Saturday, October 27, 2007

Anyone Leary of Jimmy Carter's "Leary UFO?"

President Jimmy Carter reported that he saw a UFO above Leary, Ga., in 1969. He filed a report about the sighting to the International UFO Bureau and the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena in 1973 [click on picture to view actual report].

If this had been known in 1976, Jimmy Carter would not have been elected president.

Today, it helps to explain everything.


This is one of our Jimmy Carter filler posts, which we insert when we are going to proceed from a light to a serious subject. Expect a very serious post forthcoming.


Charlie Bravo said...

Was that before or after of the killer rabbit attack?

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Much before the killer rabbit, which was a real rabbit. This was not a real flying saucer.

Charlie Bravo said...

Ok, just getting the story-line straight!

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I don't know why they've always called it the "killer rabbit." Seems to me the rabid rabbit sounds much better.

Vana said...

Well, well now I heard it all

Ms. Calabaza said...

Jimmy Carter is an enigma to me. I can't understand how a man with his background in the Navy could a) be such a moron or; b) be so traitorous to this country.

Believe it or not, the UFO incident is the least of my concerns. Although, I have not had any contact lately with extra-terrestrial phenomena - various well-educated and intelligent people claim to have had contact. So,who am I to say?

I find your blog to be very informative and you've made me look up some history lately! Mr. Tellechea you are one amazing writer and quite a historian... I plan to keep reading.

Charlie Bravo said...

Manuel, Carter himself called it the killed rabbit. Which tells us what kind of loony he is, calling a rabid -if that much- rabbit a killer rabbit!

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Ms. Calabaza:

Please accept my thanks for your kind and generous words and don't be a stranger to the Comments section. The pirate picture made me smile and there are few things in this life that still do.

Charlie Bravo said...

Carter is not alone:

Presidential Candidate Describes UFO Sighting
Mark Silva, Sun reporter

October 31, 2007, 4:56 PM PDT

Presidential Candidate Describes UFO Sighting A faithful reader of The Swamp found some irony and amusement in two headlines that appeared here yesterday: "Kucinich calls Bush's mental health into question'' and "Kucinich: 'I did' see a UFO.''

Kucinch, a congressman from Ohio, was asked during last night's debate of the Democratic candidates for president if he had seen a UFO.

The "serious" question was prompted by actress Shirley MacLaine's new book, in which she writes that Kucinich had spotted a UFO over her home in Washington state and "found the encounter extremely moving... It was a triangular craft silent and hovering,'' she wrote, and Kucinich "felt a connection'' in his heart and "heard direction'' in his mind.

"I did,''' Kucinich said to the question of whether he had seen a UFO.

As for "the rest of the account,'' he said, "I didn't.

"It's unidentified. I saw something,'' he said. "Also, you have to keep in mind that more -- that Jimmy Carter saw a UFO -- and also that more people in this country have seen UFOs than, I think, approve of George Bush's presidency.''

Moderator Tim Russert reminded the candidate that polls show just 14 percent of Americans say they have seen UFOs -- (about half the number that approve of the president's job approval in most recent polling.)

Earlier in the day, Kucinich had told the editors of the Philadelphia Inquirer that Bush's recent comments about World War III -- that those who are interested in averting it also should be interested in keeping nuclear weapons out of Iran -- call his mental health into question.

You cannot be a president of the United States who's wanton in his expression of violence," Kucinich said. "There's a lot of people who need care. He might be one of them. If there isn't something wrong with him, then there's something wrong with us. This, to me, is a very serious question."