Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The New Corgiguy Blog

Corgiguy, familiar to readers of this blog from his stimulating observations here, has set up his own Corgiguy Blog, and it was not what we expected. In fact, we are very gratified and impressed by his efforts. He is a lover of poetry and philosophy and his blog is thoroughly soaked in culture. For some of you this will sound an alarm and you will proceed no further. For the rest, it will be an invitation to refresh your souls with the eternal verities of life. I recommend the blog to you as far as the poetry and philosophy are concerned. His views on Cuba I do not necessarily endorse. I have left some comments there. This is the latest:

The exaltation of the individual and his transformative power over society is hardly anything new, and Nietzsche, of course, did it a lot better than Rand. Rand's only contribution to this paradigm was to focus that power on selfish and material objects, which makes her philosophy even more unpalatable than Nietzsche's. An individual need not only pursue his own interests. In fact, he will be nothing more than a grasping and grabbing automaton unless he understands that what benefits society also benefits him and that it is in his own personal interest to contribute to the betterment of society. Ayn Rand, who, to her credit, was an arch-enemy of Communism, took away the wrong lesson from it. Anti-Communists cannot and must not transform ourselves into what Communists say we are: we cannot and must not let them define us. Altruism, which Communists do not practice except in theory, is not something that should be assigned to them by our rejection of it in favor of egoism, as Rand recommends. Her toxic "cure" would poison society as surely as collectivism.



CorgiGuy said...


Thanks for the kind plug. I think you miss the essence of corgiguy. If you are looking for political views in my blog, you will be dissapointed, i'm not political, nor i'm offering any views of cuba political situation.

Ah don't worry i'm not a sympathizer of fifo, anybody who suppresses the right of the individual is not ok by me. Communism, Socialism, the State are the suppresors of the indivdiual.

As far Ayn Rand, I wanted to give some background to the lyrics of Rush. Ayn Rand advocates indivdualism, doing things for your self, personal responsability not letting the collective thought of the group define you, the virtues of capitalism. She hates socialism and communism. Have you read her book Anthem?

Coriguy shops in the marketplace of ideas, a free thinker, he's your best friend he defends your right to be yourself whatever that is.

Charlie Bravo said...

Corgi Guy,
Rush has very good lyrics, like for example, Red Barchetta, where the disgression from the rule of law for the hedonistic pleasure of driving fast is chanted.
Or Tom Sawyer, where the lyricist declares that his mind is not for rent to any god or government -that's pretty much the idea behind our two blogs, KillCastro and The Black Sheep of Exile.
Another non-conformist anthem, which people tend to take very literally is I can't drive 55, by Sammy Hagard, which goes beyond the speed limit and the castration of both car and driver.
As for political thought, every act of ours is political or entices some sort of political statatement, as Umberto Eco wrote, to wear a tie in the morning is a political declaration of principles. Not to wear it constitute a political declaration of principles, too. Or sporting long hair and using colorful language. Or being clean cut goody two shoes, that's also a political statement of sorts.
I like your blog very much!

CorgiGuy said...

Charlie, glad you enjoy the blog. I sense you and i have the same view on things.

Not sure that i follow on how wearing a tie or having long hair is political statment. Do you mean being a rebel or a nonconformist?

What about wearing a tie or having long hair for your own self gratification. One of rush songs talks about this, the song is anthem

here's the lyrics
Live for yourself -- theres no one else
More worth living for
Begging hands and bleeding hearts will
Only cry out for more

Well, I know theyve always told you
Selfishness was wrong
Yet it was for me, not you, i
Came to write this song

You see he wrote the song for himself and now your are enjoy his work.

Charlie Bravo said...

Self gratification can be political, too....
And wearing the tie is not exclusive from having flowing long hair. One can have both, and that's another political statement!
We need to rebel, and be non-conformist, at any time we feel that there's a need for rebellion and/or non-conformism. But we need to be able to differentiate the real need for rebellion from the excuse for a tantrum.
I like Rush very much.... Geddy Lee is an incredible lyricist and musician. Have you seen their website lately (www.rush.com)? It's worth the visit.
I think I will link the website to a post on the Black Sheep of Exile!

CorgiGuy said...

Charlie, i believe neil-pertz the drummer is the lyricist for most of those songs. Have you read the book "Anthem", by ayn rand is a fast read, you will enjoy it, it deals with the themes that we talking about in this post, being an individual etc..

Charlie Bravo said...

Yes, I have read that book. Neil Peart is the lyricist for the huge majority of the Rush song book, but he shares duties with Geddy Lee, who has written some himself. Of the three of them Neil Peart is the intellectual of the band.... "Lerxt" Lifeson also takes the pen from time to time.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

I have learned a great deal on this thread, mostly that I lost touch with popular culture a long, long time ago.

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