Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Absolved Again As His Enemies Never Will Be

There has probably been no man in history who has been subjected to more judicial persecution by the anti-democratic machinations of democratic states than Luís Posada Corrales. For two years, the Bush administration held Posada in what amounted to preventive detention for supposed "peligrosidad," in effect tranforming its Constitution and laws into a copy of Castro's in order to visit Cuban "justice" on Posada without the necessity of extraditing him to Cuba. Two years in the life of an 80-year-old man is no little thing and their fraudulent legal maneuverings would have continued until they drove him into the grave except for the courage and integrity of one woman, District Court Judge Kathleen Cardone, who vindicated her country's noblest traditions by ending this shameless farce perpetrated by a mercenary Justice Department headed by a deceitful Attorney General and an even more deceitful president. '"Fraud, deceit and trickery'' is how Judge Cardone characterized the government's case in a startling indictment of the Bush administration by a judge appointed by George Bush.

We who have always believed in him and defended him unconditionally also feel vindicated today. But even if this day had never come and Posada had continued to be persecuted by his ertswhile allies our faith in him and the righteousness of his cause would remain unshaken.

This is not the end. The government will continue through other means its persecution of Posada. In his case, we know that double jeopardy means nothing and that he is likely to be re-tried again under other guises for crimes of which he has long been acquitted. As I observed on another post, Posada is trapped in a judicial Groundhog Day, and no matter how many times he is proven innocent he is doomed to relive this nightmare forever. True and selfless patriot that he is, Posada will continue to uphold our national honor and preserve the legacy of the great heroes of our struggles for independence. We are fortunate indeed to have among us a man whose life and deeds mirror those of our epic liberators. Let us judge ourselves by his example and decide whether we too have done everything that we could to advance the cause of liberty in our country and of human dignity for all men.


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