 to tell us today that Delfin , el tio , de Elian will hold a press conference at 1pm vs Obama

I bet you did not know that Manolo

Fantomas blog is an asset on anyone's blog

I encourage Val to move him to the #1 spot on the list , move him up one notch, he deserves it

The hardest CA blogger on the net

Anonymous said...

Yes, fantomas is holding Val hostage by the balls.

Fantomas said...

Self reliant

Fantomas doesnot discuss who supports him

Anonymous said...

Fantomas must have a very little hand.

Anonymous said...

Mat you will have to wait another 100 years to see fantomas blog removed from the B blog

Not a chance coward

want a bet

ja, ja

Anonymous said...

"Fantomas doesnot discuss who supports him."

The U.S. Department of Agriculture?

alex said...

people this blog is not about fantomas lets stick to the posts, Cuba and Val's Blog

Mat I encourage you to close the anonimis on this blog. We are losing quality over quantity. It is not censorship if you do this

la voz de raul said...

I like big hands.

Anonymous said...

"Fantomas doesnot discuss who supports him."

The U.S. Department of Agriculture?

not a chance

The Department of Waste and Removal of Manuel Tellechea from Internet

The have him on their payroll

Anonymous said...

9.06 am


Manuel A.Tellechea said...


It is useless to close the Comments Section to the Anonimi. They can get a Blogger account in seconds or 100 accounts and continue commenting here or anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Fantomas Rules this blog

He overtook it a long while

Many have not notice it yet

What a fucking genious

alex said...

It is useless to close the Comments Section to the Anonimi. They can get a Blogger account in seconds or 100 accounts and continue commenting here or anywhere else.

Regardless of that Manuel, it is troublesome to open that many accounts. Just give it a try for a few days , you will see a great improvement

Google blogger only allows 1 blog per e mail account

DGI said...

Fantomas may be on Babalu's blogroll, but he's on our payroll. We are the ones in charge of the Tellechea Removal Project.

Anonymous said...

Fantomas is on many payrolls

Dicen que es un triple agente

Trabajo para Cuba , para los rusos y para la CIA,

AY mama

ah y tambien esta en el payroll de Obama

solavaya el tipo es peligroso, me piro de aqui

cb y kc secretary said...

Fantomas receives food stamps, collects disability and can't hold a job

The guy is an idiot. On my return from my Cuba trip me and Humberto will have a nice chat

i don't believe it said...

All those payrolls and he makes only $12,000 a year?

If Val were the only one paying him, I would understand that.

But really?

TRP said...


Soon more details will emerge from this top secret proyect now in its final stages

The target day has been postponed due to some breaking news we have received from our New Jersey Bureau


serafin el panadero said...

12k a year is a joke

He must be making a lot more than that

Anonymous said...

Fantomas que le hicistes a Alex H?

Anonymous said...

Does Val pay fantomas in food stamps?

I thought he was trading those for nails.

Anonymous said...

12K is more than most boricuas earn a year.

Abogado Jose Quintanilla said...

Ilegal aliens from Mexico Stage a protest in Kendall demanding a famous Cuban blogger to pay back their wages

They were offered a featured AD on the Blog but refused it

They want to get paid with real money no interchanges or nails

Boricua humilde said...

12K is more than most boricuas earn a year.

We are blessed with the US. Long live the USA

San Juan just chosen the best Latin American city in the World

Anonymous said...

Según una encuesta realizada por la consultora Mercer, una de las ciudades en latinoamérica con mejores condiciones para vivir es San Juan de Puerto Rico que también destaca a nivel regional las ciudades de Montevideo (Uruguay) y Buenos Aires (Argentina).

En América Latina, la Encuesta sobre Calidad de Vida 2008 ubicó a San Juan de Puerto Rico en la posición 72, seguida por Montevideo (76), Buenos Aires (78) y Santiago (88), que bajó cinco lugares debido principalmente a una baja en su calidad de servicios públicos de transporte.

La otra cara de la moneda es Puerto Príncipe, en Haití, que se ubica en la posición más baja de la región con el lugar 202.

En lo que se refiere a seguridad personal, Santo Domingo tiene la ubicación más alta (92), seguido por Panamá, que se ubica en el lugar 96, y Monterrey (99). Bogotá (207) en Colombia tiene los niveles más bajos de seguridad personal en la región, indica el informe.

