Friday, July 11, 2008

Babalú Makes a Present to Me of Its Readers

Another few hundred more readers today, I suppose. Maybe less, because it is a Friday. For reasons unknown to me, Val Prieto has decided to share his readers with me yet again. It is a generous gesture, no doubt, far more effective than actually linking this blog because it focuses the attention of all its readers upon it. Googling my name, which is mentioned half a dozen times in yesterday's post dedicated to me, brought them forthwith to RCAB, where they remained because the discussion was far more interesting here than at Babalú (as usual). I didn't even bother to refute Val's "Chicken Post," because, really, there is nothing to refute in a joke; or, rather, the only refutation of a joke is a better joke (seek link below).

When this blog was first founded the Babalunians set up several parody sites, which Val even announced on Babalú. That's how this blog actually took off. If their purpose was to isolate me then bringing these sites to their readers' attention was the worst possible way to do it because it only served to whet their interest in the original. My own reaction was to link all those parody blogs and quote the few funny passages in them, which I am glad I did because otherwise there would be no record of their earliest "sincerest form of flattery" since the Babalunians eventually tired of publicizing my blog and closed down all their homage blogs.

The sudden and unexpected revival of their efforts on behalf of this blog yesterday was no doubt intended to allay attention from George's desecration of the Cuban flag and Val's refusal to disclaim the desecration. Of course, anyone looking at "The New Cuban Flag," as George dubbed it, could not fail to grasp the obvious even if he had no idea of the Rules Governing the Use of the Cuban Flag (1950), which I quoted in the previous thread. Marc Másferrer brilliantly made that point when he observed that cutting the star on the Cuban flag in half and casting one-half adrift on wavy blue stripes to illustrate the plight of Cuban refugees under the "Dry Foot/Wet Foot" policy is no different from enclosing the field of stars on the U.S. flag in barbed wire to signify the same thing. Everybody ignored Marc's comment because there was no way to answer it except by endorsing the desecration of the "Stars and Stripes" as well, or by asserting that it is permissible to desecrate the Cuban flag but not the U.S. flag.

Well, they have not had enough. Today Henry reprises the subject with a new post that harks back to yesterday's post. Well, if I am the most interesting subject at Babalú these days, I can hardly complain.

Welcome, again, new readers from Babalú. I know that you, like those who came here before you, will make RCAB your new blog home.


jsb said...

The reason why you're getting readers from Babalu is that we can't believe what a pathetic train wreck of an obsessed paranoid hack that you really are. Please tell me this is all satire, right? You can't be serious. Otherwise you are seriously obsessive compulsive and need psychiatric attention.

L. Ron Tellechea said...

To my devoted readers, acolytes, apostles, followers, sycophants, assistants, lackeys, lickspittles and bootlickers:

Please be advised that our regular Sunday service have been postponed. We are having technical issues with our brand new b-meters and t-meters.

Until then, visit our new blog,

I will be adding updates this weekend.

In addition, if any of you want an autographed copy of Tellenetics: The Science of Always Being Right (published by Swollen Head Books and available on Amazon), I will be available in the sanctuary after next week's worship service.

Thank you my children.

Anonymous said...

Divided. Even CANF has gone to crap. Very disheartening. But like you say, Henry, it can be overcome. How about another BUCL campaign soon?

Posted by jluix at July 11, 2008 10:00 AM

Anonymous said...

The community is indeed very divided and in watching yesterday's events concerning George Moneo's flag post develop in the blogosphere via Manuel Tellechea's "Review of Cuban-American" blogs, it has become most apparent.

Let's take the blogosphere as one example. We are seeing a situation in which some folks simply need to be right at any cost, whether it's by way of using a beloved symbol as a means to self promote - as was done on RCAB - or by way of simply attacking other blogs - if for no other reason, than, again, to self promote. It's disheartening to say the least and I'm not going to become a part of it.

