Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Second Outing of Killcastro

Babalú controls a very large galaxy in the Cuban-American blogosphere. If you would know the names of its many satellites, you have but to read its "Cubiche Blogroll." Of course, not all of its tributary stars are the same size and weight. A dozen or so blogs, whose editors have been invited to join Babalú's "magnificent cadre of writers," constitute a confederacy of its own. Now, there is nothing inherently wrong with that. Nothing at all. It is known as free association and is one of the reasons that we are here and not in Cuba.

But it is one thing to choose our own compañeros and quite another to force our choices on others. This is, in effect, what Val did by outing Killcastro on his own blog 2 months ago and repeating the same chivateria here over the weekend. Apparently, the results of the initial outing, a cracked skull and a stint in jail for Killcastro's relatives in Cuba, gave Val a moment's entertainment but did not achieve his goal of silencing him.

Killcastro's independent voice, the first to challenge Babalú's monopoly of opinion, was feared by Val even before the veneer of civility that had first characterized their relations melted under the seething resentments concealed beneath. Val's insecurity was the fuel that ignited those resentments. He tried at first to co-opt Killcastro and Charlie Bravo, too, by inviting them to write for Babalú and was greatly displeased when they both declined. Val has an assimilationist mindset: he prefers to bind potential rivals to him rather than fight them, which not only supplies his deficiencies but assures that he will not become vulnerable because of them. For the most part, he has been successful in neutralizing would-be challengers and avoiding conflicts where he would be at a disadvantage (with one really big miscalculation).

His overtures to Killcastro and Charlie proved unavailing. They knew better than to form any kind of connection with him, which offered nothing to them but the opportunity to lend creds to him and share in his gaffes. Rejection is unacceptable to Val as it is to all who share his insecurities. Killcastro, who had never personally challenged Val except by his refusal to become his satellite, became by virtue of his rejection an enemy.

Since he could not induce Killcastro to join him in calling for the blood of Cubans to be shed in expiation of Castro's sins, or in defending the "Wet Foot/Dry Foot" policy or George Bush's "get tough with the Cuban people" approach to undermining Castro, Val, after endeavoring to isolate and proscribe his blog, decided that the affront of Killcastro's authenticity, and, worst of all, the influence of his example, had to stamped out at any cost (that is, at any cost to Killcastro).

So he did it. Outed Killcastro on his own blog.

RCAB devoted 20 consecutive posts to excoriating this unprecedented act of perfidy and its author. Others joined us in decrying Val's conduct and even a few in Babalú's own orbit wrote to Killcastro disassociating themselves from Val's act if not from Val himself.

Frankly, we did not think that there would be a sequel. Not that I thought Val had learned his lesson. Still, I thought it likely that he would want to put some space between himself and this episode, and allow those naturally disposed to forget the opportunity to do so. Instead, Val deputized the malleable fantomas again, the Barney Fife of Cuban bloggers and Babalú's "weakest link," and authorized him to launch yet another attack on Killcastro. Although it was hardly necessary, Val bullied and even banned fantomas from Babalú to make sure that he would be susceptible to his brandishments. The threat of removing fantomas' blog from its conspicuous place on Babalú's blogroll secured his collaboration though he's more than a little afraid of Killcastro, whom he ridiculed publicly at the time of his first outing while assuring him of his support in e-mails. As fantomas has stated here before, he cannot "afford" to lose Babalú's patronage.

Fantomas, who has as much tact as a child, first announced that he would be leaving RCAB forever, which news our resident experts on fantomas, his ertwhile keepers in The Madhouse, Vana and Agustín, received with the skepticism and ridicule which such an announcement from such a party merited. Fantomas then donned his most familiar "disguise" as "Anonymous." He, of course, fools no one. He thinks one has to check Sitemeter to identify him. Yet, really, why would one have to? Every comment of fantomas' whether signed or not is marked with his DNA. He may not be his own man but he is certainly his own character, unmistakable in any guise and only more obviously himself when he tries to be someone else. As a final precaution before carrying out his assigned mission, fantomas wrote to Killcastro offering him a putrid olive branch, which was not accepted. If anything this was a warning that fantomas was up to no good.

The second outing of Killcastro was more persistent than the first. Val's attack was strictly a hit and run. Fantomas' was also, except that he kept coming back to the scene of the crime as if he thought, or had instructions, to back his car over and over the hapless victim. Those of us familiar with fantomas' antics will not doubt the pleasure that he derived from this exercise.

I could have delegated his comments to The Madhouse or even deleted them because I do not consider yelling "Fire!" in a theatre to be protected speech. But this would not have stopped fantomas, who has more identities than he does opinions. Killcastro and Charlie, who will be undertaking an important trip shortly, found it necessary to close their blog for the duration so that fantomas would not use the occasion to compromise them or their families.

Their readers and ours, who tend to be the same people, need not fear that Killcastro and Charlie Bravo have quit the field. They will return shortly to settle accounts with those who have conspired against them and the dignity of all Cubans.


Alex Hernandez said...

Hahaha Good article Manuel...KillCastro is a great Blog.Well, let's not bring in Moronic people...you know who,wink, wink, Manuel Lol...

Agustin Farinas said...