Por otra parte, las ciudades canadienses sobresalen en la lista de clasificación del continente americano. Vancouver (4) tiene la mejor calidad de vida, seguida por Toronto (15), Ottawa (19) y Montreal (22). En Estados Unidos, después de Honolulu (28), se encuentran San Francisco (29), Boston (37) y Chicago (44). Washington se ubica en el lugar 44, por encima de Nueva York (49).

Las ciudades europeas dominan en las clasificaciones anuales a nivel mundial. Zurich conserva su lugar de 2007 como la ciudad con la calificación más alta, seguida por Viena y Ginebra (ambas en 2° lugar), y posteriormente encontramos a Vancouver (4) y Auckland (5). Bagdad tiene la ubicación más baja. Luxemburgo se sitúa en primer lugar con respecto a la seguridad personal y, nuevamente Bagdad está en el nivel más bajo. La encuesta abarcó 215 ciudades.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Is that counting the food stamps?

I received yesterday a shipment of books from Puerto Rico. Inside were two complete newspapers (La Hora and La Perla del Sur) which had been used as packing material.

What surprised me the most were the supermarket ads. Everything there costs more than on the mainland yet Puerto Ricans are lucky if they make the minimum wage.

Seriously, fantomas, how do you survive on $12,000 and manage to maintain your avoirdupois?

Fantomas said...

Mat gracias por visitar mi blog hace unos minutos

Yo sabia que tu ibas a entrar

Tuvistes algun problema en salir?

Algun virus?

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

More importantly, in the international "Happiness Poll," Puerto Ricans were found to be the happiest people on earth.

Fantomas said...

The food prices have increase dramatically, the economics in PR are not good

Things are not well Mat

Por eso necesitamos un cambio

y neceistamos apagar las dos guerras de iraq y afga

que le estan costando al fisco federal

trillones de dolares

Think of the possibilities si ese dinero se quedara aca

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Actually, I did not just visit your blog. I may do so when I am ready to quit for the day, then it won't matter if my computer crashes.

Fantomas said...

Mat esto es para ti

Ahi lo tienes todo , todito

Fantomas said...

problem fixed a long time ago

the page is virus free

You got my word on it

Hey MAt do you have a MAC or a PC

do you use Internet Explorer or moxila ahi puede estar tu problema mine se ve mejor en uno que en el otro

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

From the Net:

The University of Michigan's World Values Surveys (WVS) has compiled data on the happiest countries in the world for over 20 years. Their results are considered the most authoritative by happiness researchers.

Ranking of Countries by Level of "Subjective Well-Being" (i.e. Happiness):

1. Puerto Rico
2. Mexico
3. Denmark
4. Colombia
5. Ireland
6. Iceland
7. N. Ireland
8. Switzerland
9. Netherlands
10. Canada
11. Austria
12. El Salvador
13. Venezuela
14. Luxembourg
15. U.S.
16. Australia
17. New Zealand
18. Sweden
19. Nigeria
20. Norway
21. Belgium
22. Finland
23. Singapore
24. W. Germany
25. France
26. Argentina
27. Vietnam
28. Chile
29. Indonesia
30. Philippines
31. Taiwan
32. Brazil
33. Spain
34. Israel
35. Italy
36. Portugal
37. E. Germany
38. Slovenia
39. Japan
40. Czech Rep
41. S. Africa
42. Croatia
43. Greece
44. Peru
45. China
46. Morocco
47. S. Korea
48. Iran
49. Poland
50. Turkey
51. Bosnia
52. Uganda
53. Algeria
54. Bangladesh
55. Egypt
56. Kyrgyzstan
57. Hungary
58. Slovakia
59. Jordan
60. Estonia
61. Serbia
62. Tanzania
63. Azerbaijan
64. Montenegro
65. India
66. Lithuania
67. Macedonia
68. Pakistan
69. Latvia
70. Albania
71. Bulgaria
72. Belarus
73. Georgia
74. Romania
75. Moldovia
76. Russia
77. Armenia
78. Ukraine
79. Zimbabwe

So Puerto Ricans are the happiest people on earth.

And where is Cuba?

Wherever Cuba is, it ranks below Zimbabwe.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


If Puerto Ricans were just a little less happy they might be a whole lot better off.