I think we've all been guilty - at one time or another - of labeling people in negative terms simply because their views differ from our own. Lord knows I've done it. The bottom line is that most of us are fighting for the same goal, namely, the end of the Cuban dictatorship, the reinstatement of the Constitution of 1940 and the reunification - on the island - of the Cuban people.

We have the common ground here folks, and I believe it's high time we took advantage of that common ideology and came together for the better good. I didn't like one bit, what I saw yesterday and I feel it speaks volumes as to why we're still sitting here in exile 50 years after "night fell on Cuba" - to coin a phrase from Huber Matos.

Yesterday's events were a sign. I'm bowing out of these "blog feuds" - as one commenter put it yesterday. I see no benefit from it. Some day soon, we will actually all be in Havana, raising our glasses to the end of the regime and the dawn of a new age - and when that day comes, I'll be more than happy to raise a toast with ALL of those who share the common goal of the Cuban people.

Enjoy your weekends and keep your hope alive. The day is at hand - night never lasts forever.

That's all I've got to say.

Posted by CubaWatch at July 11, 2008 10:44 AM

Vocero de las FART said...

Boletín #3 de las FART - Las Fuerzar Armadas Revolucionarias de Tellechea (FART) anuncian al mundo y en particular a Hialeah, que la liberación definitva de Babalú ha comenzado.
Esta mañana nuestras fuerzas liberadoras llegaron en un bote de remos a la parte posterior de a casa de Val Prieto y estamos tratando de desembarcar para proceder a la toma del local. Arribamos a las 9:19 hora local pero hemos tenido problemas para desembarcar del bote ya que nuestros guerrilleros tienen una edad promedio de 78 años, peroc on un corazón y una energía de un muchachón de 75.
Hasta ahora no hemos encontrado resistencia, excepto el problema de poder abandonar el bote.
La sub-teniente Calabaza está en contacto directo con 911 para solicitar ayuda en caso de que nuestro barco naufrague. Mi vida y la de los patriotas que me acompañan tiene que ser preservada para que cuando liberemos a Babalú podamos hacer lo mismo con Cuba.
No hemos podido determinar si hay personal enemigo dentro del local, lo cual sin duda alguna ocasionará una lucha encarnizada pero estamos seguros de vencer. La verdad está con nosotros.
Prevenimos al enemigo que nuestro bote está apertrechado con 2 tirapiedras; 4 gollejos de naranja; 5 cajas de Viagra; 3 pomos de Geritol; 2 frascos de Parapitol concentrado y 3 sillas de rueda, una de ellas, la mía, motorizada.
Tan pronto logremos salir del bote le pediremos al enemigo que se rinda.
Esperen nuestro próximo comunicado en cuestión de horas.
Firmado: Comandante Manuel Tellechea, alias Mondongo, jefe supremo de las FART

Anonymous said...

El unico que puede escribir el español tan bien en Babalu se llama Antonio de la Cova

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I take it that you are J. Scott Barnard. You used to be a regular commenter at Babalú, but then stopped abruptly. A little while ago you resurfaced as a commenter on this blog. That is the usual evolution, but, you, in particular, do not seem to have evolved much. Keep reading and maybe some day you will have the courage to affirm what your presence here already affirms.

Vana said...

What fools! all they did was advertise your blog, now all Babalu readers will see the kind of scumbags the Babalunians are.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I'm glad to see that all I have to do is drop a hint for the Babalunians to do as I beckon.

Vocero de las FART said...

Boletin de las FART #4 coming soon

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

anonymous @ 11:06:

Is jluix a fifth columnist? She's actually advising Henry to resurrect BCLU, Babaloo's most calamitous Waterloo? I should like nothing more than to re-publish my Summa Contra BUCL (pronounced "buckle"). Still, I think that Henry knows better than to revisit the scene of his biggest gaffes.

Anonymous said...

