Thursday, June 12, 2008

Notable & Unbelievable: "I Know What Newt Thinks Better than Newt"

"Great video of Newt, damn I'm pissed that he didn't run for president, talking about oil. Except for the last bit about the incredibly flexible theory of man-made global warming. I have to believe that he doesn't really buy into that garbage. If he does then it invalidates the whole first part of the video." -- Henry Louis Gómez, "Common Sense About Oil," Babalú, June 12, 2008

Henry's new mission in life is to solve the oil crisis. Anything that consumes some of his time and commandeers some of his brain matter to a subject other than Cuba is always welcome. Today he has posted a video of Newt Gingrich with a curious caption. First, of course, he laments that Gingrich "didn't run for president." I was under the impression that he did and nobody wanted him. In any case, if Newt had won the nomination, it would have been a hard call for me which to repudiate the most, the white or the black mountebank. Henry does not remember that Newt was the architect of the resurgence of xenophobia in this country with Hispanics targetted as the new blacks. But Henry can excuse a lot of things in his idols. He even forgives Newt's embrace of global warming because he "has to believe that [Newt] doesn't buy into that garbage." He doesn't give Bush or McCain the benefit of the doubt when they repeat the standard received wisdom about global warming. I guess that Henry really has to like a guy to believe that he's insincere.

Babaloo's Waterloos: Fanning the Flames of Xenophobia at Refugee Blog


Big Cayman said...

What do you expect, writer?
He's just being consistent, too.
That's what they also want for Cuba; a world of dominance, where the dominant part can impose all their wants and wills over the dominated part, keeping the hoi polloi at bay. They know better, didn't you know?
I thought that Fidel Castro owned that part of the business in Cuba, the domination and insincerity part, that is. It looks like he has a fierce competition trying not only to pry the "jamon" from his clenched hands but also trying to erect themselves into successors and heirs.
"The Newt" biggest accomplishment was to make racism and xenophobia cool again among a few closet KKK sympathizers. If we don't nit-pick and say that it was to dump his cancer afflicted wife for a younger and healthier woman, his mistress and the same time he ripped his tunic off his chest while accusing Clinton of being a philanderer. Nice fellow.

Anonymous said...

Bitongo is now Managing Editor, don't forget that

Anonymous said...

Did you get Henry's father's day Gift yet Manuel?

His first

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Henry has a right to be excited about that. Proud father posts are practically the only posts at Babalú now that are not offensive.

Vana said...

Henry who cannot see as far as his own nose knows what Newt I can do is laugh, really he should take up comedy since everything that comes out of his mouth is risable.

Anonymous said...



De risas y compotas , como se aprende en este blog

Anonymous said...

Henry needs to get a bigger sofa or lose some stuffing himself. That orange turned ochre chair looks like it's a family heirloom from the 70s. He's been talking a lot about "Pepe" Peña lately. It looks like Henry stole his sofa.

Anonymous said...

He's been talking a lot about "Pepe" Peña lately. It looks like Henry stole his sofa.

Versalles beat= Babalu Beat , another satelite

Angel Garzón said...

Newt Gingrich is so full of himself it is pathetic, for anyone within the Republican ranks to believe that this man would have made a viable Presidential candidate, is akin to supporting Fred Thompson for the same position while ignoring his history of inefficiency and pure laziness, the fellow wanted to successfully run a campaign from nine to five on weekdays and even more limited hours on the weekends. Newt's baggage is so heavy, that even he realized from the onset that the best he could be able to contribute during the current election cycle, is rhetorical Republican platitudes in the hope of making some money from the usual suspects, while hoping that everyone else would suffer from period-amnesia, the time period being his tenure as Speaker of the House of Representatives and his much touted initiative known as the "Contract with America," never mind that the Constitution had been around for more than two hundred years and the leadership and rank and file membership of the G.O.P. should have chosen to simply follow that Constitution, but I guess the best they could hope to get away with was what they offered, which in reality was a flawed attempt to not only regress to the past while ignoring the lessons of history, but perhaps even more importantly, a masked attempt at robbing the country's founding fathers of some of the credit that they deserve and earned as long as their accomplishments are analyzed within the context of the time in which they took place.

Ms Calabaza said...


great comment on Newt and Thompson. I had to laugh about Thompson because I don't think he even worked M-F, 9-5. . . What a disappointment he was to his supporters.

Vana said...


That choice coming from the political animal since the age of five, or so Henry says.