Many weeks ago I commented and took the liberty to advise KC and CB not answer this idiot's asenine postings and comments anywhere. That is exactly what he craves. The limelight. He is unable to survive without it because is his lifeblood. Ignore him and he perishes like wilted flower.
One cannot engage in a discussion with the esquizofrenics of this world.
Fantomas is mentally deficient and he cannot be cure. His rants and insults aimed at anyone who disagrees with his lunatic behavior, are living proof the man is insane and beyond help.
He may comment as anonymous but his style and prose betray him.

Anonymous said...

Stay tuned for tomorrow's next chapter of "La perseguida hasta el catre" written, produced and acted by Manuel Tellechea.
Tomorrow's chapter will reveal how many people have been imprisoned since our two heroes' identity was revealed. Intrigue, drama, suspense and most of all, comedy, in La Perseguida Hasta el Catre.
Don't miss it.

Fantomas said...

Val deputized the malleable fantomas again, the Barney Fife of Cuban bloggers and Babalú's "weakest link," and authorized him to launch yet another attack on Killcastro

Que clase de comecaca eres Manuel, wasting all that time in writing that stupid post que solo sale de tu cabeza podrida y desquiciada

Y Alex coño, pareces un bufon de palacio oliendole el culo a las 2 urracas parlanchinas y al loco manuel breteras y chivatas de kc y cb

Manuel a mi nadie me ha dado instrucciones para hacer nada contra nadie. Con Val no hablo desde Nostalgia ( for the record) I am still ban to comment over there so no se de donde rayos sacas que yo fui enviado por Val a hacer algo ..entiendelo yo no hablo con esa gente hace rato

Fariñas pareces un disco rayado bro, coge un buche compadre..

Asi que manuel bajate de esa nube aqui los unicos chivatos son kc y cb menos mal que yo no tengo familia en Cuba porque de haber tenido after been outed like 3 times by the magpies I would have really gone after them personally

y estan advertidos los magpies another outing against my personna hell will break loose


Anonymous said...

I'm all for freedom of speech and letting everyone have their say. However, fantomas' ridiculous postings require moderation. They do nothing to elevate or enhance the debate and make for a tedious comment thread. I know you pride yourself on the amount of comments you receive but when over half are the ramblings of a mentally deficient madman using various aliases, then the comments have no value. Babalu's comments may often devolve into an echo chamber but yours devolve into a forum for a obviously attention-starved loony.

Fantomas said...

Oh my god the Anti Fantoma Brigade is out in full force. They are desperados to stop the mask man to not avail.

Veo los animos muy caldeados hoy por este blog, I know, I know Al Gore have you all nerviosos...

The man who invented internet is ready to help Obama to reach the promise land

Avelino Plumon said...

fantomas' ridiculous postings require moderation

There won't be any Fantomas moderation on this blog, right Manuel?

Everyone who comes into this blog knows fantomas is the life and blod of this fine blog

Anonymous said...

What is "blod?"

Anonymous said...

Gee, I hope Killcastro has enough relatives for all theses outings.

Humberto said...

kill castro= chivato

Anonymous said...

Manuel has been warned that censuring Fantomas on this blog will ensure the mother of all wars never seen in the blogsphere

Manuel is a very smart man. He will take as much pain Fantoma can inflict upon him . Manuel will comport accordingly and Never ban Fanotsmas under any circunstance

Take note Fariñas your wish will never be granted. Fantomas will remain for as long this blog is activated

Alex Hernandez said...

Ever wonder about those people who say they are Sane.Yea, We know they are crazy people on the Internet. LoL, We have a case here...A classic Case of ‘anti-social behaviour’I don't mean any disrespect(Hahahaha)right!..But living among Puerto ricans is not a good thing.I'm So Bored; Please Amuse Me....I any a good laugh. Got any good jokes.

Vana said...

I knew fantomas had a hand in this, I too never thought there would be a sequel, I bet you all that bullshit at Babalu against fanto was a ruse to lay all the blame on him, there is no doubt fantomas is evil and he and Babalu aka Val Prieto are in cahoots to hurt KC and Charlie.

Envy that's all green envy.

Vana said...


Fantomas is so obvious he cannot hide behind the anon's he uses, is so obvious it's him, even a child can see it, he's deranged the ravings of a lunatic, I for one am sick of him, wish he would go away somewhere and leave us be, he deserves no respect.

Fantomas said...

All,i need is your respect Vana, that's all

Agustin Farinas said...

Rubber Head,
respect is not given it is earned. You would not know the first thing about that. You area despicable, loudmouth, esquizofrenic idiot who deserves the comdemnation of all of us. Manuel is more than tolerant of your rantings. What you deserve is to be ignored. Period.

Matt said...

KC and CB let me know about this second repeat bs episode a few days ago. I was under the assumption that this was a one time deal. It was not. Val Prieto has no qualms about getting people killed/imprisoned for his own benefit. Fantomas seems that he has no problem either. I am telling both of you (Babalú people and Fantomas) collectively, you two are sorry excuses for human beings. I will admit, I used to read Babalú a long time ago and then switched to KillCastro. This was loooooong before the first round of this bs. How, I will ask you both, how can you sleep knowing KC & CB´s families are in mortal danger because of your arrogant, stupid moves? Have you no shame or conscience? That last one is what we call a rhetorical question, since the answer need not be given.

Vana said...

Shame or conscience? Matt of course they have none, they are chusmas del barrio Llega y Pon, no ethics either.