Friday, October 26, 2007

Fierce and Fiery Me

From The Not Silent blog:

Belated thanks to Manuel Tellechea

Manuel is a fierce and fiery Cuban-American blogger who isn't afraid to tell it like he sees it, no matter who he's talking about. His blog has alienated some elements of we the exile community, but I as a Libertarian truly appreciate his concern first and foremost with the will of the Cuban people still stranded on the island.

It was with surprise that I realized that he wrote up my post on Joe Cubas from a few weeks ago and gave me some nice props. That was cool, especially since I mostly blog to get my music to people. But I had to rant about that one issue.

Gracias, Mr. T.
Posted by Julio Rey at 12:55 PM, October 25, 2007

Thank-you, Julio. "Honrar, honra," as Baltasar Gracián said (Martí was quoting him).

I am "fierce and fiery" with the enemies of our country and those who serve their interests, knowingly or not; but kind and gentle with Castro's victims, especially the youngest among them. Yes, that is me. And, although, as Julio Rey correctly says in his thank-you note, my "blog has alienated some elements of the exile community," I don't aim to be everybody's darling: the fact that they are wrong and I am right is enough for me.

I invite you visit Julio Rey's blog, especially if music is any part of your life. Julio is one of the few Cuban bloggers to have defended Elenita and deserves everybody's thanks for it.


Julio Rey said...

Thanks again, bro'.

Vana said...

True words has Julio spoken, you deserve all the praise that comes at you Manuel, everything he said about you is true