Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Notable & Not Me: Babalú Admonished on Babalú for 2nd Outing of Killcastro

"I've read that list before from several people. It's scary to think that our enemies have achieved so much, in so little time (40 years, more or less since the Cuban missile crisis).

I have a question for you Val. Why did you leak KC´s name again? Do you realize that one of his family members had a cracked skull as a result? Do you really care, as you say you do, about the Cuban people (including KC's family & CB's family)? If you do, why did you risk his family getting killed again by the DGSE?

It's one thing to have a professional disagreement with somebody on how to proceed forward about a subject such as Cuba. It is another thing to intentionally leak someone's real name, knowing full well what can happen as a result. I would ask you to a) clarify your views towards the Cuban people (all Cubans, including those still on the island) and b) issue a public apology to the two men whose families you have put in real danger, through a post on this blog.

Posted by: Matt at Babalú, June 18, 2008 10:37 AM

No, I have not made an excursion into enemy territory, nor have I authorized such an excursion. A reader of this blog and student of Babalú, obviously, has undertaken that mission on behalf of truth and justice and I commend him (or her) for it.

Needless to say, the comment was deleted. I am more surprised that it was initially approved by one of its 17 principals. Is there a resistance movement growing within Babalú's "magnificent cadre of writers? " Let us just say that we have felt some stirrings in that direction lately.

The post where Matt's comment briefly appeared ("Quotalicious") reproduced yet again Cleon Skousen's 45 Goals of Communism. On a previous occasion, a week before I was booted from Babalú, I had in fact offered 5 more Cuba-specific Communist goals which have also been realized since 1963:

46. Give aid and comfort to Marxist revolutionaries and betray your allies fighting against them.

47. Fight wars by proxy against Communism and betray the freedom fighters.

48. Become the guarantor of Communism in small client-states of the Soviet Union.

49. Allow those small Soviet client-states to revolutionize at will your client-states.

50. Determine the justice of granting asylum to refugees from Communism by whether their foot is dry or wet.

Now I could well add a 51st:

Offer to negotiate without prior conditions with America's Communist enemies, which they will rightly perceive as an unconditional surrender.


Vana said...

Of course it was deleted, Babalunia is plagued by cowards, # 1 being Val the outer, no wonder his body is wrecked by pain, he deserves all the bad things coming his way, thus to tyrants!

I can only hope that KC's and Charlie's family are doing well, that none have been arrested.

serafin el carnicero said...

"Offer to negotiate without prior conditions"

de que hablas mat... the conditions will be set at the negotiating table..

you know I don't like Obama.. But, pls stop the chicken-shit criticism...

Anonymous said...

Mat if you contine with this stupid crusade ,THERE WILL BE A THIRD OUTING


Agustin Farinas said...

Wow, Manuel mind your P's and Q's the DGI has spoken, loud and clear!. You are being blackmailed with an outing. I bet you are scared to your bones. LOL.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Pre-conditions are exactly that: conditions which must be met before negotiations can begin. In Communist Cuba's case this has always meant that the regime must release all political prisoners, abide by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and agree to hold free multi-party elections. These conditions are non-negotiable.

Negotiations without prior conditions is tantamount to unconditional surrender. This has, in effect, been the Castro's regime's official position for 50 years. Barack Obama proposes to give it exactly what it has always wanted even before the beginning of formal negotiations.

If not complete capitulation to a tyrant, what do you call it?

I call it Neville Chamberlain Redux.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

anonymous fantomas:

Be grateful that I have never "pushed you." You couldn't take it.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I'm afraid you and Vana may soon have to assume your official capacities as wardens of The Madhouse.

kc and cb said...

Notes from our travel. We will be back shortly


Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Every time the Babalunians pull off this stunt they bring new pressure to bear on Killcastro and Charlie's families in Cuba. They are, of course, cognizant of this fact; and, if they weren't, the consequences of the first outing should have made it clear to them.

I can think of nothing more calculated to alienate Babalú's readers and win Val the despite of all freedom-loving Cubans than using Fidel Castro's goons as his enforcers.

