Friday, October 31, 2008

A Contribution to the Devil's Dictionary

Democracy does not invest people with wisdom. It merely respects their collective stupidity. Still, democracy is preferable to tyranny which enshrines the stupidity of one man over the rest indefinitely.


Fantomas said...

Erica Jong Tells Italians Obama Loss 'Will Spark the Second American Civil War. Blood Will Run in the Streets'

Un comentarista dijo esta aqui before. You heard this before right here. Estas acabando MAt ya eres famoso

Fantomas said...

Mat no te disfrazastes hoy de Halloween?

Yo no tuve que hacerlo

Anonymous said...

Fantomas que hicistes?

Te pusistes la peluca que tienes en el closet

Anonymous said...

Nada de eso, lo mio no es eso ni jugando, vamos a respetarnos un poco mas caballero

Anonymous said...

Mentiroso anonimo, Fantomas seria incapaz de guardar nada en el closet

Fantomas said...

Do not use my name in vain , I'm in a good mood tonite

Ahora dicen que Mc Cain empato a Obama

Which poll should We believe?

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

I am hereby releasing the Tellechea Poll:

McCain -- 57&

Obama -- 43%

Fantomas said...

Mat estoy de buen humor esta noche

pero hazme un favor explicame detalladamente como es posible que los EEUU inicien full diplomatic ties with Kadafy in Libia

O sea que si Fidel Castro paga algunas retribuciones a compañias Americanas confiscadas in the sixties y PAGA a algunas victimas de la dictadura eso significaria que se puede NEGOCIAR Y SER AMIGOS DE ELLOS


Fantomas said...

manuel olvidate de la encuesta ahora si gana Mc Cain pues bien que mas da. I wont be mad after all

Come Clean Tellechea said...

Tellechea you must love the B.S. that Fantomas carries with herself and the rotting stench that surrounds her, are you that desperate for comments? show a little dignity, you constantly attack Babalublog, yet you not only allow but encourage this crap, what's your game fellow? come clean or stop throwing stones, you know what they say about people who live in glass houses, right?

Fantomas said...

Mat lo siento tuve que traerlo completo porque el link es muy largo y se rompio. solo dime COMO ES POSIBLE QUE BUSH SE SIENTE CON NORTH KOREA, CON IRAN, Y AHORA CON LIBIA Y LOS TALIBANES

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Libya has paid $1.5 billion to the families of terrorism victims, overcoming the final obstacle to full relations with the United States, the State Department said Friday.

The payment ends Tripoli's legal liability in U.S. terror cases and paves the way for increased U.S. involvement in the oil-rich nation.

President Bush signed an executive order Friday restoring Libyan immunity from terrorism-related lawsuits and dismissing pending cases over compensation as part of a deal reached this summer.

David Welch, the top U.S. diplomat for the Middle East, who negotiated the agreement, called Libya's rehabilitation from a terrorist nation to a U.S. ally "historic."

The pact closes the book on a contentious period in U.S.-Libyan relations, which began in the 1980s with a series of attacks involving the two countries, including the bombings of Pan Am flight 103, a German disco and U.S. airstrikes over Libya.

U.S. business executives hope the new relationship will lead to billions of dollars of new investment in Libya, a country rich in petroleum reserves but lacking a developed infrastructure.

This summer, the United States and Libya signed a deal for the State Department to create a $1.8 billion compensation fund to finalize the claims for the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, and the 1986 bombing of La Belle disco in Berlin, Germany. It also compensates Libyan victims of U.S. airstrikes in the 1980s.

Congress unanimously adopted the Libyan Claims Resolution Act, sponsored by Sen. Frank R. Lautenberg, D-New Jersey, which cleared the way to end the feud and created the victim compensation fund.

Under the agreement, Libya pays more than $500 million to settle remaining claims from the Lockerbie case and more than $280 million for victims of the disco bombing. It will also set aside funds to compensate victims of several other incidents blamed on Libya, although Libya has not accepted responsibility.

