Sunday, July 20, 2008

Henry Catches Fire in Australia

Henry would go to the very ends of the English-speaking world through the miracle of radio to spread the bad word about Castro. Whether Jamaica, Zambia, Australia, Tutsi-land or Hoochie-Land, hell, even darkest Canada, he is always on call for a chat. I regard this as a point in his favor. It is certainly a more judicious expenditure of his time and polemical energies than is the Babalu [Faux] Radio [90-Minute] "Hour" with its 8 listeners, half of whom can't actually hear the broadcast. Presumably even the Australian desert has a wider audience.

Speaking of which, Henry appeared tonight on an Australian radio show whose complete title (which Henry did not give) is: Sunday Night Safran: Politics, Religion and Hoochies. The show is actually aimed at young people and is much more mature and less vulgar than would be one with a similar demographic on U.S. airwaves. Still, it's not exactly La edad de oro. John Safran himself is a conservative by Australian standards and very personable as most Australians are. Safran's sidekick is the exception. Father Bob MacGuire, who, according to the show's own webpage, "rambles on in a frenetic and loopy manner as a regular guest on SN," is in his 80s and pretty much addlebrained, a condition which may have nothing to do with his age. He's known as the "Bruce Ritter of Australia," or, at least, he was once known as that before Father Bruce was caught anointing street waifs in places he shouldn't have.

The first thing that we learned from listening to Sunday Night Safran was that Henry had not just been invited out of the blue but pressed for an invitation to the show. How such a cosmic confluence came about I hardly know. I imagine Henry listening on a shortwave radio all night to programs from exotic locales hoping to hear "Cuba" mentioned. He apparently stumbled on Safran's show last week when the guest was the president of the Australia-Cuba Friendship Society, which would have been more aptly named the "Australian Communist Party (A.C.P)-Fidel Castro Friendship Society." Henry reproduces today on Babalú comments from Safran's Guest Book generated by her appearance on the show which prove that Aussies are smarter about Cuba than Henry gave them credit for (at least those who are not academics).

While listening to Henry's rebuttal of the previous week's Cuba "expert" I reflexively made a list in my mind of possible objections to Henry's comments, but soon it became apparent that Henry was making sense on a rather sustained basis while his hosts sounded as if a Martian had dropped in their midst. Their intonation of "Miami Cuban" had just that inflection. My overall impression is that he acquitted himself well on the show. I must admit that I did kind of chuckle when he announced that his life's ambition was to resurrect the art of commercial advertising in Cuba. Really, I don't think you are going to need it in a free Cuba, at least for the first decade or so, because Cubans won't have to be persuaded to buy anything. But it is a harmless dream and Henry is welcome to it.

After Henry had done his segment and an awful Australian rap song was played (yes, it's everywhere), Father Bob remarked that "the bloke [meaning Henry] was a fascist." Safran rightly took him to task for not calling him that to his face (or eardrum) and asked him how he knew that for a fact. "The catch phrase 'Christ the King' [uttered by Cubans as they faced the firing squad] is a dead give-away for poor blokes in the Church like me because that's the catch phrase that declares that a person tends to be on the side of imperialism," which Father Bob declared to be synonymous with "fascism."

Henry has been invited back for next week's show to rebut the charge that he's a "fascist." If he plays his cards right he might just get a regular gig on the show, as did Father Bob who, before he was asked to co-host the show, was a regular caller.


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Canguro cubano en Australia said...

Bloody Henry , mate

nonee moose said...

Someone is paying Henry "Crocodile Dumb-dee-dum" some well-begged-for attention.

And a fairly worthy message drowns in self-applause.

Cruel, cruel ambivalence.

Anonymous said...

Those who can, do; those who can't, review.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Sometimes you have to feed them. They won't work unless you feed them.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

"Those who can, do; those who can't, review. -- anonymous babalunian

I guess Martí didn't accomplish anything because he reviewed everything.


Vana said...

So the priest called Henry a was not far from the truth, not so addlebrained I would say.

Anonymous said...

A Monday Maieutic
Fulgencio Batista's heavy handed, repressive and despotic rule - coupled with his regime's widespread corruption -led directly to the rise of fidel castro.

αληθινός ή ψεύτικος?

Posted by Val Prieto at 08:26 AM | Permanent Link to this Post | Habla (6)

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


You already copied that on the previous thread.

Here is my reply again:

To steal the "Batista thunder" you must have someone to defend Batista and there is no one qualified to do that at Babalú unless they can draft Professor de la Cova.

Anonymous said...

The Greek is Greek to me.

serafin el carnicero said...

Buenos Dias.

It looks like the babaloonies were here over the weekend, reading and taking notes from the previous tread.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

It means "True or False."

serafin el carnicero said...

Goerge said:

"Batista is directly responsible for castro's fate; castro is directly responsible for what Cuba is today. The connection is irrefutable."

"Batista's cowardice -- and that of his administration -- and his self-interest doomed Cuba. It's as simple as that."

Damn ... me and George agree on something..........

Anonymous said...

Is George Cuban ?

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


The Babalunians live on this blog.

They used to attack Batista for being a "despot" (which he never was) and they attack him now for not being a despot (which they think he should have been to dispose of Castro).

Anonymous said...


Cual se cree mas importante Henry o George?

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


The fact that you agree with George must mean that you are wrong.

That's the litmus test.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Hard to choose between Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

Henry and Moneo in Australia said...

Saved by the Bell Moneo bites Henry in defense of 65 year old lady

Kangaroo Henry attacks a woman in Australia

Una mujer anciana fue atacada por un canguro grande llamado Henry en una granja de Australia y tuvo suerte de conservar la vida gracias a que el perro poodle( Moneo) saltó en su ayuda, dijo el sábado su hijo.

El canguro de dos metros de altura embistió el viernes sin advertencia alguna a Rosemary Neal, de 65 años, cuando ella se dirigía a revisar algunos caballos en su propiedad cercana a Mudgee, ubicada 265 kilómetros (160 millas) al noroeste de Sydney, señaló su hijo Darren Neal.

"El canguro saltó hacia ella. La golpeó una vez y ella cayó y rodó. Mi poodle Moneo la escuchó gritar y salió y lo persiguió", agregó.

"Si no hubiera sido por el poodle Moneo , ella probablemente hubiera muerto", enfatizó el hijo.

Rosemary Neal fue hospitalizada con un contusión y cortada profundas en la cara, manos y espalda, señaló.

Los canguros están por toda Australia y existen docenas de especies, desde pequeños canguros rata de 500 gramos de peso, a canguros rojos de hasta más de 90 kilogramos.

La mayoría de las especies no son consideradas agresivas hacia los humanos, y los ataques son extremadamente raros.

Darren Neal dijo que es común ver en su granja una gran cantidad de canguros y que su madre considera sin importancia caminar entre ellos; normalmente se apartan saltando.

Angel Garzón said...

It is curiously interesting to note that as of now, not one of the commentators on the thread "A Monday Maieutic" at Babalu has bothered to mention the main culprit in facilitating, directly and indirectly, the rise of fidel castro to power in 1959, castro himself did not believe what he had been told was taking place in Havana from the wee hours of January 1st, 1959 and thought it a ruse, just as his idol Stalin refused to believe that Hitler's army, Waffen SS and troops from other European allies of the Axis had begun a massive offensive known as "Operation Barbarossa" against the USSR in June of 1941, it is no accident that the Caribbean megalomaniac cautiously proceeded towards the capital at a snails pace, while he ordered some of his subordinates to precede him in that endeavor. Does anyone here care to state the obvious? What facilitator am I referring to? Why is it not mentioned at the "democratic" Babalu blog?

