Saturday, November 24, 2007

Notable & Redundant: Still Beating Old Rocinante

"Spain has the most foreign investment in Cuba and as a result Spanish political leaders are impotent to stand up to their corporations and require Cuba to adhere to international norms of labor practices. Spain's incestuous relationship with [the Cuban] regime makes Spaniards de facto enablers of the regime." — Henry Gómez, Babalú, November 24, 2007

One would have thought that Henry Gómez, having launched a new BUCL campaign after keeping that organization in abeyance for months, in the hope, perhaps, that its epic failures would be forgotten, or that I would die — pretty much the same thing — and having received from me the closest thing to a blessing that I will ever give him for his newest and seemingly innocuous CAMBIO campaign, would, in his own interest, bury and forget forever his "Campaign Against Spanish Explosion" (he meant exploitation). But no. He resurrects again the Black Legend in his latest post about Condé Nast.

Once again he defames all Spaniards for the actions of some Spanish corporations who have become partners with Castro in the exploitation of the Cuban people. He has never named these corporations and I doubt very much whether he even could. It is easier to tar the entire Spanish nation with their misdeeds. I wonder if ordinary Americans should also be blamed for Enron's predations on them, or for the neverending assaults on the dignity of foreign laborers by America's own rapacious multinationals who taught their Spanish counterparts everything they know.

But no. Americans — according to their folklore — are the victims of their corporations, who exploit them at home and discredit them abroad. But Spaniards, according to Henry, are to blame for all the misdeeds of their multinationals in Cuba as well as the silence of its government. Henry has never blamed Americans for the "Wet Foot/Dry Foot" policy or even the U.S. government. In his heart of hearts he himself approves of the policy: it's part of his master plan to stop Cubans from fleeing to the U.S., which serves the double purpose of protecting the unbarnished name of Cuban exiles already here as well as raising the temperature on that pressure cooker which Henry and Val keep brewing in hopes it will blow up and take the whole Cuban people with it.

Still, it is Spaniards who are wanting in morality. Even when Spain's King and Socialist president, for once, find the gumption to stand-up to Castro's overlord and strike a blow for civilization amid a gathering of the worst and dumbest in the region, Henry remains unimpressed and hostile as ever. The Spanish government, ignoring the interests of its multinationals but upholding the honor of its people, did confront Chávez and in public, threatening their corporations' incestuous relationship not only with Venezuela but Cuba as well. The Spanish people responded by overwhelmingly supporting (82%) the severing of diplomatic relations with Venezuela, which would be the death knell of Spanish corporations there (and probably in Cuba as well). Monkey see, monkey do.

Still, Henry is not satisfied.

I assure you that if 82 percent of Canadians were in favor of breaking ties with Communist Cuba, I should be singing "O, Canada" right now.


Killcastro has left a very important comment which I urge you all to read.


KillCastro said...

Something about knee jerk reactionary types fascinates me. I do not know if it is that they manage to integrate into intelligent mature conversations or dialog and “almost” make a point. God bless those with the IQ hovering around the temperature of a nesting pigeon who give these types a tribune from which they can spew the idiocies they so lustfully preach. nad after making total asses of themsleves there they are again , like nothing happenned!
"Hey forget THAT last fuck up, here's my new plan"

I would love to see one of these meetings in which some strategic plan is developed . It would be short, ill advised and he with the higher rank wins. FUCK the accuracy of the information or the damage it can bring to the Cuban people - I am VERY temped to start calling those in Cuba , the REAL Cubans - but I would be insulting way too many great people the memory of Tocororo for one. So I must keep referring to Cubans in the island as “Cubans in the island.” But between us , those suffering the yoke are just a triffle more Cuban than those surfing the web.
Now, something VERY interesting has taken place with trade between the USA and KaSStroKuba. Silently and without much fanfare the whole deal has gone right into the crapper.!

It has dropped by ¼ in less than 6 months, and contracts are not being renewed. No it is not new onerous rulings on the part of our dear government. SIMPLY – the Kuban junta has found out something from the school of capitalist economy. People will fight for your money.
So speak about the “enablers” the Spaniards , and conveniently leave these businessmen now in Washington begin for a reassessment of guidelines and credits to Kuba because someone in Kuba actually read some economy books. And that has the yank contingent in a tizzy . But are these businessmen, “enablers” No , not in some peoples very selective accusatory medulla oblongata .
The Chinese and Vietnamese have offered to sell rice, beans, wheat and beef at rock bottom prices to the KaSStrist government. Offering not only credit but very attractive FOB rates. Apparently with the cost of producing these staples in these Asia Communist cum capitalist countries the labor cost is so low, that it will cost KaSStro a fraction to buy the food from his commie buddies. Chances are the quality will be shit, but hey it is going to the Cuban people so what’s a few maggots in your rice? Like a box of Crackre Jacks that is a bonus rice AND protein JACKPOT!. Ooops BAD news for all them Midwestern lobbyists, entrepreneurs , business men , which the USA government gave a wink and a nod to do what they will while not allowing Cubans to do even for humanitarian reasons. So the “enablers” on THIS country will soon stop their practices. Lucky for them NO ONE ever called them on the carpet or proposed a boycott against them. I personally give two shits we ARE a capitalist country and if you are HERE capitalism is what drives us all, but if you are not quite awake or thinking your client is an idiot , you get fucked. Them the rules of the game.
In a year the imports from the USA will be down to by 75% and KaSStro will be saving $$$$ in the deal . This went through everyones radar . How is this ancient prick able to pull this shit time and time again?
So again , the USA fucks up and the assholes who constantly aim at the wrong targets look like fools. Kindda pointing at a burglary on the house next door while your is burning down to cinders.

Charlie Bravo said...

The funniest thing in the world is that Spain as a nation get all sort of generalizations, hate, and assorted scoldings, but there's no campaigning about the States that negotiate with Kuba, nor against the Dry Foot Wet Foot, and much less about the blatant racism in Cuba as the photograph posted in this blogs and ours made patent. Mind you, we all asked all our friends and contacts to publicize the photograph, without asking a penny for it, or having any fanfare about it.
So, there we go again with Spain. To address them,
I will borrow the phrase by King Juan Carlos: "¿por qué no te callas?"
Would love to know the reason behind that blind hate for Spain....

Agustin Farinas said...

It seems that Val Prieto also celebrates Thanksgiving on a different date than the rest of us. From the Babalu files on a post he calls "Sanguibin":

"On the fourth Thursday of every November we have on our tables what we, as Cuban-Americans (or Americans of Cuban descent if you prefer), have in our daily lives: the best of both worlds."

Ah shucks, here I had been celebrating Thanksgiving on the third Thursday of November instead. Ah well, thanks to Babalu now I can correct my mistake and celebrate it on the right date.
The things one learns at Babalu!.