Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fidel Castro's Heritage

"I agree with what [Chávez] said, that I am a strange blend of races. I have Taino, Canary Island, Celtic and who knows what other bloods in me."Fidel Castro Ruz, "Reflections of the Comandante," Granma, November 18, 2007

No you don't, Fidel. Your father's people are from Galicia, in Spain, and your mother's are Sephardic Jews from Syria who immigrated to Cuba in the early 20th century. You are descended from a long line of rabbis on your mother's side and illiterate cave-dwelling peasants on your father's.

Your half-brother, Raúl, is the one who has a variegated heritage. He is a descendent of Tainos and Afro-Cubans on his father's side, though he does not advertise that fact. Standing side by side, the two of you look like anything but brothers.


Charlie Bravo said...

Ah, the Taino legend... Or is it that the Black Legend was inherited by Castro from the British?
Certainly he has "embellished" it along the way....

Agustin Farinas said...

The despicable tyrant wrote in one of his last Babble-reflexions:
"I have Taino, Canary Island, Celtic and who knows what other bloods in me." A DNA analysis would reveal maybe a lot of "hijo de puta" blood in his veins also.
This incoherent, infeble old man is such a consumate liar and fable creator, he lost all sense of the boundaries of truth and lies. He has gone well and beyond what lies are. To paraphrase Star Trek, he has gone where no human has gone before. Now he has Taino blood!
I am surprised the very dilligent and well versed in adulation and syncopancy, A.k.a the Comandante Assistance Group,
have not found a direct blood link back to Hatuey himself. What a shame we cannot find any Spaniards or Cubans close to him and brave enough to dish out a similar fate on this born- again "Taino". What a wonderful picture and headlines that would make for the front pages of the world's newspapers. I certainly hope if this were ever to happen, there is no Catholic Friar avalaible to ask the historical question.

Vana said...

Seems fidel wants to make chavez believe he's a mix of races like the Mico Putumayo, now he wants to be a pair of clowns!

Steve ("Klotz" As In "Blood") said...

Talking about what's in his blood, he omitted mention of the shit from his backfiring plastic asshole.

Mamey. said...

Castro's new genotype means that Jimmy Smits can now portray the tyrant when Cane is cancelled.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


That was very funny.

Although after 13 operations (several to stop intestinal bleeding) it is doubtful that Fidel has even one drop of his original blood in him.

Anonymous said...


I think you hit the nail on the head.

THAT's what he meant when he said what he said. For all he knows he could have some imported Chinese death row blood in him too.

You see, fidel almost never actually "lies".