BTW, while we are on a subject related to the Babalunians, to this date no one has answered my query of July 8, 2008 @6:57 PM, in the thread titled: "Tio Val Cuenta Cuentos (Uncle Val's Tales.)" In case your memories require a refresh, I began my comment as follows:

"Val's fictitious "Cuban kid" story is nothing more than a preamble to his next move, c'mon tell me you've figured it out already, this poorly constructed fallacy decries Val's inability to be the "architect" of anything but what used to be a decent Blog,..."

Of course I could be wrong, but I believe it is possible that my comment stunted his next move and he may have chosen to proceed with caution, a more subtle approach towards the potential goal appears to have been employed, witness the cryptic request for "technical assistance" of Friday, July 18th which I reproduce as per the Fair Use Rules as it was originally posted:

"One more bleg

If anyone out there works at a local Miami area bank or has a good contact with someone that does, can you please email me? I need some technical assistance.


Posted by Val Prieto at 01:52 PM | Permanent Link to this Post | Habla (0)

Care to answer folks, have you discerned his cypher, are you in possession of the key, have you yet broken the code?

Anonymous said...

Angel Tellechea chill out man, take it easy

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Batista is to blame for the acts committed by Batista.

Castro is to blame for the acts committed by Castro.

Yet the fidelistas sin fidel at Babalú insist on blaming Batista for Fidel's deeds.

They certainly would never think to blame their parents or other fidelistas.

Anonymous said...


Maybe Henry can float Val a loan. He boasts at Herald Watch that he's making 10X what he did at his old job.

What are friends for?

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Maybe somebody at Babalú can redeem his "July 26th" bonds to help Val.

Anonymous said...

MAT, I find it strange that someone like you who has such a passionate and selfless love for Cuba, would go so far as to defend a dictator like Batista. In comparison to Castro he seems like an angel, but he did kill his opposition and his administration was rife with corruption. This is not hearsay or rumors, these are just facts that you are quite cognizant of. It seems odd that a person of your level of knowledge who is obviously a lover of freedom and justice would be so ready to forgive and forget the crimes committed by Batista and his henchmen.

Fantomas said...

Enjoy the ride; there is no return ticket

George Carlin on aging!
(Absolutely Brilliant)

George Carlin's Views on Aging

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'How old are you?' 'I'm four and a half!' You're never thirty-six and a half. You're four and a half, going on five! That's the key.

You get into your teens, now they can't hold you back. You jump to the next number, or even a few ahead.

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4. Enjoy the simple things.

5. Laugh often, long and loud. Laugh until you gasp for breath.

6. The tears happen. Endure, grieve, and move on. The only person, who is with us our entire life, is ourselves. Be ALIVE while you are alive.

7. Surround yourself with what you love, whether it's family, pets, keepsakes, music, plants, hobbies, whatever. Your home is your refuge.

8. Cherish your health: If it is good, preserve it. If it is unstable, improve it. If it is beyond what you can improve, get help.

9. Don't take guilt trips.. Take a trip to the mall, even to the next county; to a foreign country but NOT to where the guilt is.

10. Tell the people you love that you love them, at every opportunity.
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Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I do not believe in "messiah figures." Every leader will have both faults and virtues, strengths and weaknesses.

Batista, in the main, governed democratically and successfully. Never was Cuba more progressive or the Cuban people more prosperous than during his rule. Even when confronted by an armed insurrection he refused to govern as a despot in order to quell it. This may have been an error, but it certainly would not have been an error that Hitler, Stalin or Fidel himself would have committed.

Batista receives blame for his virtues and is also reproved for his faults.

Ironically, it was because the Cuban people saw in Castro virtues that he did not possess and were blind to his glaring faults that Cuba is where it is today.

Batista's legacy was the glory that was Cuba on December 31, 1958.

What will Castro's legacy be?

Now make your comparison.

Babalu Main Censor said...

A la verdad que hay que tener la cara bien dura para decir esto

Los 3 millones van

What I want to know is, who the hell elected the the New York Times, its editorial board and staff, - and, consequently, all other MSM vehicles that follow the NYT's lead - to represent anyone or anything? Who the hell gave them the power to think they speak on behalf of my best interests?

We simply cannot allow the usurption of our rights and the prostitution of the electoral system by the media.

Posted by Val Prieto at 01:56 PM | Permanent Link to this Post | Habla (3)

Anonymous said...

What I want to know is, who the hell elected Babalu , its editorial board and staff, and cadres - - to represent anyone or anything in the Cuban American Blogsphere ? Who the hell gave Babalu the power to think they speak on behalf of my best interests?

We simply cannot allow the usurption of our rights and the prostitution of a few sons and daughters of a few Miami rightwind intransigents

Anonymous said...

Manuel said:

"I do not believe in "messiah figures." Every leader will have both faults and virtues, strengths and weaknesses."

Can you tell us what Fidel Castro's virtues are, Manuel?

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Fidel never raped his mother or killed his brothers. These are biblical virtues.

Raúl, who killed his real father, is not as biblically virtuous.

Vana said...

I see Angel has set a riddle for us..mmm..I'll take a stab at it

You think that Val's fictitious kid story ties to begging for money? perhaps he will claim to bail the kid out or give him the $5,000 to pay the keep the money for himself, and this ploy will set up another and another and......

serafin el carnicero said...

You should contact Sunday Night Safran and "press for an invitation."

Anonymous said...

Manuel said:

"Fidel never raped his mother or killed his brothers. These are biblical virtues."

Wow, Manuel, I have to give you credit, you have found something good to say about Fidel Castro.

So should we also assume that since Fidel is a apparently heterosexual that we can count that as another biblical virtue he possesses?

Please, Manuel, tell us more about this virtuous Fidel we have all seemingly been missing.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Nor did Fidel lie with man as with woman.

Raúl fell short of that biblical virtue, too.

Anonymous said...

It is good to see, Manuel, that you are at least consistent. You can find virtue in Fidel, as well as Batista. Then again, if you are going to use the Bible as the ultimate judge of virtue, I guess every dictator that has ever existed (save Raul, by your comments) has some virtue.

Sounds eerily familiar to the Castro apologist arguments we hear how Cuba has free education and free health care. But far be it from me to question someone of your capacity and intellectual wherewithal. Even though it looks like you are praising a murderous dictator (Castro) in order to defend another less murderous dictator (Batista), I doubt that is your intention.

But just so you know, I may be aware of your true intent, but some of the others here, well... let's just say they may not be so sensible.

Anonymous said...

serafin el carnicero said...
You should contact Sunday Night Safran and "press for an invitation."

7/21/2008 7:10 PM

rumor has it: Henry is in negotiations with a radio show in New Guinea next. He is anxiously waiting for approval.

Vana said...

These Babalunians come in here to twist every word Manuel writes, obviously anon 7:59 PM is a Babalunian spy, they just love to hang out here, don't they?

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

anomymous at 7:59:

You sound eerily stupid.

