Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Communist Party in a Post-Castro Cuba

The question has arisen in various quarters as to whether the Communist Party should have a presence in a post-Castro Cuba. There will be no Communist Party in a democratic Cuba because no one in Cuba believes in Communism, least of all those responsible for it. What must not be allowed is a neo-Castroite party, which need not necessarily be a Communist party. Denazification was accomplished in Germany only by the systematic suppression of the Hitler cult, which was achieved by aggressively punishing those who would revive it. The same must be done in Cuba. No posthumous cult of personality can or should be allowed. Every last vestige of the regime must be eradicated. 50 years of national tragedy is enough.


Vana said...

We must eradicate it as the Nazis were, no more Communism, no more cult to personality of the Castroite system, we must never allow it again, Never Again!

joep said...

There is a statue of el sumo hijo de puta on the outskirts of Cienfuegos that I would personally love to dynamite and volunteer to remove as part of the eradication of the cult of kasstro.

Charlie Bravo said...

And let's not forget that relief over which raul the queen of mean spoke in Camaguey.... Plus the big head of Lenin in the park of the same name....

Fantomas said...

Se llamaran socialistas Manny, eso es todo

ejemplo Hugo Chavez
y recuerda toda esa eradicacion de que hablan tiene que tener el beneplacito de la poblacion cubana

estaran dispuestos ellos to take to lead to destroy al communistic signs

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Do you seriously believe that there is any Cuban living today that would defend the monuments of Communism once they cease to wear its chains?

No monument, symbolic or otherwise, which Communism raised to itself in Cuba shall survive the fall of Communism.

When Communism imploded in the former Soviet Union, there were still millions of true believers, and it was in deference to their prejudices that while the system which Lenin created was gutted his mausoleum in Red Square was not.

In contrast to the USSR, there are no true believers among the masses in Cuba. Lenin's crimes were concealed from the Russian people or blamed on Stalin and others and his rule was brief in years. Castro nearly 50-year reign and all its usurpations are too fresh in the minds of Cubans to inspire anything but disdain. Perhaps 20 years from Castro's death, when a generation has grown without knowing firsthand his predations, you may have something like the skinheads appear in Cuba. I should think they will be wearing beards and "Che" gear. But, of course, this will be more about generational angst than politics, and at some point they will tire of the abuse and derision and grow up.

jose said...

you write:
"In contrast to the USSR, there are no true believers among the masses in Cuba"

Dude, I wish what you were saying is true, but FAR from it. I mean have you been to cuba in the past 20 years?

You are speaking out your A#@ss..
If you go there and speak to regular Cubans you'll realize that there are still many Cubans, who believe the lies of the regime. . They will continue b/c common Cubans see the world through Marxist glasses... you cannot change this socialization, if you think you can, you are a fool.