Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Steve Klotz: A True Friend of the Cuban People

My good friend and fellow blogger Steve Klotz, with whom I share a repugnance of censorship and a tolerant view of the Universe (more or less), has seen fit to honor the Review of Cuban-American Blogs and its editor with a post. I am honored by his generosity, of which, sadly, there can be no reciprocation owing to the rather restricted subject matter of this blog. However, if Steve converts to Cuban I shall certainly feature him, for he has always been a steadfast defender of the Cuban people's right to freedom.

I ask you all to visit Steve's blog.

In fact, I insist upon it:



Charlie Bravo said...

That's one of the blogs I visit every so often when I read yours....
I like his sharpness and wit!

Steve ("Klotz" As In "Blood") said...

My turn to thank you, Manny! Say -- I had beans and rice for dinner last night (leftover for lunch today) -- am I on my way to conversion? Or merely flatulence?

Thanks again. And thank you, too, Charlie.