I hope all the "virtues" that the Bible ascribes to Fidel may also be ascribed to you.

serafin el carnicero said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

ANO759 is an MF for sure.

Angel Garzón said...

I just finished listening to the recording of the "Sunday Night Safran..." Ausie program wherein Henry participated, he did rather well for someone who has never lived in Cuba and is truly a US citizen of Cuban ancestry, or as Manuel so eloquently expressed in another thread, someone "who has not worshipped at our temple" [of Cubanism]. If I were to be able to offer Henry any advice that would benefit not only him, but also the cause that he purports to be a member of, I'd suggest to him that he should mention to the host(s) of the program that he (Henry) is not an expert on all things Cuban, as that was the introduction given before he was formally welcomed to the program, additionally it would help to eliminate his usual "you know" expression, which for those of us who have lived our entire, if not most, of our years in the USA outside of Miami, it is known as stereotypically representative of ¨Hispanics¨ from low income areas whose educational levels are predominantly low, it is the equivalent of "ya 'now am sayin" of "gangsta" fame, as a college level A-C, Henry can and should strive to eliminate it from his jargon, I'm sure the Jesuits that taught him during his pre-collegiate days would be grateful. The last suggestion would address what becomes evident when he becomes emotional, there's plentiful help to learn to control it at first, and to eventually eliminate it, one of my wife's cousins experienced it when she was younger, I referred her to the appropriate help and it has not afflicted her for a quarter of a century.

Friends of Orbit said...

George Moneo wants to become a Greyhound now

Anonymous said...

all poodles dream of being greyhounds

comment deleted said...

This post has been removed by the author.

Anonymous said...

Manuel said:

"anomymous at 7:59:

You sound eerily stupid."

That's it, Manuel? That and a sophomoric taunt? What's next, may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits?

I would think that someone as articulate and erudite as yourself could have come up with an eloquent response. I have to say that after reading much of your work here and seeing how much time and energy you pour into it, I am somewhat disappointed. Not even the much maligned Fantomas and his mercurial commentary gets such short shrift from you.

Call me an eternal optimist, but I refuse to believe you have no other argument than to call me "stupid."

Don't hold out on us, Manuel. You have a reputation to uphold.

Anonymous said...

Manuel, it's obvious you prefer a Caudillo-light for Cuba, and nothing will change that. Your enthusiastic taking of the mantle of apologist and PR flack for Fulgencio Batista is, in light of what we know, inexplicable and immoral, to say the least. Maybe it was due to the fact that your grandfather was a member of his illegal and corrupt administration and you were fed nothing but pablum and lies about him. How else to explain how a man born in 1960 can spread these lies. Your most insulting line that resonated with me (and I hope with others) is this:

"Batista's legacy was the glory that was Cuba on December 31, 1958."

So it was only Batista that should be credited with what Cuba was before Castro destroyed it? Only Batista? He was the only one who made Cuba what it was at its apex? Sir, with that statement, you have insulted every single Cuban who worked in Cuba, who built its businesses, those who fought for a return to the Constitution of 1940 after Batista's coup. With your statement you have diminished all the work and effort of millions of Cubans and have diminished the blood spilled before the revolution in fighting what any reasonable man or woman can only define as a tyrant. What else can you call someone who takes over a government the way Batista did in 1952? Then again you and your family probably profited, along with Batista, so the blood he spilled means nothing to you.

You are a hypocrite and a disgrace to Cuba and to Cubans everywhere. You and your kind are the reason we have no country today. Your insulting statement should make every thinking person who reads this blog sick. I hope no one participates in this charade disguised as Cuban patriotism any longer.

Anonymous said...


You should adopt Orbit the greyhound.

serafin el carnicero said...

Mat, te estan tirando duro

defiendete ....

Anonymous said...

Bitongo ahora dice que Obama es terrorista de Palestina. Hasta donde llega su infantilismo. Stick to Greyhounds mate

Obama to have terrorist guards?
From WorldNet Daily:

JERUSALEM – Members of the most active West Bank terror organization are set to serve in security forces being deployed to protect Sen. Barack Obama during his trip to the West Bank tomorrow, WND has learned.
Obama is due to visit Israeli officials in Jerusalem and leaders of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank city of Ramallah as part of a wider Middle Eastern and European tour that includes Jordan, France and Germany.

According to security officials coordinating deployments of forces with the PA for Obama's Ramallah visit, members of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, Fatah's declared military wing, have been called upon by the PA to participate in the protection of Obama, particularly in securing the perimeter during a scheduled meeting with PA President Mahmoud Abbas.

H/T: Aleph

Posted by Henry Louis Gomez at 10:05 PM | Permanent Link to this Post | Habla (0)

Anonymous said...

Vana said:

"These Babalunians come in here to twist every word Manuel writes, obviously anon 7:59 PM is a Babalunian spy, they just love to hang out here, don't they?"

Forgive me Vana, I did not mean to offend you, nor Manuel, I just asked for some clarification. Judging by your response and Manuel's, however, I see that it is acceptable to question anyone on this blog, except for its author.

Zulu warrior said...

El proximo programa de Henry Gomez sera desde Zimbawe

Inquirying mind said...

Do not overlook this remark by Val Prieto

Please discuss

A la verdad que hay que tener la cara bien dura para decir esto

Los 3 millones van

What I want to know is, who the hell elected the the New York Times, its editorial board and staff, - and, consequently, all other MSM vehicles that follow the NYT's lead - to represent anyone or anything? Who the hell gave them the power to think they speak on behalf of my best interests?

We simply cannot allow the usurption of our rights and the prostitution of the electoral system by the media.

Posted by Val Prieto at 01:56 PM | Permanent Link to this Post | Habla (3)

7/21/2008 3:54 PM

serafin el carnicero said...

Estos son los perros de Val. Los utiliza para cuidar su campamento.

Lo que pasa con Orbit es que le metieron 2 o 3 cocasos por la cabeza y el pobre esta un poco entretenido

Anonymous said...

Obama should pick Bill Clinton or Al Gore for VP

Anonymous said...

If Hillary is elected VP that will be a TKO to MCain in the 1st round

Faster than Gamboa's

Anonymous said...

Quienes son los perros de Val


Anonymous said...

Where is the F man. I miss him already

serafin el carnicero said...

"Judging by your response and Manuel's, however, I see that it is acceptable to question anyone on this blog, except for its author."


You can question anyone including the author -- But, when it comes to Batista Mat nunca dara su brazo a torcer.

Anonymous said...

Manuel Garzon= Batista lover

serafin el carnicero said...


que piensas de las carreras de perros ?

Anonymous said...


My prediction... Giuliani...

Anonymous said...

Henry is a regular at the Flager Greyhound facility off 36th AVe

He usually goes and bet 10 cents superfectas

Dog beauty video for Vana said...

Anonymous said...

anonymous 10:29

how do you know Manuel was born in 1960?

Anonymous said...

If Manuel was born in 1960 he does not know Batista or the Cuban revolution


Anonymous said...

oops sorry should be 1860

Los alamitos 1980 said...

serafin el carnicero said...

"You are a hypocrite and a disgrace to Cuba and to Cubans everywhere."

You are in the wrong blog-- go and post this at blablablu ...