In exchange, Libya will now be exempt from legislation passed this year enabling terrorism victims to be compensated using frozen assets of governments blamed for attacks. Tripoli sought the protection to encourage U.S. companies to invest in Libya without fear of being sued by terrorism victims or their families.

An initial payment of $300 million was received this month, after the opening of a U.S. trade office in Libya and a historic visit by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Another $600 million was received Thursday and the remaining $600 million Friday, Welch said, adding that the families could start receiving payments within days.

The remaining $300 million will go to Libyan victims of the bombing in Libya by U.S. warplanes in 1986. Libyans say dozens of people died in the U.S. air attack, including an adopted daughter of Libyan leader Col. Moammar Gadhafi.

President Reagan ordered the attacks on Tripoli and Benghazi after two U.S. soldiers were killed and 79 Americans were injured in the 1986 Berlin disco bombing.

The bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 killed 270 people, including 189 Americans. Of the dead, 259 people died on board the plane and another 11 on the ground.

Libya has paid 268 families involved in the Pan Am bombing $8 million each of a $10 million settlement. But it withheld the remaining $2 million owed to each family over a dispute regarding U.S. obligations to Tripoli.

A group of relatives of Pan Am victims said in a statement Friday that they applauded Libya's fulfillment of the agreement.

"The Pan Am 103 families deeply appreciate Sen. Lautenberg's work to urge the administration to take every step to bring the agreement to fruition," spokeswoman Kara Weipz said in the statement. "While our loved ones will never be forgotten, we are glad this chapter in our efforts is finally over."

Ties between the two countries began to improve in 2003, when Libya gave up its weapons of mass destruction program and began compensating Lockerbie victims. But lingering lawsuits prevented the two countries from fully normalizing ties.

The State Department has said the deal was pursued on a "purely humanitarian basis and does not constitute an admission of fault by either party."

Senior State Department officials said the formula was designed to respect Libyan sensitivities about compensating victims for incidents for which it hasn't taken responsibility and also allow Libya to settle outstanding claims for the air strikes on Tripoli. Donations to settle Libyan claims were placed in the "voluntary" fund, from which each country involved in the claims draws the money to pay its citizens.

Welch would not say exactly where the money came from but stressed that no American taxpayer money would be used to compensate Libya.

The deal is to be followed by an upgrading of U.S. relations with Libya, including the confirmation of a U.S. ambassador, which was held up until the payments were made.

Lautenberg applauded the payment Friday.

"American victims and their families have waited decades for Libya to pay for its deadly acts of violence and today they have received long-overdue justice," he said in a statement. "I am pleased that our relentless pressure and support for terror victims has led to this historic moment."

Rice's visit in September, the first by a secretary of state since 1953, was hailed by both countries as a breakthrough. It followed months of negotiations between the two countries.

Fantomas said...

Mat el come clean tellechae debe ser un babalusiano arrepentido que anda lurking your waters tonite

God I hate those people with fervor minute by minute


En mi proximo viaje a Miami los confrontare uno a uno , sino en Nostalgia 09 ..I will be there for sure

Fantomas said...

Be back shortly esto apenas comienza

Fantomas said...

Manuel independientemente de tu encuesta que no se como la hicistes
Te puedo decir que en La florida ya votaron casi 2 millones de personas y se podia ver en las colas muchos jovenes y negros

Estos datos son significativos porque el 99% de esos votos son para Obama . Solo te digo algo que ya lo dije aqui pero considero necesario repetirle a tus queridos lectores

Esta es la primera vez en la historia que la polacion negra de EEUU pudiera salir a votar masivamente al tener un candidato muy identificable para ellos. Personas que quizas nunca votaron en sus vidas pudieran salir debido al contexto historico por eso y todo lo demas Obama NO DEBE PERDER aunque pudiera ser close

DeNO GANAR Obama y de demostrarse una pizca de trampa de parte de camp mc same te auguro UNA GUERRA CIVIL EN EEUU WORSE THAN IRAQ. MORE THAN 100K PEOPLE WILL DIE ON THE STREETS AND THOUSANDS OF CARS AND NEGOCIOS BURN...