Fantomas said...

Coño Mat y cuando tu ves 1 millon de cubanos en la plaza de la revolucion cantando , y enarbolando banderas, esa gente se ve bien happy

creo que 80 is too low for Cuba

tanzania, belarus ahead of Cuba no way

Y sabes que no vi a LA Republica -dominicana en la lista

Esa gente a pesar de la pobreza con humildad siempre estan contentos y son tremendas personas
I know many of them personally plus I have been there 3 times

Fantomas said...

If Puerto Ricans were just a little less happy they might be a whole lot better off.

Puerto Ricasn will be better off whenever it can become the 51state of the Union

he dicho

Agustin Farinas said...

Anonymous of 6/20/2008 9:38 AM
Whoever wrote that article never lived in Buenos Aires. If you call living behind three sets of locked fences, unable to even go to the bank at anytime of the day for fear of being robbed and shot when you leave the bank, have you car taken from you at gunpoint, inflation rate of 35% percent so far this year, filth and dog shit all over the streets, good libving then it qualifies for the standing. But the reality is different. I have seen it and is not a pretty picture.

Fantomas said...

Agustin ojala Cristina pueda resolver los problemitas existentes

La cosa no pinta buena para la Argentina, sorry

Agustin Farinas said...

Rubber Head,
I will not even honor your stupid comments with a response.
End of comment.

Fantomas said...

El conflicto con el campo sigue sin solución a la vista. Un día después del masivo acto de apoyo a la presidenta Cristina Fernández en Plaza de Mayo, el vicepresidente de la Sociedad Rural Argentina (SRA), Hugo BIolcati, volvió a cuestionar la "actitud" del Gobierno por considerar que "impide todo tipo de acuerdo". Y adelantó que, desde el lunes, los ruralistas trabajarán "voto a voto" con los legisladores para evitar que el proyecto de ley por las retenciones sea aprobado.

"Habría que abocarse a encontrar soluciones para los problemas de fondo, y no estar a los gritos en la Plaza cada diez minutos, convocando gente para que vaya, buscando la confrontación", advirtió Biolcati, en referencia al acto de ayer, en el que la Presidenta pidió que se liberen las rutas y criticó a los ruralistas.

El dirigente rural se quejó de que "cada vez que se está tratando de encarrilar esto, desde el Gobierno lanzan una medida, un ataque, una agresión". "La actitud (del oficialismo) impide todo tipo de acuerdo", dijo.

"Uno termina pensando que esto es funcional al Gobierno para evitar tratar los problemas de fondo que tiene el país, es una cortina de humo que esconde problemas mucho más profundos, que la gente igual va conociendo", prosiguió en declaraciones a Radio 10.

En este sentido, el ruralista dijo: "No creo que la gente piense que la inflación es culpa del campo, que la crisis energética es culpa del campo, que la falta de gas, de gasoil, de nafta sean culpa del campo".

Por otra parte, Biolcati cuestionó "el tenor del proyecto mandado al Congreso" para que sea ratificado o rechazado, y que se pretenda que el Parlamento "actúe como una escribanía validando la resolución que da origen a este conflicto".

Por ello, anunció: "Desde el lunes nos abocamos a trabajar voto a voto. Liberamos las rutas, nos dispersamos y nos vamos al interior a trabajar en esto del esclarecimiento a los legisladores desde nuestros lugares", anunció.

(Fuente: DyN)

Fantomas said...

Rechazada abrumadoramente la gestion de la novata Cristina

Encuesta de Clarí el 71,5% de los lectores rechazó el tono del discurso de Cristina
20:40Los lectores de Clarí se pronunciaron sobre el acto realizado esta tarde por el justicialismo en Plaza de Mayo. Y en una encuesta lanzada poco después de la movilización, la mayor parte se pronunció en contra del tono empleado por la presidenta Cristina Kirchner en su discurso.

La consulta tuvo más de 9.500 votos. Al respecto, el 71,5% de los usuarios dijo estar en desacuerdo con los contenidos del mensaje presidencial, que incluyó fuertes críticas hacia la conducción de las cuatro entidades del campo y también un nuevo pedido para que se levanten los cortes de ruta.