But wait ... you can't la republica comunista de blablablu will immediately banned you ...


Anonymous said...


I know I can question anyone. What I cannot do is make them answer. Other than an insult, all I got was a proclamation that Fidel is virtuous according to the Bible. And now with this new Virtue Scoring System being used by Manuel, we're going to have to throw in the virtuous Che and the virtuous Ramiro Valdez, and the multitude of other virtuous thugs throughout the bloody history of the Cuban revolution into the group. Hell, this same scoring system can even be used to score the murderous revolution itself as virtuous.

But I digress. My comments involved Batista and as you have so correctly surmised, it is a subject Manuel prefers not to debate.

I think he should take your advice and keep both his arms behind his back on this one.

Maybe one of you guys can help him out and try to get a discussion going on flag desecration. That's a place he's more comfortable at.

serafin el carnicero said...


are you going to the 3 million hit party.....

Anonymous said...

Los 3 millones van

Featuring act from Cuba

Los Banned Banned

Saturday July 26

Kendall , USA

Anonymous said...

Fantomas is resting tonite. He does not have a new post on his blog today

Anonymous said...

This blog is quickly becoming





Fantomas said...

Hola, I see you are using my name in vain again

Cual es el tema hoy

I got some breaking news

serafin el carnicero said...

"Hola, I see you are using my name in vain again"

Ha ha ha ...

you are here 24/7 ....

Fantomas said...

I wish I could Serafin

But I got some responsibilities , You know

Fantomas said...

Breaking NEWS


suspendió a un grupo anticastrista de Miami que gastó por lo menos $11,000 en fondos federales en artículos personales.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

anonymous @ 7:59:

I am sorry that I cannot supply the deficiencies of your intellect. Your knowledge of Cuba will now and ever be informed by your hatred for the Cuban people. You may still be of interest to to the Balanunians but you long ago ceased to be of any interest to me. I will not engage you here or on your blog.

And I reiterate: I am not so sure that you share even Castro's biblical "virtues."

Anonymous said...

Fantomas has breaking news
Quiet children, everyone sit down.
Now, Fanto you have everyone's attention: What is the breaking news

Vana said...

Anon: 11:pm

The reason I said that is because when Manuel called Fidel virtuous he was being sarcastic, you need to know him to realize that.

Anonymous said...

Manuel is 48 years old? How can that be?

Manny, please confirm or deny.

serafin el carnicero said...


Te invitaron a la fiesta ? Val necesita a alguien que se suba en la mata de aguacate y deje caer la bola de cristal "a la time square" para selebrar las 3 millones.

Fantomas said...

dejen el relajito ya

Vana said...


Son inhumanas, no por las carreras, pero cuando a un perro lo corren varias veces y no gana lo matan en algunas ocasiones cruelmente, igual a los caballos.

serafin el carnicero said...

"Manuel is 48 years old? How can that be?"

I don't think so .... la sabiduria de manuel no pudo ser adquirida en 48 años ..... maybe 100 or 120 ..

Anonymous said...

Vana te invito a una pelea de gallos.

Fantomas said...

Son inhumanas, no por las carreras, pero cuando a un perro lo corren varias veces y no gana lo matan en algunas ocasiones cruelmente, igual a los caballos.

Vana eso podra cierto en algunos casos pero no siempre. Existen muchos programas a traves de la nacion donde estos aninales son donados a instituciones, escuelas , zoologicos para su vida de " retiro"

Claro que los campeones y los que ganan tendran mejor vida eso es obvio. Como todo en la vida asi pasa con los humanos.

El que tiene dinero pasea , disfruta y vive mejor que el que no tiene nada

Anonymous said...

maybe manuel is methusela. maybe they named el ron matusalem after him.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been around here too long, but I have been around long enough to know that the commenters here like to steal each other's monikers. Judging by what I have just read from someone posing as Manuel, I know that this response did not come from the man himself.

Manuel Tellechea is a lover of liberty and freedom of expression. He is a fierce warrior on the battlefield of ideas. The real Manuel would never resort to insults and disparaging accusations. The real Manuel relishes any challenge and uses his superior skills of articulation to gently lead the lost back into the light of truth.

This impostor, charading as the real Manuel, cannot be that man.

Bring me the real Manuel A. Tellechea. Bring me the man that does not need insults to argue his point. Bring me the man who believes in the free flow of ideas.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Irony or sarcasm will always fly over the heads of idiots. Such cannot counter an argument without devising a wrongheaded premise of their own and building an edifice of illogic upon it. Then they demand that you take their stupidity seriously and answer questions based on their misinterpretation of your meaning

The only answer for demagogues is to ignore them.

Anonymous said...

Bring me the head of Alfredo Garcia.

Anonymous said...

Vana said:

"Anon: 11:pm

The reason I said that is because when Manuel called Fidel virtuous he was being sarcastic, you need to know him to realize that."

Vana, I am starting to doubt if even that early comment came from the real Manuel. But even if he meant it to be sarcasm, his set up messed it up. He used the virtuous comment in his defense of Batista. I just extrapolated the same logic and applied it to another dictator.

Maybe Manuel fell asleep or went to see the new Batman movie afterward, because the responses coming from then on do not sound like Manuel. They are just insults, not arguments. Don't get me wrong, there is a time and a place for insults, but usually that time is when you don't have an argument.

The real Manuel always has a defensive argument.

Once again I call: Will the real Manuel A. Tellechea please stand up!

Anonymous said...

Don't be fooled, Vana. That's not the real Manuel. That's an impostor!

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

There is someone out there, as yet anonymous, who entertains the notion that I am St. Francis of Assisi, walking around in a cloud, blessing and anointing dumb animals. Such is not my mission in life.

serafin el carnicero said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

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sopa de mango
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Anonymous said...

Oh, and impostor Manuel, let me just say that I have read a lot of Manuel's work and I would say that it is brilliant, well thought out, flawlessly articulated, and correctly punctuated. I have yet, however, to find Manuel's work to be comedic.

He's just not that kind of guy. He is a serious man writing about serious subjects. Therefore, when you are posing as Manuel, don't try to be funny, that's not Manuel's style and it's a dead giveaway that you're not him.

Vana said...


I knew where you were coming from

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Or PayVal.

Anonymous said...

No one is funnier than Manuel. His sense of humor is the reason I keep coming back.

Anonymous said...

manuel funny? he's as funny as a soviet kommissar.

Anonymous said...

Los 3 millones van porque van

Vana said...

Oh yeah ever heard of 1986 Kentucky Derby winner Ferdinand? he was sent to stud in Japan, when he didn't produce winners they slaughtered him, probably ate him, at least here they retire Derby winners to pasture.

Anonymous said...

What is a Pay Val , Manuel


Anonymous said...

While I wait for the real Manuel, let's you and I discuss something, Impostor Manuel:

"You may still be of interest to to the Balanunians but you long ago ceased to be of any interest to me. I will not engage you here or on your blog."

Do you know what Manuel would do to you if he caught you using such babaloonian threats on his blog?

Vana said...

Those who do not realize how funny Manuel can be don't read between the lines, his mordant sense of humor is priceless, many a times he has left me crying from laughing so hard.

Fantomas said...

Vana por favor , has hablado con los dueños de Ferdinad in Japon

No hables sin saber , if the animal was destroyed they must have had a reason for doing it

Maybe it was the most humane thing to do

Anonymous said...

