Friday, October 5, 2007

Judge Cohen: The Little Girl Is Lying

Children lie, but Magda Montiel-Davis never lies. Nor does she fabricate evidence. Nor suborn perjury. Nor obstruct justice. Her own client and friendly witnesses may attest otherwise, an innocent child also, but Judge Jeri B. Cohen will believe none of it. Not even the forged letters from Izquierdo to his daughter, nor the photographs which he falsely claimed that he requested and received from the mother while in Cuba, both of which it has been established originated with Montiel-Davis, are sufficient to shake Cohen's boundless faith in her friend's integrity. Not even the words of a child are sufficient for her. She prefers to believe a child is lying than credit her words or the only incontrovertible evidence presented in her courtroom — not a shread of evidence that Rafael Izquierdo is a fit father or any kind of father at all, not even a "marginal one," but reams of evidence that Magda Montiel-Davis and her husband Ira Kurzban have broken every law that can be broken in a courtroom from suborning perjury to fabricating evidence, from contempt of court to obstruction of justice.

The latest allegation of wrongdoing against Montiel-Davis was made by Elenita herself. She confided to one of her therapists that her birth father and his common-law wife had told her to say that she wanted to return to Cuba while Montiel-Davis videotaped this odd little family circle. The girl told her therapist that she had made a "mistake" when she complied. Only a helpless child and one who was telling the truth would blame herself for submitting to coercion which she was powerless to resist. The Miami Herald incorrectly reported that it was the Cubases who first brought this matter to the judge's attention. In fact, it was her therapist who testified in court as to what the child had told him.

Judge Cohen, again ignoring the evidence in order to exculpate Montiel-Davis, said she "believes the girl may well have told a story about being forced to speak in front of a camera," but, she added, "I don't believe it happened."

In other words, she believes the child lied. And not only the child but her court-appointed therapist as well. She admits only the possibility that the child "may well have told the story." Of course, by the same token, she might well not have told it either.

Of course, in order to grant custody to the father and return her to Cuba, Judge Cohen must disregard every single word which the girl has uttered and believe every lie that Rafael Izquierdo, who has even less autonomy than Elenita and is kept on a shorter leash by his handlers, tells her. Her courtroom is a vast "Punch and Judy Show" except that it is the adults who are the marionettes and Fidel Castro the puppet master.


Charlie Bravo said...

That's the only relevance that lasts of what fidel castro was. He's just now a puppetmaster by proxy. With the help of his friends, and the complicity of a vast amount of silent cowards, fidel castro's got to have yet another child sacrificed to boost his ego. A death bed wish that his devoted adorers cannot denied to him, it's the life of a child.
Again, and I say it one more time, what I find the most shameful is the silence and the reluctancy of those who can speak against this conclave of evil and witchcraft to do so. But wait and see, how all those silent cowards will rise and celebrate the death of castro, and what is really worse, they will reclaim credit where there is none owed, or even worst, they will think that a piece of the future of a free Cuba is due to them to take ownership of it.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


It is remarkable that there are Cuban bloggers to will pay (yes, pay) to save Sting's soul but won't say one word to save Elenita's life.

Charlie Bravo said...

yes, it's remarkably sad Manuel....
Their silence is very oppressive, and a few words of support would make a whole world of difference, since they will awaken the consciences of many who can really help in the legal field.
I wonder where are all those ball players whom Joe Cubas helped become millionaires in this country, whom Joe Cubas helped to be with their children, natural or adopted. I haven't heard a peep from them, either. Maybe they are supporting him privately, but I wish one of them put a billboard, or paid for TV airtime, or a full page in the newspapers.
What can I tell you. I wish I was a lawyer, or my word had a most powerful ring.

Vana said...

Judge Cohen is like a horse with blinders on where Cubans are concerned, children don't lie, they wouldn't know how! this racist judge will believe what she wants to believe, as long as she can send a Cuban back to Cuba, it does not matter to her if it's a child, a child in dire need of protection, who will end up in the clutches of the regime, to be turnrd into just another zombie.

I too find it shameful that other bloggers are not reporting on this issue, and stand behind a fellow Cuban, a little Cuban girl who needs us.

clarita said...

I want someone to please explain - excuse my ignorance - what option did the judge have? Notwithstanding the fact that castro's hand was behind all this, what could the judget do with this little girl...give her to Mr. & Mrs. Cubas, back to the disturbed mom, or into the welfare system? The way I see it, at least the child is still here in the United States - for 2 years! - seeing her brother, mother, father, the Cubas family...and in 2 years many things can happen; if we pray hard enough may fidel and all his camarilla will die, be destroyed, or flee the island. I don't know but - again excuse my ignorance - I think Judge Cohen's decision to keep the child in the U.S. for 2 years was "Solomonic" (??)!!!