Thursday, May 3, 2007

BUCKLE But Don't Tighten Your Belts

Henry Gómez is now writing tributes on Babalú to all bloggers who join BUCL (pronounced BUCKLE) "at the $100 level." Who says no one learned anything from public television after Sesame Street? Shall there be premiums too? Perhaps a boxed set of the Babalú Radio Hour with its rare predecessor The Cuban American Pundits Radio Hour? I am tempted to donate $100 just to see what kind of tribute Henry comes up with. No doubt a heartfelt one. Maybe if I give $1000 he'll be "inspired" to say a word on behalf of the abused 4-year-old girl whom the Castro regime is seeking to repatriate to Cuba where her abuse can continue unchecked.


And speaking of Bloggers United for Cuban Liberty (BUCL), a caller to the Babalú Radio Hour yesterday actually referred to Henry's organization as BUCKLE, which is really the only way to pronounce the acronym. Henry also expressed his displeasure at the name (which is awkward), but apparently has no plans to change it. "What's in a name?"

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Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Invariably I find that no comments are ever left on posts that expose the foibles of Val and Henry, although these, judging by page views, are the most popular. The explanation is that their "friends" love to see them taken down a peg or two, but are too afraid of breaking ranks with them to express their own opinions. Such a situation bespeaks more than it says.