Tuesday, May 29, 2007

RCAB's "Campaign to Liberate Spain from Socialist Explosion"

We are proud to announce the launch today of the Review of Cuban-American Blogs's "Campaign to Liberate Spain from Socialist Explosion." We ask no induction fees or dues. No secret communications or blood oaths. In fact, we are not even soliciting members although you are free to lend your support to our campaign (or not). All we ask you is to lend us your ears and we promise to return them immediately after we have had our say.

Since Spain is a democracy it is much easier to liberate than Cuba. We don't need arms or men to wield them, or U.S. assent for the men to wield the arms. We just need votes. And we have them.

Spain has passed a law which awards Spanish citizenship, with all rights accruing thereto, including the right to vote, to the grandchildren of Spanish nationals born abroad. The individual who acquires Spanish citizenship by virtue of a Spanish parent and now grandparent can then pass it to his own children and so forth forever and ever.

Since more than one-million Spaniards immigrated to Cuba from 1902-1958, absorbed by a Cuban population which numbered between 3-6 million in those years, practically every living Cuban has a parent or grandparent who can stake a claim to Spanish citizenship based on his own parent's or grandparent's birth in Spain. All you would have to do is take grandma to the local Spanish consulate with her birth certificate which identifies her as the daughter or granddaughter of at least one Spaniard. That's all. Grandma (or grandpa) is now a Spanish citizen and so are you and your children and grandchildren to the last generation.

Naturally, as newly-minted Spanish citizens you have the right to vote and you can even exercise that right by absentee ballot at the local Spanish consulate (just follow the BUCL posters to it; they'll take you within .6 miles [that is, 13 blocks]).

So, in the next Spanish elections, you can cast your vote against the Socialist Zapatero government and restore the pro-American and anti-Castro Aznar to office.

One million Cuban exile votes can throw any election in Spain. Then Cuban exiles will not only control the future of the U.S. through our bloc voting (and hopefully we will avoid mistakes like Bush in the future) but we will also control and to a much greater extent since Spain's population is smaller, the political destinies of Spain as well.

A new, ironic and unforeseen conclusion to the misnamed Spanish-American War: Cubans end up controlling the U.S. and Spain, but not Cuba.

FLASH! The Socialists lost Spain's regional elections yesterday, setting the stage for an upcoming election to unseat them from the national government. Brook no delay in claiming your Spanish citizenship: the liberation of the mother country is at hand!


Charlie Bravo said...

As I said before, I was tempted to spend the weekend in Spain to witness the defeat of the Zapatismo.
I was actually bogged down by work Stateside, so I was not there, and for all I know I would have put a variation of the Kilroy graffiti outside a voting station for all of you to see....
The Spaniards, making us proud of our ancestry, have done a great thing, they defeated the red miasmas of communism once more at the polls. Ask them if they were compelled to vote against Z-ETA-P because any foreign concocted campaign, and they will answer with a big f-u in Spanish, which sounds rougher and meaner than in English. Actually, we need to clarify that a consumer association in Spain was the only responsible for blasting Iberia off their cloud and make them pull out that offensive advert which objectified and disrespected Cuban women. It happened way before any of us came out with brilliant strategies or campaigns.
Honor honors, honrar honra.
The newly minted Spaniards -at least in Cuba- will do a lot for the change in both countries, Cuba and Spain. And yes, we live in interesting times, and I don't think that the Chinese curse is actually that bad, I love interesting times and being part of them.

Agustin Farinas said...

you are too much this early in the morning! I laughed so hard this morning after reading this post, I almost spilled my coffee! Very good posting. And yes you are right, we may infuence Spanish politics and nudge it in the "right" (pun intended) direction. You just managed ro get a zing aimed at the folks thata started that other campaign. Is one of my pleasures to read you blog every morning. I am very glad you opened your own blog. Maybe the folks that cesnure you were doing you a favor and you just did not know it at the time. Keep up the postings about Cuban history, they are good material for my morning coffee.

Agustin Farinas said...

fe de errata: sorry for the mistake in my spelling. I meant to say "censured". As Charlie said, I raise my cup of coffee in your health for the good postings. I aslo read their blog every day and find them very refreshing and right on target. Their use of the so called "foul language" at the right place in their postings is also right on the money.

Charlie Bravo said...

Thanks Agustin....
Yeah, we both are a bit rock'n'roll, so that foul language surfaces from time to time, and we doing in jest accenting what's needed to be said, without mincing words!
We both are glad you like our blogs, and that's actually very encouraging for us, that's what keep our engines running!


That IS a fantastic idea!

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Thank-you, Anatasio. I also liked the comment that you left on Babalú regarding Anita Snow's characterization of pre-Castro Havana as "run" by the Mafia:

"I've gotta say, this myth of the American mafia "owning" Cuba is getting really quite old. It has always struck me as a sort of smack in the face of Cuba and Cubans - a la: "these folks couldn't run their own successful businesses so they had to import a bunch of thugs to run things for them. Silly, offensive and old."

And, of course, untrue.

You may just have persuaded me to dig into the Tellechea Archives for a long article I wrote 20 years ago debunking this myth and others. As I recall, I proved that the mafia was more influential in Pudunk than in Havana, and that Victorian London had ten times as many prostitutes as pre-revolutionary Havana did.

Vana said...

I read of this the first time on Killcastro and was very happy indeed to see what Spain in it's own way was trying to do for our brethen, I think it is a way of freeing them from the prison Island, once you prove your Spanish ancestry, well than there is nothing the robolution can do to keep them there, I wish it was as easy to prove mine since my grandparents are all dead, and never left Cuba

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Your parents' birth certificates will note the fact that their own parents were born in Spain ("naturales de España.") Your parents will also remember a great deal about your parents' origins and history. Your grandparents don't have to be alive for your parent or you to claim Spanish citizenship based on theirs. It is really very easy to establish a claim for Spanish citizenship.

The Spaniards did not devise this dispensation exclusively for Cubans. Anyone with a Spanish grandparent qualifies. Of course, Cubans happen to be in an especially advantageous position in regards to this law for the reasons I have already explained.