Por su parte, el 28,5% de los consultados respaldó el discurso de la Presidenta. En el acto, la mandataria definió a los líderes ruralistas como "cuatro personas a las que nadie votó". Y aseguró que "si realmente son representantivos, no va a ser necesario que corten rutas para que no se comercialicen granos ni carne".

Anonymous said...


Favor no viajar hasta nuevo aviso

Los problemas de abastecimiento de alimentos y otros productos en los supermercados como consecuencia de los cortes de ruta por el conflicto agropecuario son "desesperantes", denunció hoy el presidente de la Asociación de Supermercados Unidos (ASU), Juan Carlos Vasco Martínez. También se trazó un panorama oscuro en el rubro de los combustibles y en otros sectores. Mientras tanto, desde las entidades rurales sostuvieron que la mayoría de los cerca de 300 bloqueos que hay en varios puntos del país son de transportistas y estimaron que con el inicio de la discusión de las retenciones en el Congreso se van a levantar.

La advertencia de ASU -la mayor agrupación de su sector- no fue la única sobre la profundización de los problemas de stock. Hoy, también desde las carnicerías porteñas, las panaderías, las estaciones de servicio y los distribuidores de garrafas advirtieron que los inconvenientes son cada vez más graves.

En declaraciones a la agencia oficial Télam, Vasco Martínez denunció que en las rutas cortadas "no están dejando pasar ningún tipo de mercadería". Y advirtió que "el panorama para el fin de semana será desesperante" porque los piquetes "afectan todo: carne, frutas, verduras y lácteos" y "los stocks de las principales cadenas se están agotando". Entre las más afectadas, mencionó a las provincias de La Pampa, Santa Fe, Córdoba, San Luis y Entre Ríos.

Esta noche, el vicepresidente de la Sociedad Rural, Hugo Biolcati, afirmó que la "voluntad" de las entidades es terminar con esta situación "desde hace bastante tiempo". Y se mostró convencido de que si hay un debate parlamentario sobre el polémico esquema de retenciones móviles –el disparador del conflicto- los piquetes van a desaparecer.

Más temprano hubo un coro de voces alertando sobre el peligro de desabastecimiento. El vicepresidente de la Asociación de Propietarios de Carnicerías de la Capital Federal, Alberto Williams, afirmó que "la situación del abastecimiento está muy complicada" y que la decisión de los ruralistas de "extender los piquetes dos días más agrava todo". Según afirmó, "la mayoría de las carnicerías no recibió esta semana ni un gramo de carne". Y reconoció que es probable que los precios sigan aumentando "como consecuencia de la escasez.

Desde la Confederación de Expendedores de Combustibles e Hidrocarburos, su presidente, Raúl Castellanos, reconoció que "todavía se está muy lejos de normalizar" el abastecimiento de naftas y gasoil. Y coincidió en que "los piquetes de los denominados autoconvocados del agro y el transporte no dejan pasar a nadie". "Prácticamente todo el interior de país está con problemas graves de abastecimiento (...) la zona menos afectada es la Capital Federal y el Gran Buenos Aires, donde hay problemas pero mucho más leves que en el resto del país", agregó.

Fuentes de YPF señalaron que la compañía está realizando "el máximo esfuerzo" para abastecer a su red de estaciones de servicio, a pesar de las "importantes demoras en la distribución de combustibles en ciertas zonas de las provincias de Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Santa Fe, Salta, Tucumán, Jujuy y Santiago del Estero".

La distribución de gas en garrafas, en tanto, fue categorizada como "caótica" por el gerente de la Cámara Argentina de Distribuidores de Gas Licuado (CADIGAS), Osvaldo Spanu. Según el directivo, la distribución de garrafas a los cuatro millones de hogares que las usan "se ve muy pero muy afectada por la falta de abastecimiento" tanto de gas como de envases en las plantas fraccionadoras.

En tanto, el presidente del Centro de Industriales Panaderos, Juan José Alvarez, afirmó que las panaderías de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires y el conurbano bonaerense llegaron "a un punto crítico", y estimó que durante el próximo fin de semana se producirán cierres de comercios.

A los numerosos sectores que se manifestaron afectados por los cortes de ruta, hoy se sumó la Cámara Argentina del Juguete. Su presidente, Norberto García, dijo que los piquetes los perjudican "doblemente" porque no pueden obtener materia prima para producir ni entregar los pedidos que ya tienen cursados.

