Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Last Quackeries of a Lame Duck President

If you are interested in a dissection of Bush's speech yesterday on Cuba, Charlie Bravo has provided an excellent one at Killcastro and Henry Gómez an absolutely appalling one at Babalú. Take your pick.

As for me, I refuse to comment on the last quackeries of a lame duck president who has done nothing in the course of 7 years to advance the cause of Cuban freedom, and, by enforcing the "Wet Foot/Dry Foot" policy longer even than Clinton, turned back the clock on the Civil War and turned this country again into a slaver and scourge of men.

Let him be forgotten; or, rather, remembered as the worst president in this country's history, excepting JFK and Carter.


Charlie Bravo said...

Quackeries of a Lame Duck.... that's a powerful image Manuel, and a great title for a book on Bushisms.
The last one I heard was "my ask" in lieu of "my question". For a native speaker, he doesn't fare too well.... I am just wondering what the rate of his reading and comprehension is....

Vana said...

Still with the same rethoric, tighten the Cuban people more, I don't see how this will help those in the Island, there is no hope for them or us Manuel.