Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Is Posada Carriles a Hero?

Is Posada Carriles a Hero?
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A World Hero
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Of 40 respondents so far, more than half (53%) have voted for All of the Above, signifying their belief that Posada Carriles is A Cuban Hero, An American Hero, A Hero of the Americas, and A World Hero.

Eight voters (25%) see him as A Cuban Hero; seven voters (18%) as A Hero of the Americas; and two voters (5%) as A World Hero.

100% of all voters agree that Posada Carriles is a hero.

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LittleGator said...


We all share Posada Carriles's goal of ridding Cuba of castro. I admire his steadfast and activy opposition to the regime, and the personal sacrificies he has made in his life.

Having said that, however, what is your view on some of his methods? Assuming he helped plan and recruited people to carry out the hotel bombings in Cuba in the 1990's, isn't that akin to others who target civilians and civilian facilities to further their goals? Is this a legitimate tool against castro? What are your thoughts on this?

LittleGator said...

I apologize for my limited typing skills. That should have read "'active' opposition. . . ."

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Little Gator:

I do not know his methods and neither do you. Speculation is not knowledge. All that I know is that this much-accused man is also a much-acquitted man. If the U.S. had anything on him, it would surely use it against him now. Instead, it has charged him with immigration offenses that perhaps 20 million aliens residing in this country could also have been charged with but weren't. You figure it out.

I am personally disgusted by the reserve with which my fellow Cuban bloggers treat Posada. I am sure that some would even attack him if they weren't afraid that I would make them regret it. Of course all of these are Cuban-Americans with the accent on the American. I do not blame them too much because they are products of this country and are no more and no less than they should be.

KillCastro said...

I am just utterly perplexed by the lack of knowledge and historical basis of anyone questioning Posada’s “methods”
Mr. T gives him his RIGHTFUL legal designation, he hasn’t been proven guilty of doing ANYTHING he has been accuse of doing by the KaSStro government and the left wing fanatics.
But let’s say HE did. Let’s say he did blow up the plane and blew up the hotels, lets say HE DID!
Cubans already had tried to topple KaSStro using the ONLY way available to them. They invaded the Island, only to be betrayed by the Kennedy government. So now what? A man like Posada , a man of passion and profound hatred towards KaSStro and what he has done to Kuba, takes arms against the Beast in the only way he can “man to man “ Him against a whole government! A government being sustained by the USSR and protected by the USA ! What are this man’s options?

Take the war to KaSStro, just like Kasstro did to Batista! A LOT more civilians died from KaSStrists bombings that have died in ANY act of terrorism that may have taken place in Kuba, but regardless, wasn’t THAT how KaSStro came to power? So what is the question here? That is what I like about the old testament.. “a tooth for a tooth” , none of that turning the other cheek deal when you’re dealing with monsters . With monster you get into their lair and stick a sword in their black virulent harts. Yeap, war is hell and collateral deaths will occur. But, do we forget where the bombs exploded? Not in a Movie theater showing children cartoons, or a restaurant where working class Cubans went to eat or a department store where ALL Habaneros went to shop. No the bomb went off on a LUXURY “FOR TOURISTS ONLY” HOTEL! A Hotel that did NOT admit Cubans! It was not only a BOMB; it was a public condemnation about an apartheid system the world chooses to ignore! And it was BARELY a BOMB. Kids in NYC have more firepower on a 4th of July that whoever placed that BOMB!
As far as the plane. Jesus fucking Christ all mighty! Where is the PROOF!
Was Posadas stalking that plane, possibly , and why was he doing that .. Well what about the high ranking officials flying in THAT plane, that the Kuban never accounted for nor even bother to acknowledge. Why doesn’t ANYONE talk about THAT!?
So to me , I WISH he did what they say he did because he HIT the BEAST right between the eyes and there have not been ONE single USA president with all their might and power who has been able to do THAT!
Now, we just need to decide where the Posada Carriles Statue will be erected once CUBA is free!
Oh and I am just DYING for those assholes who will shoot back about my DOUBLE standards regarding terrorism!
To save you the time I feel about terrorism the same way I feel about someone who harms a member of my family , I go to their house a shoot them down . His kids were in the way ..? SORRY, blame DAD for my going postal! I would NEVER begin a bloodbath , but I certainly as hell will not run away from adding my enemies blood to the mix!

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


If ever any struggle met the criteria for a just war, it is Posada's against the Castro regime. Not only will a statue some day be raised to Posada in Cuba, but he is now a living national monument. Those of us who have done less than him to obtain Cuba's freedom — and that includes practically everybody — will be judged by whether we supported or abandoned him when he needed us.

Charlie Bravo said...

Even if who wrote before was KillCastro, you know Manuel where the duo stands!