You're playing with fire, Impostor Manuel!

serafin el carnicero said...


Manuel is probably tired and fatigued from debating the batista issue .... we argued all day yesterday .... now he is pleading No Contest ....

Manuel, for now this will be my last comment regarding this issue

When it comes to Batista you think/write/sound like a


e dicho ......

Fantomas said...

Perdoname Vana pero te confundes de nuevo

Manuel does NOT have any sense of Humor

Ni siquiera de Black Humor

por favore

serafin el carnicero said...

Manuel is soooo funny.. He will be the comedian at Val's party ...

imagine this ... fantomas trepao en la mata de aguacate y Mat doing stand-up comedy ....

Anonymous said...

You must be right, Serafin, he must be tired. Defending a dictator can take a lot out of you, you know.

Let's just let him get some rest tonight and tomorrow we can go back to talking about flag desecration to give him a break.

Anonymous said...

Tu diras en la mata de mango

Anonymous said...

Entertainment for Val's party

Fantomas - emcee y karaoke

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Attire: K-Mart Jeans y t-shirt de babalu a $50 - cash only a Val. Caballeros hay que pagar la cocina

Anonymous said...

Moneo= Flag Desecrater

Anonymous said...


I'm glad you are here"

what about fantomas? Are you glad he is here ?

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Have I issued any threats?

Quote verse and page.

NY, NY gay escort said...

Is Alex Hernandez invited to the party?

Anonymous said...

Fantomas is the life and blod of this blog

Anonymous said...

"Entertainment for Val's party"


you mean el poodle george vs. Orbit the greyhound ?

I'm in $20.00 on the poodle.

pedro el panadero said...

"Is Alex Hernandez invited to the party?"

Si, siempre se necesita un pallazo para entretener a los niños.

Anonymous said...

You know, Imposter Manuel, the real Manuel wouldn't be asking such questions. He would have a response formulated and posted quicker than you can say "flag desecration."

The real Manuel would never refuse to engage in conversation with someone just because they disagree with them, like they do at Babalu. You, the Impostor Manuel, though, have not yet learned how to mimic your subject that well.

Get some practice and come back. I will help you practice.

Anonymous said...

"I'm in $20 on the poodle" -


pedro el panadero said...

Don't EVER say anything like that again. Have I made myself perfectly clear?

Have you got that clear?

Vana said...

There are differences between dictators, Batista may not have been elected in his last coup, but I would live under his "dictatorship" again, say what you will Batista unlike Castro was never a tyrant, I think we have exausted this topic already.

rin tin tin said...

you got it pal , 20 on Orbit

Pay val

Vana said...

Anons please give youselves a moniker, is not that hard you register that's all, at least that way I know who I'm talking to.

Anonymous said...

Ideas de canciones de Karaoke para Fantomas so far:

1. Feelings

2. I got you babe (duo con Ziva)

3. Wind beneath my wings dedicated to Val

4. How can I live without you dedicated to Tellechea

Fantomas said...

Vana metetelo en tu cabezita
El coup de Batista ultimo fue lo que produjo que el animal Castro obtuviera el respaldo del 90 porciento de los cubanos hence la victoria de los 12 lunaticos de la sierra

Anonymous said...

vana said :

"There are differences between dictators, Batista may not have been elected in his last coup, but I would live under his "dictatorship" again, say what you will Batista unlike Castro was never a tyrant. "

perdonala padre que no sabe lo que dice

Angel Garzón said...

While the correct term that comes to mind to classify the purported inquisitor(s) would be accurate, suffice it to say that for now I find it appropriate to use a different type of verbiage to classify the gaul possessed by the pretender, it is ironic indeed that this person makes demands while cloaked as an anonymous commentator. What's the matter, have you not yet grown a pair, or do you bat for the other team?

Vana, the cloaked inquisitor's ultimate purpose is not to discuss the topic, but I know you knew that and that he is a coward already.

pedro el panadero said...

"Ideas de canciones de Karaoke para Fantomas"

Not funny ...

Pedrito de Padre Pico said...

Angel tu lo que necesitas es que un negron del muelle de Santiago te coja y te ponga en 4 patas para que se te vaya todo esa comemierderia de Shakespare que traes aqui

Mono Santiaguero aunque se vista de seda mono santiaguero se queda

serafin el carnicero said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Fantomas no canta

el toca timbales y maracas

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Batista is dead.

Perhaps his critics will some day stop fighting a dead man and start fighting Fidel Castro and his goons.

But while they profane Batista's memory in order to exculpate Castro, I will continue to defend him against the aspersions of the fidelistas sin fidel.

I have learned here that these old fidelistas pass on their hatred for Batista to their children because they don't want to admit that when it mattered most for their country, their future and their children's future: they were wrong.

serafin el carnicero said...


Oye come gorgojo ... de que solar de Santiago salistes ... tienes la benba mas sucia que una litrina...

Mat, manda al coco liso para el MadHouse ....

Fantomas said...

bueno me voy a descansar , me acabo de comer un pint de haagens danz ice creAm y ahora voy a aacabar el libro de delfin leyva que me obsequiaron ayer

portensen bien niños

Chao los veo a toditos mañana temprano

Sweet dreams and do not forget el Koold aid de hoy..sabor: tamarindo

Angel Garzón said...

So you do bat for the other team, you girls always claim that all men are like you are, that was your dead giveaway, hey don't worry, there are plenty of the fellas that you like in Miami (Overtown, Liberty City) but you knew that already, and of course the Nigerian sailors that you mentioned earlier, you must have them do you while wearing drag and typing on your laptop, right monita Habanera from Regla?

Anonymous said...

Fantomas, do you really weigh 360 lbs?

Perucho muelle de STgo de cuba said...

Perucho el estibador del muelle en la Alameda

Manuel por que borrastes mi escrito donde hablo que estoy esperando a Angel Garzon( el shakespare cubano) aqui para darle su merecido en 4

Santiagero mono Garzon que aunque se vista de seda de Santiago de Cuba el mono se queda

No me borres este porque vamos a tener un problem man

Anonymous said...

Premium ice cream bought with food stamps.

That's what's wrong with this country.

Anonymous said...

Fantomas weighs 400 pounds

Anonymous said...

Angel Garzon = Manuel Tellechea

It is so obvious , it is funny

Comment deleted by author said...

comment deleted

Angel Garzón said...

Dream on parasite, you WILL NEVER achieve what I have achieved, you were kicked out of the ghetto, but the ghetto WILL NEVER BE KICKED OUT OF YOU, you monkey boy...ooops...girl that is.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


If something was deleted, it must have been by you.

Vana said...


You know of course that the anon with the vulgar language is none other than rubber head, since the day you addressed him I knew they would be forthcoming.

Vana said...



Angel Garzón said...

Of course, she is in denial and hates the fact that no matter where she goes her many personalities always give her away Vana, she IS NOT truly a Santiaguera, she comes from elsewhere, she may have lived in my Santiago for awhile but she has not worshipped at my temple (H/T Manuel)

Anonymous said...

you WILL NEVER achieve what I have achieved


Anonymous said...

angel you are a loser go back to santiago de haiti que hoy empezaron los carnavales , a arrollar con los hoyos muchachon, your santiageridad no te la quita nadie

mono de santiago once , mono de santiago for life

Vana said...


