Monday, October 15, 2007

Spaniards in Solidarity With Cuba

Contrary to the expectations of Hispanophobes, the "solidarity" announced in the logo of the Solidaridad con Cuba blog is from young Spaniards for a free and democratic Cuba:

We are a group of young Spaniards who endeavor to show our solidarity with democratic Cubans and their families. Spaniards have cultural and historical ties to Cuba. That sister nation suffers from the worst dictatorship in Hispanic-America. For 46 years [in 2005] Cubans have been victimized by a regime that does not allow them to realize their potential as human beings, and which besides denying them their political rights has also immersed them in economic and moral misery. Dissidents who fight within Cuba for peaceful change find themselves in an especially precarious situation, since in addition to the hardships faced by all Cubans they must also contend with persecution and reprisals at the hands of the government, which often takes the form of being denied employment by the State. Worse still is the predicament of nearly 300 political prisoners and their families, who often live in extreme poverty, denied the presence of their loved ones and forced to travel long distances to see them.

The vast majority of Cubans find themselves in a difficult situation and anything that can be done to help them is a positive contribution. We think that these democrats and their families, who are often forgotten, are most deserving and needful of our solidarity, which, at the same time, will contribute to peaceful democratic change and progress in Cuba.

Ricardo Carreras Lario

Juan Fauquier Pina de Morais

Let's see how many BUCLers will link to this blog:


Charlie Bravo said...

That's the Spain they don't see, Manuel, just because they do not want to see it.
They instead, look at the Spain of Zapatero as the only representation of Spain, as if Zapatero was bestowed with omnipotent powers. His gang will be leaving office shortly, and for good.

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