But this shouldn't surprise us given his past support for enlisting the U.S. Coast Guard as Castro's supplementary border patrol.

Babalú is far from condemning such "collaboration" between the U.S. and Communist Cuba; but God forbid that any Cuban exile should wish to alleviate the suffering of his relatives on the island rather than compound it.

Anonymous said...

Manuel what happened to kill castro blog?

Boricua con Obama said...

Obama is imparable

rin tin tin said...

Where are thou , Manolo?

serafin el carnicero said...

manuel said:

"the regime must release all political prisoners, abide by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and agree to hold free multi-party elections."

and you expect this to happend overnight ... you must be dreaming... we have to start somewhere ...

michelle obama god i'm beautiful said...

Breaking the ice with Raul is what my husband is considering. No confrontation but direct talks will be the order of the day

Habana 2009

Agustin Farinas said...

You mean breaking the ice with Raul as in clinking glasses full of Rum and Coke and shaking them?.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


The point is that I don't expect anything to happen. If nothing has happened in the last 50 years, it is absurd to think that anything will happen overnight. Yet that is precisely what Barack Obama thinks and expects.

Without setting pre-conditions or extracting any concessions, Obama believes that through the sheer force of his personality he can sublimate the murderous instincts and insatiable greed of the Castro brothers. Only someone as politically immature and conceited as he would ever presume such a thing.

la voz de raul said...

I am ready to give an inch to Obama.

Ms Calabaza said...

"Only someone as politically immature and conceited as he would ever presume such a thing." ~ Amen!

Anonymous said...

la voz de raul said...
I am ready to give an inch to Obama.

6/18/2008 9:32 PM

The Obama bandwagon is getting fuller., train is moving , all aboard

serafin el carnicero said...

"The Obama bandwagon is getting fuller., train is moving , all aboard"

u r right...Obama is adding cars to the train... and I think MaCain has something to do with it....So, far he is running a terrible campain... pathetic .....

Anonymous said...

moscas moscas.

donde estan ?

Mat pon un plato con miel pera que salgan las moscas.

Anonymous said...


donde te vas a esconder? Eres un chivato.

Fantomas said...

Chi que?

De algo nunca podran acusar a Fantomas y es de eso mismo, Jamas Fantomas se ha metido en el negocio de chivatear a nadie sino todo lo contrario preguntenle a MAt y a kc y cb esos son los padres y las madres de la chivateria en los blogs

ellos saben bien lo que digo , son chivatos de e mails, publicando cosas de e mails privados ..For the record tengo 200 e mails de cb y kc desde 2006 y jamas se meha ocurrido sacarlos al aire ..

Do not force me to do this

son unos cojonudos pero se les acabo el relajo ya , llego el Comandante fantomas y mando a parar

funeral director said...

A lo mejor WJDC, tendre que poner aqui un link a tus perretas y tus miedos en mi viejo forum.... Para que vean la clase de pendejo que eres. WJDC, we just don't care, Fantomas.

Fantomas said...

de que forum hablas no tengo idea

explicate mejor y dejate de rodeos

Fantomas said...

dont usually engage in any forums , be careful could be an impostor of mine es decir somebody signing using name

bring me an example here , then i will believe you sucker

funeral car driver said...

Funeral director , you have been TKO by our friend the one and only Mr F

Show us the proof quick , before he erases it

Louis de funes said...

What is WJDC? I have been trying to get to Fantomas since 1966 to not avail

funeral director said...

why jesus don't care
We just dont care forum

ahora te acuerdas de mi?


Fantomas said...

Funeral director , you have been TKO by our friend the one and only Mr F

Manuel, empezando hoy si es posible y para todos los lectores de este maravilloso blog quiero decirles que cuando se refieran a mi no utilizar el nombre de Fantomas hasta nuevo aviso

Favor utilizar instead Mr F como dice el funeral car driver . I support the idea

Anonymous said...

Funeral director said...