CIA tipped by Mr F said...

By Robert Windrem, NBC News Producer

U.S. intelligence officials are analyzing newly released video of Cuban leader Fidel Castro for clues about his health and political viability, NBC News has learned.

The CIA has a medical intelligence unit that has long tracked the health of Fidel Castro and his brother, Raul, now the country’s president. But the CIA’s political analysts are equally interested in the new video, released Tuesday, since it also shows the two brothers interacting. Raul Castro succeeded his brother in February. Fidel Castro had last been seen a month earlier, meeting with Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

In Tuesday's release, the two Castros were shown meeting with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Chavez told reporters afterwards that he and the Castros had spoken for five hours over two days and had "walked in the garden." U.S. intelligence officials believe the video was recorded in the gardens of Punto Cero, Fidel Castro's modest family compound west of Havana.

This is, the official said, the first time Fidel has met with a visiting dignitary since being succeeded by his brother. Raul had to be there or there might be confusion in Cuba as to who is actually in charge, the U.S. official noted.

For years prior to the handover of power, U.S. intelligence officials believed that Raul Castro would be hamstrung politically by such perceptions, if Fidel Castro were incapacitated for a long time. However, they concede that Raul has managed perceptions so well (helped perhaps inadvertently by videos showing how frail Fidel Castro has become) that that does not appear to be an issue, either domestically or internally. Fidel Castro had abdominal surgery in July 2006.

In addition to the presence of Raul Castro on the video, the official also noted:

For the first time, Fidel Castro was seen meeting a dignitary outdoors. The analysis is that this is intended to show Fidel Castro as engaged and relaxed, rather than close to death, as many believe.
The video was carefully edited, apparently to show Fidel Castro as animated and alert. It totaled two minutes and 24 seconds.
There was no clumsy attempt to show Fidel Castro moving around, as there had been in a video released last year. The official described that video as "looking like a drunk [DUI] stop." Fidel Castro was seen trying to display good balance and exercising. "Whoever put that together should be out cutting cane," said the official. "Or spending time at Villa Marista,” he added, alluding to Cuba's most notorious prison.
The video was silent, prohibiting analysts from determining the strength of Fidel’s voice. That is likely to be noted by the Cuban public as well.
This may have been an attempt to quell rumors, which have raced through South Florida in the last week, that Fidel Castro had died. "The timing could have been meant to stick it to the Miami Cubans," said the official.
There is no doubt that Castro is dying, said the U.S. official, "we just don't know when."

Cuban officials tell NBC's Havana producer Mary Murray that while Fidel Castro is staying "active and informed about decisions," he will never appear again in public. "It is only a matter of time," said one, implying that his life is coming to an end.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Let's no go that far.

But if in the next plebiscite on the island's status Puerto Ricans voted 40% in favor of independence (as they used to do as late as the 1930s), then you can be sure that what will follow is another "Operation Bootstrap" and a dramatic rise in the living standard of all Puerto Ricans.

BTW, since when did you become a proponent of statehood? Last time, I believe, you were in favor of independence.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I am sure that whoever selected Buenos Aires as one of Latin America's "safest cities" must have had the good fortune of having avoided being robbed or killed there while he conducted the survey. Or, perhaps, he was impressed by all the white people.

In truth, there are no safe cities in Latin America. If safety exists, at all, it is in the small towns and hamlets.

Fantomas said...

Manuel los independentistas puertorrriqueños representan menos del 3% de la poblacion

They amount to nothing

lamentablemente la mayoria de estos sabuesos apoyan a la dictadura cubana

solo un minusculo de este 3 % son verdaderos independistas que NO APOYAN A LOS CASTRO para ellos mi mayor respeto


manny el 97% quiere una relacion directa y estable con los EEUU

lo que pasa es que el partido local Popular Party tiene a este pais secuestrado desde los años 50 con Luis Muñoz Marin el propulsor del Commonwealth. Estado libre Asociado ( status quo)

YA ES HORA QUE Los americanos se expresen Estadidad o Independencia

of couese los poulares are bloking this two options ´porque seria la muerte para su partido

I am afraid to tell you que los Americanos may not want Pr to join the Union
But well it is up to the Congress to make the final decision

Manny si esto se independiza se vacia mas de el 60 % de la poblacion se mudaria para los EEUU after all ya hay como 3 millones en NY

PR and the US vamos de la manos , somos amigos somos ciudadanos Americanos , somos hermanos , We are one

We are Americans

Fantomas said...