Some of us suspect she's not even Cuban, she gives herself away by some things she says.

Angel Garzón said...

She made many deals with the devil and then was kicked out of Cuba, whereas we left, she hates women because she can never truly be a woman, and she knows it, that's why she chooses to insult you, Ms. C., Claudia Fanelli, Ziva and any other woman she can think of. No real man would ever behave in such way towards women, at least not in our Cuba.

Anonymous said...

Nice try Vana

but to not avail

I got your # dear

Anonymous said...

Angel do you know Walter Mercado

Angel Garzón said...

You got her real good Vana, real good!!!
Of course she would never have the courage to tell you to your face, but what else is new? I hear that Walter Mercado and her are in da click at La Perla, in drag of course!!!

Anonymous said...

I love site meter right Manuel

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Angel why are these blogs closed?

Were they ever opened ? Blogger does not think so, I just got the report

2008 Electorate - Informed or Indoctrinated
La Diáspora Cubana
The Cuban Diaspora

Vana said...

Angel: got her real good too.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Vana = Cali Bitch

Claudia= Eatable Cake

Viva la diva

Angel's wife = cocinera

Vana said...

BTW Angel I ordered the book today from Borders, cannot wait for it to arrive, thanks for telling me about it.

Angel Garzón said...

Manuel you have my permission to give Vana my eMail address. Vana you are free to contact me as many times as you wish, my friend from Centro Habana. BTW, you were not too far from one of my grandmother's sisters, she moved to your neck of the woods when she became 21, back in the late 1930s, we used to visit her every time we went to Havana, which was about twice a year, like you she lived near the Malecon which she loved till the day she passed in the late 1990s.

You will treasure that book, if you get a chance try to find "The Bay of Pigs" (ISBN: 0 393 04263 4) it is hard to find because it was published in the early 1960s, I got my copy at a book sale from the Newark Public Library back in the early 1980s, you may also find it at a library, when you read that book you begin to understand the anger of the Brigadistas, I won't give away the rest of it, you would love it.

Fulano de Cal said...

Ave Maria, who cares about Batista anymore. Enough. People still arguing about the same guys and politics that happened 1000 years ago. Leave it for the academics Mr Anon. Instead, get yourself ready to do something for Cuba. Ask yourself: How will I help to rebuild Cuba? Go get a skill that will help, or make lots of money to invest. At least learn Spanish.

Blogger Investigation under way said...

Angel why are these blogs closed?

Were they ever opened ? Blogger does not think so, I just got the report

2008 Electorate - Informed or Indoctrinated
La Diáspora Cubana
The Cuban Diaspora

Manuel estamos investigando con una amistad nuestra que trabaja dentro de Blogger( Google) y hasta ahora nos confirman que ninguno de estos blogs fueron abiertos oficialmente . Es decir no tienen post escritos en el cache de google
Sin embargo el blog de kill castro si tiene los archivos viejos de 2007 para atras disponibles en cache
Conocemos de solo una persona que le gusta coleccionar nombres de blogs para mantener el nombre del domain pero sin darle uso
Conocemos solo a una persona que se dedica a hacer eso
Sabes a quien nos referimos?

Anonymous said...

Angel Garzon
Originally, my family settled in Newark, NJ, I moved to Union City in 1978 and lived there for less than one year at 44th Street and New York Avenue, my employer relocated to the lilly white boondocks of Western Union County, home of many upper crusty blue blood Democrats and given that my beautiful wife of less than one year and me could not get an apartment in boondocks gringolandia, we had to settle for returning to Newark, where a significant Cuban community existed at that time, we've been there to this day. Our three children attended Lafayette Street School in the Ironbound section of the city, the same elementary school that Daisy Fuentes attended, the same Daisy that has recalled being called a "spic" not only there, but also at Harrison (small municipality in West Hudson County, geographically North of Newark's Ironbound section, easily accessed via the Jackson Street bridge) High School.

Anonymous said...

If I hear one more freaken idiot refer to Miami Cubans as the Miami Mafia, Im gonna freaken' lose it.

As with every community, there may be a very select few with some shady dealings, but to imply or suggest that the entire community is some sort of organized crime entity and in cohoots is not only disingenuous and wrong, but ridiculously freaken stupid. Especially when said mafia comment comes from someone who is supposedly on our side, and when that someone is aping fidel castro's apellation for exiles without a single consideration as to it's effects and the consequences thereof.

I posted the following a few weeks ago:

The Cuban people's worst enemy is the Cuban people.

And you know what? Sadly, it's absolutely, 100% true.

Posted by Val Prieto at 07:24 AM | Permanent Link to this Post | Habla (0)

Anonymous said...

-then why did Val and Babalu make Miami Mafia t-shirts for sale?

Anonymous said...



Scarface thug said...

Ellos son como los negros norteamericanos que los unicos que se pueden decir entre si nigers son ellos mismos. Si un blanco le dice niger a un negro lo matan

Entomces Val vende camisetas que dicen que son proud members of a so called miami mafia for 10 dollars. Parece que solo permiten llamarse mafiosos entre ellos mismos porque cuando alguien que no vive en miami los llama mafiosos entonces enseguida salen a protestar
Quien los entiende

oveja negra said...

Sera posible que Val Prieto entienda de una vez que EL NO REPRESENTA A NADIE NI A NADA

Please dude, take a break from blogging . Live your life

Anonymous said...


If the Grants are stopped by Congress? Do these people get paid

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

It is certainly a question worth asking.

What happened to the millions of Cubans who shouted "Paredón, Paredón while Castro systematically dismantled all the institutions of the Republic and took away all their liberties?

What happened to the original fidelistas, the most culpable fidelistas, who bear most of the responsibility for our country's destruction?

They came to this country as exiles from the police state which they helped to create in Cuba.

Here, however, they all transmogrified into perfect anti-Communists.

The one thing that these fidelistas sin fidel would never do is acknowledge the part that they played in bringing Communism to Cuba.

In truth, their loyalty to the Revolution never wavered: they simply cut the head from the body but continued their fetish with the body.

The Revolution itself they called a noble endeavor and preened themselves for having once supported it; but all to a man denied having anything to do with the aftermath of the Revolution. The promise of the Revolution (which ultimately was meaningless) they acclaimed; the fruits of the Revolution they disowned.

This would be comparable to Nazis defending their Movement before 1933 and disassociating themselves from all its acts after that year.

These reconstructed fidelistas, like the unreconstructed ones in Cuba, continue to fight their Revolution against Batista 50 years after he was toppled.

And now their children, raised in their parents' revolutionary cult, continue their charade.

When Cuba is free and no Cuban on island raises a peep in defense of this putrid revolution -- putrid from roots to fruit -- the Miami fidelistas sin fidel will continue to sing its praises and condemn the man who tried to stop it.

Mamey said...

Fulano de Cal: You are right. What matters is that Cuba becomes free and independent. Our past is full of both, glory and travesty. We can extract what is useful without being obsessive.

fake anon: Manuel IS very very funny. That is one of the major reasons so many of us visit his excellent blog. You sound like a classic Babaloser.

Anonymous said...

Here, however, they all transmogrified into perfect anti-Communists.