I smell niño bitongo.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

anonymous at 11:08:

That should read "Moneo's flag desecration post." Much is lost by leaving out "desecration." In fact, all is lost. Good to see, though, that CubaWatcher is working in his own interest rather than Val's or mine.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

anonymous @ 11:47:

I introduced Tony de la Cova to Val. Your conjecture, therefore, is wrong.

Blogs sobre cuba said...

El perfecto Gobierno Blogger

Aquí reproduzco esta proposición que me dejaron en un comentario:
-Presidenta: Yoani Sánchez
-Vicepresidente: Ernesto Hernández Busto
-Presidente Asamblea Nacional: Enrique del Risco
-Canciller: Jorge Ferrer
-Ministra de Defensa: Isis Wirth
-Ministro de Cultura: Iván de la Nuez
-Ministro de Agricultura: Manuel Sosa
-Ministro de Economía: Alfredo Triff
-Ministra de Educación: Zoe Valdés
-Ministro del Interior: Alejandro Armengol
-Ministro de Justicia: Alexis Romay
-Ministro de Transporte: Jorge Pomar
-Ministro de Turismo: William Navarrete
-Ministro de Comercio Interior: Néstor Díaz de Villegas
-Ministro de Comercio Exterior: Juan Abreu
-Ministro de Construcción: Emilio Ichikawa
-Ministro de Ciencia y Tecnología: César Reynel Aguilera
-Ministro de Comunicaciones: José Varela
-Ministro de Salud: Camilo López Darias
-Ministra de Deportes: Uziel Gómez
-Ministra de Finanzas: Tania Quintero

Notar como nadie del Grupo Babalu fue seleccionado para el nuevo Gobierno Cubano. Es que con ellos nadie cuenta

Manuel contigo tampoco

Anonymous said...

I introduced Tony de la Cova to Val. Your conjecture, therefore, is wrong.

My IQ is working today. Entonces eres tu mismo escribiendo los reportes de las FART

Alex Hernandez said...

Posted by Val Prieto

I suppose I should have mentioned that the "mini" cows whose genetic engineering didnt go all that well, the ones that ended up looking like stubby, stocky, steroidally imbalanced, small skulled "cows" are referred to as the "Alex Hernandez" strain of the Manuel A. Tellechea mini cow and they have all been shipped out to remote regions of the countryside where there are no women and many lonely lonely farmers.

Posted by Val Prieto at July 10, 2008 02:57 PM

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Alex Hernandez said...

Val - could you please wipe the BBq Sauce from your chin? It's distracting. Ever heard of Atkins? How about vegetables?

Does the floor crack more under the weight of your ginormous butt, or under the weight of your ego?
You were the guy who ate nothing but McDonalds for a month and made that movie "Supersize Me", right? weren't? Well then, why are you so fat?

Alex Hernandez said...

Hey Val, is that moustache natural or did you transplant it from your ass to make you look 'non-traditional.'Hahahahah damn, manuel I love your blog Rocks, dude!

Anonymous said...

"Hey, Val Prieto if you had a choice to be, or not to be, would you just stuff your face? when was the last time you actually SAW your penis?"

At least he has one, Alex.

Vocero de las FART said...

Boletin #4 de las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias Tellechea (FART)- Ya hemos desembarcado y estamos pisando tierra firme. ¡La liberación de Babalú ha comenzado!
Hemos tenido dos bajas, la comandante Vana sufrió una lesión en un juanete en el pie izquierdo ocasionado por un pisotón que le dió la sub-comandante Calabaza tratando de salir del bote.
Al mismo tiempo, la sub-comandante Calabaza dió un trapiés al salir del bote y cayó al agua. La pudimos rescatar pero perdió la peluca y se niega a combatir sin ella.
Pero no importa. El Comandante Alex, alias Compota, y yo vamos a tomar a Babalú y liberarlo de las fuerzas del mal que lo han tenido secuestrado por 5 años.
Al salir del bote perdí mi GPS pero creo que puedo encontrar la casa de Val sin él. Estoy un poco confundido pero es debido a la larga travesía por canales inhóspitos llenos de cocodrilos e iguanas.
Ya oigo a lo lejos las voces del enemigo. Debo terminar este boletín por ahora para no caer prisioneros.
El próximo boletín será hecho después que hayamos tomado a Babalú y liberarlo.
Firmado Comandante Manuel Tellechea, alias Mondongo, Jefe Supremo de las FART

