Thursday, October 25, 2007

Notable & Quotable: When Popularity Supplants Humanity

"There have always been people willing to trade their best level as performers for their lowest level as human beings." — Alex of Stuck on the Palmetto, from "A Bigot Finds her Ratings," October 25, 2007.

I wonder if Alex was thinking of Rick.

Rick is no different from Fort Lauderdale radio show host Joyce Kaufman, the real subject of Alex's post. Both are after the ratings. An increase in listeners translates into more dollars for Kaufman. An increase in visitors to his blog translates into a bigger ego for Rick. At least Kaufman gets something tangible for selling her soul to the xenophobes. Rick is satisfied with a vigorous rubbing to his ego.

Alex forgets to mention that the bigotted Kaufman is herself Hispanic. Her mother is Puerto Rican. At least Rick hates outside of his ethnic group.

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