The Miami Herald
DELFIN GONZALEZ (izq.) junto a Ileana Ros-Lehtinen en el 2000. Ahora Delfín se propone denunciar a asesores de Barack Obama.
La UE levanta sanciones diplomáticas contra Cuba
Evocando una época de revuelo político en Miami, un tío abuelo de Elián González planea denunciar hoy a dos asesores de la campaña de Barack Obama que ayudaron a enviar al niño de vuelta a su padre en Cuba hace ocho años.

Un día antes de que el presunto nominado demócrata se presente ante una conferencia de alcaldes en Miami, Delfín González celebrará una conferencia de prensa a la 1 p.m. frente a la casa de La Pequeña Habana donde Elián viviera con sus parientes durantes varios meses en el 2000.

A fines de la semana pasada medios cubanos informaron de que Elián, que tiene ahora 14 años, había ingresado a la Unión de Jóvenes Comunistas. Obama era un legislador de Illinois durante la disputa del 2000 y no tomó posición pública en el asunto.

En el tapete se encuentran el asesor de política exterior Greg Craig, quien representó al padre de Elián en la batalla por la custodia del niño con sus parientes de Miami, y el asesor legal Eric Holder, un miembro del comité de búsqueda de vicepresidente de Obama que era procurador general adjunto cuando el niño de 6 años fue arrebatado por agentes federales y devuelto a Cuba.

"Vamos a expresar oposición a la visita a Miami de Barack Obama, y a explicar por qué nos oponemos a que tenga en su campaña a individuos que estuvieron asociados con el secuestro de Elián en el 2000'', afirmó González.

"‘Algunas heridas son tan profundas que no se curan con el tiempo, como la de tomar a un niño y condenarlo a vivir en una dictadura comunista''.

González, de 74 años, afirmó que él no ha dado dinero al republicano John McCain. Cuando se le preguntó si el partido republicano lo había impulsado a celebrar la conferencia de prensa, González expresó: "No, no, no. Esto es una cosa espontánea entre nosotros y la comunidad''.

The Miami Herald fue notificado acerca de la conferencia de prensa por el congresista republicano estatal David Rivera de Miami. El brindó asimismo información sobre los antecedentes de ambos asesores de la campaña de Obama.

"La conexión entre Barack Obama y un apologista de Castro como Greg Craig es extremadamente importante para los votantes cubanoamericanos, ya que brinda más información sobre la posición débil de Obama hacia la dictadura de Castro'', dijo Rivera.

Barack Obama ha llamado a levantar las restricciones a los cubanoamericanos de viajar y enviar dinero a sus familiares en la isla, y a iniciar conversaciones con el gobierno cubano con la esperanza de suscitar reformas democráticas.

Rivera indicó que los cubanoamericanos también planean protestar durante el discurso de Obama el sábado en el Intercontinental Hotel junto a la vecina Antorcha de la Amistad en Bayfront Park.

Durante la batalla de meses por la custodia del pequeño náufrago cubano, Craig se manifestó en contra de la comunidad de exilados cubanos en Miami al acompañar a su padre refugiado en Washington junto a operativos del gobierno cubano.

Craig fue empleado por grupos eclesiásticos que querían reunir al niño con su padre luego que su madre murió en el mar, pero el poderoso abogado fue acusado de seguir órdenes de Castro.

Más recientemente, Craig representó al ex ministro de defensa de Bolivia Carlos Sanchez-Berzaín, acusado de ordenar una represión violenta contra protestas antigubernamentales en el 2003.

Craig dijo que él no tiene la culpa de la muerte de unas 60 personas.

Esta no es la primera vez que Craig ha recibido críticas por asesorar a un candidato presidencial. En el 2004, desempeñó el papel del presidente Bush para ayudar al demócrata John Kerry a prepararse para un debate en Miami

Anonymous said...

Record Breaking Post Manuel

I just hope Fantomas continues with his intelligent recent comments on this thread instead of the usual tic tac toe

If fantomas put his mind and keyboard to work , We SHOULD EXPECT BIG THINGS FROM HIM

He is poised to have a role in a Free and Democratic Cuba , no doubts about it

alex said...

