Tuesday, May 8, 2007

From Granma: More Toilet Humor

This is one of a hundred cartoons which Granma has published on the Posada Carriles case. The obvious observation is that these people's minds are always in the toilet, and what a toilet it is, or, rather, watercloset. That's what those massive wooden boxes filled with water were called that used to hang over toilets when Prescott Bush was a boy. When I first came to this country a half-century ago these were still to be seen in New York City tenements such as the one depicted in the Honeymooners. Now, not even abandoned tenements, if there still are any in this era of gentrification, sport them. In Cuba, however, these antiques are still known as luxuries. The artist probably has one in his house and hence his "inspiration." A more accurate depiction, however, would have Bush trying to flush Posada Carriles down a pneumatic toilet along with 48 years of heroism and devotion to the cause of a free Cuba, not just on Posada's part, but on the part of all Cubans who have remained true to our country.

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Charlie Bravo said...

are they depicting the FBI-G2 collaboration, by anychance?