So, this sorry piece of human-road-kill's cover is over. This is the same all around quack, stupid jerk, lonely onanism driven maniac who has been disrupting blogs and forums all over the place. This is the same guy that vies for attention wherever he goes, the one who is a fraud, a mess, a useless piece of meat, and who loves punishment.
He used to sign up using an internet service provider from Humacao sometimes, and Aguas Buenas at other times.
I am sending a private mail to the administrator of this blog to let him know how we dealt with this pest in the past, and who to contact. I suspected all along that he was a tool of the Cuban government, but he's too stupid for that.

Agustin Farinas said...

Funeral director said:

"This is the same all around quack, stupid jerk, lonely onanism driven maniac who has been disrupting blogs and forums all over the place"
My sentiments exactly. He is a despicable character who thrives on the limelight who loves to hijack every forum he visits. Sadly, he has abused MAT's penchant for granting everyone a chance to voice their opinions freely and has taken advantage of his tolerance.
So the new moniker is Mr.F?
I guees it must be for Mr. Failure, or Mr. fornicator, or maybe Full of Feces, or just simply Mr. Feces?
All of those monikers will suit him just fine with his twisted personality.

Vana said...

Funeral Director:

I would love to know how you dealt with this pest aka condom head, we all sorely need a tip.

Funeral Director said...

You can still find our old forum bouncing around "We Just Don't Care" , and it it your diatribes and your cowardly take off after we found out who you were Mr. ER.
I wonder how you have the nerve to claim you have been outed, everyone knows who you are by your real name the only outing is that it was revealed that Fantomas happens to be one of the most hated and disruptive individuals to ever access the internet.
But your name and picture appeared in San Juan papers when you pulled that little stunt with the sign at the Cuba - Puerto Rico baseball game. Anyoen can serach for that and there you are! You also left meekly even before the police told you to. So what possible outing are you complaining about? You know very well we know exactly how to get to you and the moderator of this blog is welcome to that information. I think everyone has had enough of your crazyness

Fantomas said...

funeral director jamas he utilizado el forum al cual usted se refiere . en la vida he entrado ahi, pero si me di cuenta que hay alguien de pr en ese forum al cual entre ayer por primera vez..following the initals you posted and doing a googleazo

sorry you got the wrong guy, again to make it clear, i have never posted a single comment on that forum my only real forum is this blog and a few others

Funeral Director said...

What a coincidence isn’t WJDC!
The same town, the same name, the same insufferable egomaniacal psychosis and its inevitable recoiling once you are found out and your back is against the wall claiming innocence and ignorance. You have not changed one bit, back the you also denied knowledge of anything that was irrefutable proof of your identity, you never heard of ER although the person who gave us your name knew you personally, and we suspected you were a G-2 agent, there is plenty of proof that it is you again. Based on all of that it is inconceivable that MAT has allowed you this platform to continue your repugnant behavior but alas perhaps there is a well developed plan in motion set so you will fall , like any other authoritarian lunatic in the bottomless pit from which we will never hear of you again.
MAT I do hope there is a bigger objective to this seemingly leniency you have shown to “fantomas”

Anonymous said...

this guy must be nuts

Fantomas a g2 agent

ja, ja , ja, ja, ja, ja, ja, ja, ja, ja, ja, ja,ja

Fantomas is not YOYO, sorry

boricua en ny said...

oye san juan is too far from Humacao


Ana said...

Oh, so Fantomas is Enrique Rubio!!

I got it now. Unfortunately, though, I don't think it will stop him from tainting this otherwise interesting blog.

Enrique PeloNegro said...

Ana welcome to this blog

Are you a newcomer here?


boricua Fantomas bodyguard said...

humberto bravo= chivato

alex hernandex= chivato

Manuel t = chivatos

Cadres= chivatos


Enrique Blue man Fantomas said...

Oh, so Fantomas is Enrique

Ana Fantomas is fantomas and enrique is enrique not fantomas

dont get them confused el rubio es realmente pelo negro y el canito tiene el pelo rojo


Anonymous said...

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