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

"With the likes of demagogues and troublemakers who in recent days have attacked and insulted me ('You are an affront to Cuba') for something that, at best, was a difference of opinion, Cuba has zero hope for the future." -- george moneo @ Babalú

This is worth a post of its own but I shall confine my comments to this space.

No one here has said that George was an "affront to Cuba," nor has Babalú published any comment to that effect. So, obviously, this is one of many similar comments that was not approved for publication on Babalú. If they did not practice preemptive censorship there would have been a great outpouring of indignation at George's desecration of the Cuban flag at the source of the desecration. As it is, George's comment proves that there was indeed such a (muted) reaction.

Observe, also, the unmitigated presumption in stating that "Cuba has zero hope for the future" because "demagogues and troublemakers" have dared to "attack and insult" him personally!

Monomania thy name is George.

Alex Hernandez said...


Vanity is the most important trait for a man to have. Whenever you pass a reflective surface, check you hair, clothing, etc

I'm sure you know he got a dick, you probably spend many hours on your knees.

Alex Hernandez said...

George Moneo "MINI_ME" whatta Joke!! Practice writing your name with urine (only your own; Not Val's urine is sick).

Alex Hernandez said...

Hey, George Moneo you are such a moron..I see Val is pimping you too.Don't you ever sleep. I see your crap posted all over the place. Get a life. I hate hearing comments such as that one about cuba. First of all it is very insulting, insensitive, and completely out of line. This goes to show how distasteful you really are.

serafin el carnicero said...

vocero de la FART

u boring.... boring .....

nerd humor ... dork ...

ha ha ha ha ...

Anonymous said...

Alex meet Claudia Fanelli

Alex Hernandez said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Alex could you ever make peace with Val?

Anonymous said...

Alex you are serafin el carnicero


Anonymous said...

Alex = Serafin el carnicero

Anonymous said...

Alex= Fantomas

Anonymous said...

Comment deleted due to profanity

Anonymous said...

Angel Garzon= Manuel Tellechea

Mambi_Watch said...


This whole blog to me is like entering a fantasy world of illusions and deceptions.

Even Mr. Tellechea's reply to you cannot be understood as serious.

In my opinion, there is no sense of honesty here at RCAB.

comment deleted said...

This whole blog to me is like entering a fantasy world of illusions and deceptions.

Welcome to Manuel Fantasy

Este blog es mas serio de lo que parece

Anonymous said...

Here you will never know who is talking

Aqui abundan los impostores, verdad Alex Carnicero

Comandane de las FART, niño bitongo, rin tin tin, pedro el panadero, george moneo, fantomas, agustin, vana, angel, che che chea, val, piruli, anonimos, el beauty parlor de manuel, caperucita, kayser sose, I. ron Tellechea, calabaza,k mart mamager, chinito del restaurant

Alex Hernandez said...


Moo, I say. Moo. Like, moo, dude. Duuuuuuuuuude. Moo.

The grass is always greener on the other thread."Yer tellin' me, come check out how calm my cow is!"why you so grumpy?Dude, Where's my Cow?

Anonymous said...

Todos somos mejores y mas sofisticado que este blog. Pero seguimos viniendo aqui y nadie quiere dar su nombre.

serafin el carnicero said...


If you don't like the blog ...
go and post at blablablu...

oops.. sorry you can't....
U banned... banned banned banned

Alex Hernandez said...


Anonymous TWO words:"STUFF IT"

Alex Hernandez said...

AWWWWWWW Mambi_KING: IS BANNED FROM THE Emperor VAL PRIETO II the miracle worker of bullshit.

Alex Hernandez said...

