Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Topics for Future Posts on Posada

To the Republicans: You Ungrateful Bastards, I am Going to Enjoy Every Minute of Your Comeuppance in 2008.

George Bush: You Will Be Remembered As a Worse President than Clinton

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales: After So Many Years You Must Still Be Identified as "Attorney General" or Most Americans Would Think You Are Their Gardener

Justice Department Prosecutors: What to Do With Your Bag of (Dirty) Tricks
Investigate the F.B.I.

The F.B.I.: Lie Down With Dogs and You Will Get Up With Flees
And having always been infested with flees is no protection against further infestation.

The MSM: All Dressed Up for a Lynching and No Place to Go

Oscar Corral: From Engine to Caboose
All lovers of truth will rejoice at Oscar's demotion. He started out as the head byline on the Posada story. He was subsequently reduced to second banana. And in the report of Posada's vindication he is relegated with the translator to a footnote. If this trend holds, Corral will soon be "promoted" to Editor of the Classifieds Section.

To My Fellow Cuban-American Bloggers: You Can Stop Running from Posada Now
Really, you can. Heck, why don't you prove that you are real patriots and say a good word for him now that he's been exonerated (there will be no better time).

Val & Henry: MIA on Posada
Val is in dread fear that Castro's "propaganda minions in Cuba and abroad" will use the dismissal of Posada's charges to sully the good name of fine upstanding Cuban-Americans like Val Prieto who don't give a damn about Posada or anything else that might provoke the disapproval of the Joneses, their masters and judges.

Henry "I Never Said Posada Was Innocent" Gomez: He wants the other media to presume Posada is innocent, but he won't presume the same himself. If the "Conductor" keeps braking he might just end up in the caboose with Oscar his erstwhile foe.


Albert Quiroga said...

At the rate W is going, he's gonna have an even worse effect on the GOP than John Major had on the Conservatives in Britain. They'll have no one to blame but themselves. What happens when you dis-organize a circular firing-squad and shout "fire!?" Duh!

As for Posada Carriles, many seem to forget that at least in this imperfect system, a man is still presumed innocent until proven guilty. As Jack Palance (in his role as Jack Wilson) put it in "Shane," whenever acussed of various and sundry evil deeds: "Prove it." If Posada Carriles' recent exoneration from the particular set of "charges" helps engineer an apoplectic fit which drives the pooperman of Havana into an earlier grave, so much the better. That would definitely cement Posada Carriles' hero status.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Because I despise the fact that Republicans have always turned our suffering to good account politically does not mean that I ignore the fact that Democrats have always diminished, questioned or denied our suffering. Both parties are equally contemptible in my eyes and it is the height of foolishness on our part to make any permanent alliance with either party.

As for Posada Carriles, the U.S. and its proxies have tried time and time again to prove him guilty of anything and everything and they have always failed, though they used underhanded means and broke every law in the process. The integrity and purity of the man has proved a bulwark that they could not penetrate however many times they have tried. But, of course, this will not stop them; they will try again. Every defeat only makes them more intent on perpetrating yet another miscarriage of justice. They think that they will win in the end; they do not realize that they have already lost.

Vana said...

Posada Carriles is a HERO punto y aparte

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Let us not think for one moment that Fidel is capable of empathy for anybody. He couldn't care less about the fate of the 73 people killed in the Cubana Airlines disaster. Since Posada isn't guilty, then the only one who could have blown up the plane is Castro himself. If Castro is discomfitted by Posada's acquittals, it is only because they should lead logical people to the logical assumption. Pity that there appear to be very few logical people in the world and too many idiots more than willing to take Castro's word at face value.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I wish that everyone could see things as clearly as we do.