Friday, November 16, 2007

Notable & Inevitable: Fidel Calls Zapatero a "Coward"

"All hell broke loose at the Ibero-American Summit. Zapatero’s cowardly and untimely remarks, his defense of Aznar, the King of Spain's abrupt interjection, and the dignified response of the President of Venezuela who, because of technical problems, was unable to hear precisely what the King had said, were an unambiguous display of the genocidal ways and methods of the empire and its accomplices exercised over the anesthetized victims of the Third World." Fidel Castro Ruz, Granma, November 15, 2007.

Zapatero has now been labelled a coward by Castro, who is, undoubtedly, the greatest coward in Cuban history and should know whereof he speaks in this area, at least. Whatever the benefits that might accrue to the Cuban regime from maintaining cordial relations with a spineless Spanish ally adept at softening the hard stances of other European nations is nothing compared to the material assistance which it receives on a daily basis from Castro's chief idolator and heir presumptive. Zapatero is expendable; Chávez is indispensable. A sucker like that is not born every minute. If panegyrics are the currency in which Communist Cuba repays its debts to Venezuela, then Castro's wagging tongue is a printing press that will never stop spewing the specie of the realm.

In his last days Fidel Castro reminds me more of Hitler than at any other time of his life. In this latest "reflection" he is mimicking the Hitler of the bunker days, fulminating about the German people having let him down and proving unworthy of the great mission which history had entrusted to them. Fidel Castro also feels that "the anesthetized victims of the Third World" have fallen short of the grace of Marx and he cannot but be perturbed to see that the lessons of the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe did not entirely escape them as they did him.


Charlie Bravo said...

Sometimes I think that Hitler's spirit really possessed Castro after the supposed suicide in the bunker.
Actually, I think Castro is provoking the Spaniards to severe every tie with Cuba.
Ironically, it's as if Castro had started paying a BUCLe membership!

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I don't know if Castro is a dues paying member, but he is certainly the padrino of the organization. Fantomas was insinuating the other day that Henry might be ready to re-launch BUCL. Certainly no time would be less auspicious.

Charlie Bravo said...

Chavez got to be totally deranged.
It's not the bruise ego that hurts the megalomaniac uncouth man. It's to realize in the middle of his narcissism that all the dreams of grandeur depends on others to be realized.
As he loves to think of himself of the New Bolivar, well, he's waging a war of words right now. I tend to think that this is a calculated movement to get all the neo-indigenist politicians and masses mobilized to mob every Spanish interest in the Continent.
This could be the ultimate machiavellian plan from Castro, get them out of Latin America, and then welcome them in Cuba. Or at least it started like that. But now it's out of control, and the time is coming in which Castro will have to issued another warning a bout Chavez life adn pointing the finger towards the USA, Spain, the Kingdom of Lesotho or whatever other country while sending his G-unit to dispatch Chavez, before all Spanish investments have decamped from Cuba.

Vana said...


Your claims that Castro reminds you of Hitler in his bunker days, feels me with hope, hope that Castro is now in the bunker, and that maybe we are seeing the end of the tyranny, Castro also feels that his people have let him down, that is why he does not bother to address them, as Hitler did.

Does he not make you wonder that all along Castro has been following the BUCL campaing, and that the BUCLers have fallen right into his hands, now they are comrades, isn't that something!