MANGO_watch is a indigenous india from peru with no cows....

Anonymous said...

Manny te estan dando duro. Esto de Rick del Palmetto

Val Prieto said...

If you maintain that Cuban-Americans don't "sh*t" on their own, and then you "sh*t" on fellow Cuban-Americans, you are pro-Cuban.

Nice cherry picking. A little payback (very little, considering) is good for the soul.

If you fervently believe in a failed policy that that has helped keep the Cuban people in misery for over 40 years, you are pro-Cuban.

red herring and strawman all rolled into one. Wont even justify this inanity with a response.

Ill tell you what I consider to be anti-Cuban: having a relatively popular, well read blog in South Florida, being well aware of the poltical prisoners and prisoners of conscience in Cuba, and using the well read blog not to maybe help spread the word about men and women incarcerated for their beliefs and opinions, but to criticize those that do.

Any other questions, Rick?

Anonymous said...

the only blog that's worth reading is ABAJOFIDEL

fantomas es un genio !!!!!

Diva la viva( uva blanca) said...

Val Prieto Prince of Kendall

Val es primero Don

Capo de Babalu

He is 3785% right

Right Alex, Val is right

Alex Hernandez said...

Lol Carajo los comemierdas are everywhere right Enrique?

louis de funes said...

the only blog that's worth reading is ABAJOFIDEL

fantomas es un genio !!!!!

Se jodieron con Abajo fidel , el ghost borro todos los posts, ahora tiene videos de mujeres desnudas, yo sigo tras el

Anonymous said...

Fantomas se quito , se va para Cuba

Anonymous said...

fantomas no seas gallina. stop posting anon

le tienes miedo a val ? george ?
Alex ?

Vocero de las FART said...

Boletín #5 de las Fuerzas Armadas Tellechea (FART) - Hemos perdido una batalla pero no la guerra.
No contabamos conque había un campo minado con pellejos de puerco entre la piscina y la entrada de la guarida de Babalú.
El comandante Alex se resbaló con un pellejo de puerco cuando le estaba huyendo al perro de Val.
Estando en el suelo el perro lo agredió de forma cobarde, como todos los Babalunians, y el comandante Alex tuvo que ser aero-transportado al Hospital Jackson.
El perro tuvo que ser transportado al Kendall Animal Hospital porque al parecer se envenenó cuando mordió al comandante Alex.
Yo pude subirme a un árbol para no ser atacado por ese animal, pero perdí el tirapiedras y dos gollejos de naranja lo que me obligó a replegarme.
Esperamos poder lanzar una fuerte ofensiva tan pronto nuestros valientes guerreros se recuperen.
Como dije al principio, hemos perdido una batalla, pero no la guerra.
Firmado: Comandante Manuel Tellechea, Jefe Supremo de las FART

Mambi_Watch #1 fan said...

MANGO_watch is a indigenous india from peru with no cows....

Alex porque eres tan Puta y Chivatona

En Cuba tu eras Jefe de cuadros de un CDR

Anonymous said...

El comandante Alex se resbaló con un pellejo de puerco cuando le estaba huyendo al perro de Val

Te refieres tu al Cabo Alex?

El perrito de Val se llama Babalu

Comment deleted said...

fantomas no seas gallina. stop posting anon

le tienes miedo a val ? george ?
Alex ?

Miedo a Val? Miedo a George? Miedo a Alex?

Why? to be afraid , I'm not fantomas, BTW

Alex Hernandez said...

I'm Easily amused... Well, kiddies gtg back to the pastures to feed my cows. lata kids I shall return later.

Anonymous said...

Alex before you go?

Are you H.S class of 09 or 10?

Alex Hernandez said...

Play Nice With the Other Kiddies.... Lol

Anonymous said...

despues de la perdida del mienbro mas inteligente de su brigada ( el perrito babalu ) las fuerzas babalucianas estan lista para la proxima ofensiba ....

tienen a Henry y Val en cuatro patas con las nalgas listas para disparar cañonasos mortales ... o recibir torpedos atomicos ...