Manuel in recent years Miami has seen an increased amount of fidelistas who had positions in Cuba and now 50 years later are defecting. they could be CDR, policias, militares, etc . They are coming in droves. Are we supposed to welcome them with open arms and allow them to walk among us


Manuel A.Tellechea said...

The children of the fidelista sin fidel should ask their daddys and mommys how many innocent Cubans they blew up with their bombs before 1959 or helped to execute after 1959. Perhaps they still have some keepsakes from that time: the "July 26th" armband that they proudly wore (but only after the triumph of the Revolution) or the "July 26th" bonds that they are still waiting to redeem.

I wonder if a black light would reveal the blood that splattered on them when they were carrying out "revolutionary justice" in the halcyon days of the Revolution?

Fantomas said...

26th" armband that they proudly wore (but only after the triumph of the Revolution) or the "July 26th" bonds that they are still waiting to redeem.

Manuel la guerra es sucia .. Es ilogico analizarlo despues del hecho. Cuando ocurrio era cuando contaba not years later

Anonymous said...


Who are you talking about? Did some high-profile individual on "our side" call us the "Miami Mafia?"
By the way, I would go one step further, it goes well beyond being "disingenuous and wrong," it's outright bigotry, slander and hate speech. But of course, Cuban Americans are the one group that it is politically correct to attack. And the horrible thing is that we get it from both sides. We get it from the right and we get it from the left.

Posted by Ray at July 22, 2008 07:55 AM


Worse than that, there's supposedly anti-castro people out there mimicking the same "mafia" line.

Posted by Val Prieto at July 22, 2008 08:37 AM


Key word: "supposedly"...

Posted by Lori at July 22, 2008 09:20 AM

There is nothing wrong with disagreement amongst those who share a common cause. In fact, it is healthy to discuss matters. But when your "friends" begin using the rhetoric and tactics of the enemy, that is another thing altogether.

Sadly, some of the "friends" of the Cuba cause are more interested in self-promotion than the promotion of democracy on the island. In their quest to attain recognition, they are too willing to sacrifice their own if it helps them personally. They will attack and slander their own brothers and sisters.

It is a sad commentary and indicative of why Cuba seems no closer to freedom today than it was 49 years ago.

Posted by albertodelacruz at July 22, 2008 09:24 AM

Part of the problem is that quite a few people want to have it both ways, play both sides of the street and be in good standing with both God and the devil. That approach always winds up breaking down sooner or later, because it's not tenable. Actually, it's irrational, but people keep trying to make it work anyway. At best, it's a sign of insecurity, though there are certainly worse reasons for it, like frank opportunism.

Posted by asombra at July 22, 2008 09:48 AM

Anonymous said...

Part of the problem is that quite a few people want to have it both ways, play both sides of the street and be in good standing with both God and the devil. That approach always winds up breaking down sooner or later, because it's not tenable. Actually, it's irrational, but people keep trying to make it work anyway. At best, it's a sign of insecurity, though there are certainly worse reasons for it, like frank opportunism.

Posted by asombra at July 22, 2008 09:48 AM

Manuel is Asombra talking about La Fundacion de Mas Santos? Tal parece que a muchos intransijentes no le cuadra la idea de que la fundacion este con Obama , the next US President

Anonymous said...

Manuel said:

"The children of the fidelista sin fidel should ask their daddys and mommys how many innocent Cubans they blew up with their bombs before 1959 or helped to execute after 1959."

Would it then be apropos for the children of the Batistianos to ask their mommies and daddies how many innocent Cubans they tortured and executed so that they could continue enjoying the power and wealth they were amassing while their benefactor, Batista, continued to violate the 1940 constitution?

Your insistence on simplifying this discussion into a "if you're against Batista, you must be for Fidel" proposition is at best disingenuous. I am surprised that someone of your caliber and abilities would lower himself to rhetoric and little slogans (fidelistas sin fidel).

Now I know what you're going to say: I am attempting to counter your argument with a "wrongheaded premise." Once again, quite a disappointing response. Keep in mind that you created the premise, I just took it to a place you either did not think of, or just simply did not bother to go.

If you are going to defend a dictator, you have to be willing to take the lumps for it.

Fantomas said...

Manuel luces muy mal cuando defiendes a Batista

Anonymous said...

Personally, when tyrants like fidel and raul castro and their sycophants use the mafia term to describe those of us that work to fight their plague, hell, I take that as a badge of honor. If they must resort to ad hominem attacks it's because they have no other recourse. The truth pretty much stares everyone in the face, whether they chose to see it or not.

But it bothers me a great deal when those that are supposedly your peers, supposedly on your side, resort to using the exact same ad hominem attack. These "peers" can disagree with us in many ways, and in many ways can express those disagreements without debasing their own. But when they debase their own, they make themselves look ridiculous, and consequently take the rest of us along with them. Because, you know, how can we expect to topple a Goliath if we cant even respect the people fighting alongside us?

then, of course, there's the petty factor. Where those who dont give a rats ass about the cause cling on to these ad hominem attacks to denigrate us simply because they dont like us or what we believe in.

Case in point: There's already a local blogger and his sycophants making the argument that Im a hypocrite because I posted this while having had Miami Mafia tshirts printed up a few years ago to gather funds for the Cuba Nostalgia convention. His argumemnts and comments are pathetically petty and trifling - as expected from such a parochial mentality - but in essense, it's we who are stoking his lilliputian fires. And farbeit for someone like that to distinguish an act of defiance against an enemy from an insult from a peer.

Posted by Val Prieto at July 22, 2008 10:08 AM

Does that mean this blogger thinks that blacks who still use the word "nigger" are hypocrites because they don't like whites using it? I seriously doubt he would take such a position, which would seem to make him...a hypocrite.

Posted by asombra at July 22, 2008 10:17 AM


What is most disturbing about the term is the fact that it's not used as a generalization to describe a few bad apples involved in shady business dealings or corrupt government deals. Rather, it is used to describe the exile community as a whole - as if it is somehow corrupt or wrong to fight for one's homeland and the dignity of its people. That's what infuriates me. It simply defies logic. As with everything else - it's OK to fight against South African apartheid but, should you do the same thing for the Cuban people, you're labeled a "mafioso."

Posted by CubaWatch at July 22, 2008 10:28 AM

Cuba Watch,

The thing is, I fully expect the castroites to use the terminology and, quite frankly it doesnt bother me. But when people who dont subscribe to the "fidel is the best" mentality use the term because they disgaree with us on something altogether different, man, that fucking bothers the hell out of me.

Posted by Val Prieto at July 22, 2008 10:41 AM


Cry baby Val llorando mas que nunca
Por favor grow up kleenex man. El reporte no es contra Babalu ni ningun cadre. Salio en el periodico de tu ciudad y ni siquiera te has atrevido a criticar a los acusados cobarde de mierda
Do not take criticism personally it is not a whole , se habla especificamente de una institucion REPLETA DE MAFIOSOS que desde la epoca de Reagan se han repartido el bacalao a como de lugar . perez roura, ninoska, Calzon , Radio tv marti y todas esas organizaciones que viajan en primera clase a Europa para mantener las sanciones y el gobierno cubano les gana todas las batallas . TV Marti es un fiasco NO SE VE PAL PRIETO METEELO EN TU CABEZOTA , TV MARTI ES UNA REVERENDA MIERDA Y LA PROGRAMACION SUCKS, EL MENSAJE NO LLEGA Y CUESTA MILLONES MAS CON LA GASOLINA CARA ELEVAR EL AVION GLOBO


Anonymous said...

