Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Castro's Peon Wants to Rewrite U.S. Laws to Favor the Purposes of Tyranny

Rafael Izquierdo is getting a civics lesson from those two great constitutionalists, Ira Kurzban and Magda Montiel-Davis, his Fidel-appointed lawyers. In his name they are now seeking to overturn a state law mandating that in custody cases the child's best interests be held uppermost, contending, instead, that the parent's right to his human chattel be the sole basis for determining custody.

Quite a little man is Rafael Izquierdo. Why he's been in this country less than a year en passant and he's already challenging in court the constitutionality of American laws!

Try doing that in Cuba, guajiro de mi tierra, and see what it gets you. My guess is 15 years. Yes, try it in Cuba, the country where you intend to return your long-suffering daughter that she might suffer even more. And they call you a marginal father? I guess that to reach "unmarginality" one must actually kill a child in front of the judge, well, this judge anyway.

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Vana said...

Yeah try it in Cuba, see where it gets you, over there you have no rights, your children belong to the State