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I always thought you had a little of Alice in Wonderland in you.

Shouldn't you be busy these days calling for Posada's extradition to Panama, Fujimori's blood and the return of the freed hostages to the FARC?

But, I forget, you don't have a blog anymore and pass your time here.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...


ya regresaste de un "arduo" dia de trabajo....

Anonymous said...

Manuel why are you so clever?

You see people trading blows and instead of putting order in your house , you remain silent behind the bushes , happy to see the comments fly

you are a wolf , Manuel, expecting that rabbit to come out to the open to attack

wolfie you

Anonymous said...


how many blocks did you walk to pick up the food stamps....

Fantomas owe me money said...

ya regresaste de un "arduo" dia de trabajo....

Fantomas es un ladron y un con artist , ese jamas ha pinchado en su vida

Anonymous said...


how many blocks did you walk to pick up the food stamps....

He is to fat to walk outside, he's got food stamps direct deposit

Anonymous said...

It is just you and me now Manuel

write carefully

El Negro Perucho said...

I'm looking for la RUBIA ENRIQUETA.

Enriqueta dame el dinero que me debes mamita ...

Todoy is pay-day... cash the welfare check chica y mandame el dinerito ....

muchos besos ... tu "amigo" Perucho

Anonymous said...

Fantomas makes little money but that is twice as much moneo makes

Alex Spanish teacher said...

oye se acabo el receso, go back to class

Para Perucho said...

como lo tenia anoche, cerraito

Alex Hernandez de Nueva York said...

Me pica el culo carajo



Peruchoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, cuando acabes con fantomas ven aca

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...

Just wish we could have one discussion about Val and Henry without the rumors of their homosexuality being brought up by commenters!!

Anonymous said...

hey john go away man, you bring bad smell to this blog, we were doing great before you came

Mat, do not let john torpedo your nice blog like he did to Corral with his foul mouth

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

"If you maintain that Cuban-Americans don't "sh*t" on their own, and then you "sh*t" on fellow Cuban-Americans, you are pro-Cuban." -- Rick

"Nice cherry picking. A little payback (very little, considering) is good for the soul." -- Val

"A little payback?" 563 new readers is hardly a "little payback." But, then again, Val does owe me a great deal for my selfless efforts to lift Babalú from the mire.

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...

He, anonymous ka pissed off Babuluer

Did i offend you when i mentioned Val, Henry, and homosexuality all in one sentence?


john longfellow aka lou dobbs said...


Why is it where ever blog you go to, you bring up the subject of homosexuality? At least Val has good sense not to leave a trail of crumbs as to leave traces of a secret life.

You however, are almost out!!

Mamey said...

Meanwhile, back at the feudal manor, Sir Val of Kendall has "unpublished" comments about George Mono's presentation/desecreation of the Cuban flag.

Anonymous said...

The "honest" ones amongst the Red Brigades admit 10 percent of the horrors they have personally witnessed in Castro's Cuba; the dishonest ones deny 100 percent.

Angel Garzón said...

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

"With the likes of demagogues and troublemakers who in recent days have attacked and insulted me ('You are an affront to Cuba') for something that, at best, was a difference of opinion, Cuba has zero hope for the future." -- george moneo @ Babalú

"This is worth a post of its own but I shall confine my comments to this space.

No one here has said that George was an "affront to Cuba," nor has Babalú published any comment to that effect..."

Manuel, Moneo is making reference to the exchange that him and me had at Babalu in the comments segment of the desecrated Cuban flag thread, which I correctly predicted would be deleted, as is the norm at that blog when they are not able to defeat the points of view, arguments or evidence of whomever disagrees with them, they usually resort to insults, whether overtly with profanity laden tirades, or covertly with innuendo loaded statements which are nevertheless, just as pointless and equally offensive.