Case in point: There's already a local blogger and his sycophants making the argument that Im a hypocrite because I posted this while having had Miami Mafia tshirts printed up a few years ago


Val, you are no different than Jesse Jackson telling me not to use the word nigger.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

fidelista sin fidel:

I am very proud of having coined the phrase fidelistas sin fidel, three words that tell your whole history.

Go tell your Castroite myths to the Communists; they will be pleased to know that even 50 years after their scam there are still those gullible enough or cretinous enough to be taken-in by their lies.

Vana said...

Cannot most of you see that the so called tortures attributed to Batista is Fidelista rethoric, Sosa Blanco comes to mind, they put on a kangaroo court to nail that guy with lies, seems a lot of Cubans were brainwashed by the revolution. Think!

Vana said...


Thank you my friend, nothing I would like more than to have your addy, makes me happy to know you consider me a friend as I do you.

serafin el carnicero said...

"I am very proud of having coined the phrase fidelistas sin fidel"

Bravo Manuel-- Now , tienes que traducirla al ingles ...

Fantomas said...

Val Prieto me envio un e mail amenazador y con muchas malas palabras que no pienso compartir con nadie por etica profesional

Primeramente me expreso aqui porque alla yo estoy censurado y no me puedo defender

Gracias Manny

Segundo a Val no le ha gustado para nada que yo haya sacado la foto de las camisetas en mi blog. Las mismas camisetas que son publicas porque estan a la venta y se han mercadeado en el pasado

Val te equivocas conmigo aqui vas a tener en mi un hueso duro de roer





si hay anomalias , tendremos un grupo de trabajo junto con politicos y lideres comunitarios que sabran llevar los casos a los tribunales si es necesario






Fantomas said...

Caeite pa' tras! BREAKING NEWS
For a moment, I thought I heard Rod Serling's voice in the background.

This just in:

Civil Rights Leader Calls for the Freedom of Afro-Cuban Political Prisoners and Democracy Activists at New York Demonstration
NEW YORK (July 22, 2008) -- Today, prominent civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton led a demonstration to protest the Castro regime's ongoing human rights violations. The demonstration was held outside the Cuban Mission to the United Nations in New York.

Rev. Sharpton highlighted the tragic plight of Afro-Cuban political prisoners and democratic opposition leaders, in particular -- Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet and Jorge Luis Garcia Perez "Antunez."

Antunez's sister Berta and several former Cuban political prisoners - each who have spent terms between ten and twenty-nine years - stood alongside Rev. Sharpton as he shared the stories of their suffering. Rev. Sharpton spoke to “Antunez” personally yesterday evening from Cuba and he received a first hand account of the continued harassment he encounters daily in Cuba.

Rev. Sharpton also highlighted the case of Dr. Biscet who is currently detained in the infamous Combinado del Este prison, sentenced to 25 years for speaking out against the Castro regime. Conditions in the gulag are abysmal, and Biscet is regularly subjected to torture and extended stays in vermin-infested solitary confinement cells.

Biscet's wife, Elsa Morejon, sent a letter from Cuba thanking Rev. Sharpton for bringing attention to her husband's plight, and describing the conditions of his cruel and unjust incarceration.

Antunez was recently released from prison after serving a 17-year sentence for expressing his opposition to the Castro dictatorship. He has been harassed and beaten repeatedly by Cuban government agents since his release. Despite the persistent harassment, he continues to organize acts of civil disobedience in Cuba.

"We applaud Rev. Sharpton for bringing attention to the unjust incarceration of Cuba's many political prisoners. The Castro regime should take notice that the world will not stand for its systematic and violent oppression of Cuban citizens," said Peter Mirijanian, spokesperson for the Cuba Solidarity Movement.

Thank you, Rev. Sharpton.

Posted by Val Prieto at 11:45 AM | Permanent Link to this Post | Habla (7

Ahem, Val . . . do you recall the headline of my post from the other day? I seem to recall:

"Ladies and Gentlemen . . . a pig just flew past my office window."

I am speechless, dumbfounded, confused and heartened.

I don't know what to say. Granted, Mr. Sharpton simply uses these sorts of situations for his own personal benefit yet, this is rather remarkable.

Posted by CubaWatch at July 22, 2008 12:30 PM

At first I thought you must be joking. It's about friggin time...double thanks to the Reverend.

Now, let's see if this goes anywhere, as in where are JJ, Belafonte and the other black civil rights "leaders".

Posted by Ziva Sahl at July 22, 2008 12:32 PM

The end of the world is nigh. Repent.

Posted by George L. Moneo at July 22, 2008 12:50 PM


Posted by Henry Agueros at July 22, 2008 12:58 PM

Thank God I'm Cuban; otherwise falling on my ass would've hurt.

Posted by La Ventanita at July 22, 2008 01:08 PM

Well, well, well. More than a big win for the 'encarcelados', it is an even bigger
'defeat' for FIFO and his Habana Mafia!

Posted by LaConchita at July 22, 2008 01:20 PM

Being a life long NYer, I’ve learned to appreciate Rev Al’s provocative tone through the years, but from past experience the Rev doesn’t veer off his self serving egotistical path without some kind of payback in return…….free lunch @ Victor’s Café I’m guessing

Posted by Grano De Oro at July 22, 2008 01:25 PM

A la verdad que uno tiene que ser cara de lata , hipocrita , comemierda para en 1, 2 x 3 despues de estar años y años hablando pestes de rev sharton ahora todos los babalusianos se comportan como uno niños con caramelo praising al democrata
Es decir que esta gente son capaces de si mañana sale alarcon o roque al exilio , son capaces de darle la mano, son capaces de darle la mano a dany glover, harry belafonte si ellos van a una pequeña marcha por biscet

hay que tener cojones estos babalusianos flipfloperos chancleteros no tienen remedio




serafin el carnicero said...


Estas inventando todo -- Sir Val nunca le escribe a los plebellos. Queremos ver el e-mail -- you can edit the "bad words". But, until then -- no te creo ---

Fantomas said...


Fantomas said...

Serafin olvida eso compadre

si no lo crees ese es tu problema

sigue tu camino

Aqui hay clase y etica bro

Esteban Dido said...

hay que tener cojones estos babalusianos flipfloperos chancleteros no tienen remedio

lol , lol, lol

Coño fantomas estas acabando con la monarquia tu solo

Eres un caballo

Mantente firme mi hermano

serafin el carnicero said...

fantomas said:

"no pienso compartir con nadie por etica profesional"

lol .... me meo de la risa

Anonymous said...

Yo creo que Fantomas hablo claro

los unicos Cuban american bloggers que se dedican a hacer outings en la blogosfera se llaman

Val Prieto

Kill Castro

Charlie bravo

Manuel Tellechea

Esos son los unicos chivatos hasta ahora

Creo que fantomas es muy cuidadoso en esta area

Anonymous said...

Perdon faltaron dos grandes chivatones mas



lonely reporter said...

Just one reporter waiting for McCain as his plane landed in Manchester, NH, last night...

Anonymous said...

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