Manuel please let this thread ride for a while

Do not post anything new for a few days

It has the potential, potential to break all of your records

serafin el carnicero said...

Words of wisdom

On this blog and Fantomas

"He overtook it a long while"

louis de funes said...

Fantomas se desencadena

Anonymous said...

Fantomas has two blogs


and this one

Anonymous said...

Breaking news

Fantomas = Manuel Tellechea

Anonymous said...

This blog rocks

Agustin Farinas said...

"He is poised to have a role in a Free and Democratic Cuba , no doubts about it"

God, Heaven help us, that would be a catastrophe of such magnitude only equal to the one that befell the Cuban people in Jan 1959.

Alex Hernandez said...

There is nothing worse than aggressive stupidity.

Anonymous said...

God, Heaven help us, that would be a catastrophe of such magnitude only equal to the one that befell the Cuban people in Jan 1959.

Agustin I am sure he will do much better than today's guards

Anonymous said...

Alex what did Fantomas did to you at Nostalgia 2008?

You have regressed a bit since

Did you finally marry your high school footbal coach?

Anonymous said...

Yes Manuel fidel is dead , mute and he also has the best medical support and equipment in the World. This man could last another 10 years under the same conditions

will be ever see cuba Free

Probably not this decade

Anonymous said...


Looking for Vana Habana , la Cubana

The Cuban troll from RCAB

pedro el panadero said...

fantomas: ya dija Vana tranquila ... esta engoldando al perrito.... tenemos negocio con el chinito....

serafin el panadero said...

Yes Manuel fidel is dead , mute and he also has the best medical support and equipment in the World. This man could last another 10 years under the same conditions

Yes I know who wrote that. So what should we do. Nuke Havana and Santiago

Renegade Mambi said...

Antunez has been detained one day after the EU lifted the sanctions

Will they ever learn , the cubans

Manuel We must be go to WAR , without blood on the streets Cuba will never be free

el chinito del restaurante de pasadena said...

Todays Special dinner

Patitas de perro a laVana

York terrrier stuffed with garbanzos

PETA Supervisor said...

To the Chinese rest owner

Looking for Pet Owner who left mascot abandoned at a nearby beauty salon

el poeta de hialeah said...

Tellechea se desaparece
los viernes en la tarde
dicen que toma leche
de la vaca de su compadre

Verdugo de Moneo said...

Manuel atiende el paladar que se van los comensales

Oye dicen que a George Moneo le entro un virus a la computadora y exploto

Quien habra sido el culprit que le envio el virus?

Any idea

Resident alien

Total comments at Bubulandia hoy


Charlie Papa said...

Manuel any words on Kill Castro, I just got home from abroad and find his blog closed

el poeta de hialeah is back said...

Tellechea se desaparece
los viernes en la tarde
dicen que toma leche
de la vaca de su compadre

Tellechea bebe leche pero de biberon
Le gusta la leche de cabra
tambien la leche en polvo
pero la que mas disfruta es
la leche que le dan por el hoyo

Anonymous said...

Fantomas , controla esto aqui

Administra tu blog parece que

Manuel lo abandono para siempre

Georgie Boy said...

Let the showdown begin

Music maestro

Up and running now

boricua happy and in the moon said...

Can anyone lend me 20 bucks for beer

Anonymous said...

El niño bitongo is giving away free tickets to see Celia in a half a billion teatro in Miami

Gee, with all that money they could have cleaned Miami Beach, Calle 8, could have fed many and probably could have finished the Marlins new stadium @ the Orange Bowl by now

la voz de raul said...

Fantomas played football?

What position?

The tight end?

The wide receiver?

I could use both.

Anonymous said...

Fantomas played baseball not football

Me dijeron que era cuarto bate , lo suspendieron porque uso tartar en el bate

Anonymous said...

Manuel where are thou?

Even Raul is sneaking in?

controla la prole

Anonymous said...

Did you finally marry your high school football coach?

6/20/2008 3:34 PM

So. Alex H please tell us how it went in Miami, word has it you did get marry your high school coach

Fantomas said...

la trona de raul

Vana said...

Coñooo se boto el solar!!

Anonymous said...

Vana ,what is a libreta?