My prescience led me to save the entire exchange for posterity, part of which (one of my comments) I posted in this thread @ 5:34 PM, and also in this other thread @ 5:38 PM, wherein I did call him "an affront to Cuba" in response to his accusations and most importantly, his refusal to take appropriate measures to redeem himself of the desecration of the Cuban flag and its implied insult to what the flag represents, our nation and our people.

john longfellow aka lou dobbs said... said...

MAT, i told you so.

Watch out, it wont be long before Henry begins to flood your site full of ugly sites that link to criminal acts against childen.

I always said that it was Henry that was responsible for that sick stuff posted at the Cuban Connection.

And now finally i have been vindicated.

george moneo said...

We all know who the haters and destroyers are...

Posted by George L. Moneo at July 11, 2008 01:26 PM

G2 Guanabacoa said...

CubaWatch, perhaps by their fruits we shall know them, los infiltrados. "One blog come in the name of freedom, one blog come just to criticize. In the name of love, what more, in the name of love...?"

Posted by jluix at July 11, 2008 02:03 PM

Diva la Viva said...

Someone I greatly respect told me that every exile group from day one has been infiltrated by castro agents, so why wouldn't that also hold true of the blogosphere. As Marti said, and I parapharse, there are two kinds of men, those who love and build and those who hate and destroy.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Thank-you for clarifying that.

And I've just "rescued" the entire deleted thread and will shortly post it.

Correction not deleted said...

CubaWatch, perhaps by their fruits we shall know them, los infiltrados. "One blog come in the name of freedom( abajofidel) , one blog come just to criticize ( Review of cuban american blogs) . In the name of love, what more, in the name of love...?"

Posted by jluix at July 11, 2008 02:03 PM

Vana said...


You got nerve when you are the one full of illusions, fantasy and deceptions, calling yourself Mambi when you are not Cuban let alone a Mambi, you are the one who is not honest, go back to your defunct blog.

Fulano de Cal said...

Angel -

Te la comiste compadre! Well done. Que viva Cuba.




BUSTED said...

NO AIR TIME FOR " ENRIQUE" aka fantomas, pobrecito

Anonymous said...

He holds the sign well,
hot dog in hand,
with a lot of Hormel.

A real infidel,
in Cuba he’d be
thrown in a jail cell.

Cuba tried to expel
his ass from the game
but got removed themselves.

Cuban personnelle
threatened him as well,
saying that they would
beat him to hell.

Over the crowd’s yells
of “Cuba, farewell!”,
the Cuban commotion
Cops tried to dispel.

O, there on the telo’
for the world to see
their leader so yellow.

We’re lucky we dwell,
in this country where
free speech works so well.

Fulano de Cal said...

With so many Babalu readers visiting here, I ask them to consider: would Jose Marti find Moneo's post amusing? How about Eduardo Arocena?

A liberal for liberation said...

Fantomas es un infiltrado

breibart said...



a guy with a piece of cardboard said...

This was written by Henry G

Click on the blue link

March 14, 2006 said...

tomado del Blog Jinetero y Que said...




Ahora dice el YoYo que eres un viejo cagalitroso

George M said...

Update (Val): I have unpublished the comments related to this post. I simply will not allow such shallow, petty and disingenuously feigned insult bs commentary to go on here unchecked. The image above is an artist's statement on what he or she perceives to be the reality of today's Cuba and that's that. There is no desecration going on, no calls for a new Cuban flag, no intended or implied insult to the national symbol.

If you feel insulted by the image above, then you should, as it speaks volumes as to the truth about Cuba. Moreover, what should truly insult those of us that love Cuba and her symbolic flag is to see the likes of communists, socialists and fidelistas like the castros and their supporters waving her around for almost fifty years, shielding their idealistic ugliness behind her beauty.

Babalu y los 40 comments said...

Vocero de las Fart ( video) said...

