Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Barack Obama Admits to Drug Use: "Kids, You Can Be Me Too"

He only failed to mention crack, but admitted to having abused cocaine, marihuana and alcohol in his "youth." Which is when? 5 years ago? 10 years ago? Anyway, it happened when Barak was "Barry" Obama.

Substance abuse was a means by which he could "push questions of who I was out of my mind." What questions? That he was a cokehead and a pothead? No. Obama means the agony of being what was once known as a tragic mulatto, born between two worlds but belonging to none. They made a movie about it once called El derecho de nacer. Of course, the word "mulatto" is now considered politically incorrect, although the angst about being one is apparently still acceptable. In Obama's case, however, the elements which usually go into making one a tragic mulatto are wholly missing.

Obama is not a descendent of slaves since his father is an African-African, born there and living there. In fact, if "reparations" were ever distributed to the descendents of slaves, he wouldn't be on the receiving end of the line. His ancestors were the slavetrappers who sold blacks from other tribes to the slavers. On his white mother's side, Obama is descended from the family of Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederate States of America. He better be careful or the Sons of the Confederacy may elect him their president.

Obama's own life seems to have been wonderfully free of discrimination. Obama admits that he was a poor student — and, we may add, he's done nothing noteworthy since — and yet this did not stop him from becoming the Senate's youngest member and a viable presidential candidate. Discrimination should be made of sterner stuff.

Obama unbosomed himself before an audience of high school students, no doubt to stress the fact that he too was (and is) young. The message that his listeners are likely to draw from this personal admission is that you can abuse drugs, put sex and sports before academics, nearly flunk out of Columbia and still end up in the While House. Well, that lesson has already been taught by the incumbant. Religion saved Bush and the race card will probably save Obama.


Vana said...

But the question remains, did he inhale? reminds you of someone?

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


No doubt that Obama inhaled. He hasn't even admitted to all that he did inhale. Obviously, it's the cocaine that should concern us most. It is unlikely that someone who merely tried it would admit to using it. He must have used it for a protracted period and left tracks (no pun intended) in many places. That being the case it is even more unlikely that he ever stopped using it. Perhaps he won't be the first cokehead in the White House; but he is the first of which he have had advanced warning.

Anonymous said...

Fascist cuban retards. Go smoke some castro poll you fucking republitards. Theres a reason no one wants to come to miami, because its infested with cockroaches like yourselves. Remember this when you're praising republicans: They'll happily take your vote, but they'd cross the street if they saw you walking towards them. To them, you are nothing but another worthless minority, but one that will vote with undying love for neo-cons. Fuck off.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


You were obviously one of the tykes who has evaded Bush's "No Child Left Behind" educational directive.

Did I not say, at the conclusion to this post, that Bush, like Obama, had evaded responsibility for his own drug abuse?

BTW, Cubans are not a "worthless" minority in this country but "the most successful immigrants in the history of this nation of immigrants," according to George Gilder. I have always deplored the blind fealty of Cuban voters to the Republican Party; they would get a lot more if they played both sides of the fence. The late Más Canosa did and at one time dictated Cuban policy for both parties.