Boletin # 7 Selva Colombiana

En el bombardeo al campamento de Raul Reyes , la inteligencia Colombiana logro recuperar el video donde aparece George Moneo en un acto salvaje pegandole con una banqueta a una nacional Ecuatoriana. Este video ya se encuentra en manos de Interpol. Es inminente el arresto de dicho individuo. Se dice que puede ser localizado en la parte norte de la playa en un area de boat trailers off Washington Ave in South Beach

vocero de las fart said...

Sorry mates here is the Moneo video explained in the previous comment

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

The following information was obtained from the internet:

Eduardo Sarmiento Portero Cienfuegos, 1980.
(diseñador e ilustrador)

Graduado en el Instituto Superior de Diseño Industrial en el 2004.

Se desempeña como diseñador en el Instituto Cubano del Libro y como profesor de ilustración y cartel en el Instituto Superior de Diseño Industrial, diseña e ilustra la revista cultural La Jiribilla de papel. Colabora con ilustraciones infantiles para Gente Nueva.

Ha obtenido varios premios nacionales e internacionales.


The Usual Babalu suspect said...

Manuel si trabaja para la jiribilla y es amigo de Moneo que te dice eso. Who is the mole?

The cripple

Chea said...

The "honest" ones amongst the Red Brigades admit 10 percent of the horrors they have personally witnessed in Castro's Cuba; the dishonest ones deny 100 percent.

Ms Calabaza said...


this is unbelievable!

Raul Castro tells Cubans to expect some belt-tightening . . .

Associated Press Writer
21 minutes ago

HAVANA - President Raul Castro warned Cubans on Friday to prepare for a "realistic" brand of communism that is economically viable and does away with excessive state subsidies designed to promote equality on the island.

Fantomas said...

calabazita , Creo que Manolo nos abandono, le di hoy por la taarde la direccion del blog de YOyo en alemania y ahora se la pasa metido alli escribiendo mensajitos

Vanita tambien se mudo para alemania parece que le gusto el jinetero de la foto


Estoy esperando el comunicado proximo de las FART

si lo ven primero me avisan por e mail

Anonymous said...

fantomas el PHD and letras no solo pierde el tiempo criticando la falta de ortografia aqui -- tambien critica el ingles escrito del yoyo. me muero de la risa --
con las barbaridades que escribe este tipo tiene un idioma unico

Anonymous said...

Yo entiendo a Fantomas perfectamente ya quisiera yo saber tanto spañolo como sabe Fantomas

China News said...

Para Dear Vana

Los amantes de la gastronomía singular que viajen a Pekín durante los Juegos Olímpicos se perderán la oportunidad de probar la carne de perro, ya que Pekín ha prohibido a sus restaurantes que la sirvan. EFE Según informó hoy la agencia Xinhua, el subdirector del Buró de Turismo de Pekín, Xiong Yumei, recomendó mano izquierda al personal de los restaurantes para que si algún cliente se empeña en comerse un perro sepan sugerirle un plato más apetecible y mejor.

"Deben evitarse los conflictos", ha dicho Xiong.

La prohibición estará vigente hasta el mes de septiembre, según una circular que la Asociación de Restauración de Pekín envió a los restaurantes de la ciudad.

Parece ser que la costumbre de comer perro proviene de la Dinastía Qin (221-24 a.C), según recoge el "Li Ji", un antiguo manual de rituales, y su uso terapéutico figura en el "Bencao Gangmu" ("Compendio de Materia Médica") de 1578.

Según su autor, Li Shizhen, cuyo trabajo se considera una de las obras cumbres de la medicina tradicional china de la dinastía Ming (1368-1644), el perro es un alimento caliente y beneficioso para los ligamentos, la circulación sanguínea y la digestión.

En China, la afición por comerse al mejor amigo del hombre prevalece sobre todo en la mayoritaria etnia Han, mientras que, al igual que los occidentales, lo consideran un tabú los tibetanos, mongoles, manchúes, uigures, hui y kazajos.

IQ tester free Español said...

Fantomas is a genious

His IQ must be very high

What was your score Manuel?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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