WASHINGTON – Voter turnout will be the highest in decades, dwarfing recent presidential elections, experts predict. The only question dividing experts is how huge will it be. Will it be the largest since 1968, largest since 1960 or even, as one expert predicts, the largest in a century? Soaring early voting levels hint at a big turnout, but that could just be the same voters casting ballots earlier instead of more voters hitting the polls. Weather should generally be favorable, according to forecasts.

What early voting numbers mean and how much of the youth and Hispanic votes turn out are the big factors political scientists look at when trying to predict how many eligible Americans will vote.

Michael McDonald of George Mason University is so optimistic he's predicting the highest level in a century.

"We're going to definitely beat the turnout rate in 2004, the question is by how much," McDonald said. "We have a chance to beat the 1960 turnout rate."

"It's not just an election of a generation, it's an election of generations with an 's'," McDonald said Friday.

George Moneo said...

Enrique you fucking traitor homosexual scumbag, we dare you come and "confront every one of us in Miami" you cocksucking motherfucking faggot, we will FUCK YOU UP.

Fantomas said...

I be there George y te dare un cocotazo May 18-20 por bocon

Fantomas said...

Te quedo buena esa Alberto

Anonymous said...

No lo borres que sera peor para ti

Anonymous said...

If Obama Wins Moneo se suicida

Anonymous said...

Ah, entonces hay que dejarse ganar por miedo.... Gracias por explicarlo Fantomasito lindo.

Fantomas said...

SEñores que quede claro aqui esto que voy a decir hoy

Si gana el Candidato de mi Partido Republicano estare contento aunque triste

Que nadie se enoje conmigo. siempre lo he dicho en este blog . Salga quien salga debemos apoyarlo 110% y dejar las criticas a un lado

Solo nos haremos daño a nosotros mismos si devotamos nuestras energias a criticar al que salga for the next 8 years

somos cubanos carajo y debemos unir nuestras energias para denunciar lo que ocurre en Cuba no en EEUU

Somos blogeros del tema de Cuba , sentemos el ejemplo al mundo

Porque sera NUESTRO PRESIDENTE . Algunos chuparan negro otros chuparan Viejo. Como quiera todos chuparemos algo. El biberon estara ahi for the next 8 years

Fantomas said...

Ah, entonces hay que dejarse ganar por miedo.... Gracias por explicarlo Fantomasito lindo.

No lo que implique es que hay que ganar limpio

Si se demuestra que Mc Cain gano limpio it would be ok by me

Señores no lo digo por mi porque yo no cometere ningun acto de violencia pero conociendo como son las cosas en este pais, Recuerden Rodney king riots y oj simpson trial..Eran dos bandos el blanco y el negro..solo estoy alertando a la gente . voten con su conciencia

Anonymous said...

Es verdad Fantomasito o es blanco o es negro no hay materia gris en este asunto
Tienes toda la razon caballon

Anonymous said...

Fantomas mis respetos para usted señor. Usted se deberia postular para Presidente de la Republica Libre de Cuba

Fantomas said...

Gracias Anonimo pero este titulo me queda muy grande, ese toston se lo cedo a otro mas preparado que yo
Yo tengo mis metas en otras areas y les aseguro que mi contribucion sera del agrado de todos. Alli estare en Stgo donde mas hace falta la ayuda

George Moneo said...

Enrique you are the typical fucking faggot, only a homo fag fruit pato maricon like you can assume that everyone else sucks dick, the only cocksuckers that have a penis and testicles are faggots like you, real men don't suck dicks asshole, we get women to suck our dicks, you faggots are a disgusting disgrace, sucking dicks and being fucked up the ass, FUCKING DISGRACEFUL, maricon, we will fuck you up

Fantomas said...

Thanks god I'm in a good mood tonite Moneo. I will take care of you accordingly in nostalgia 09

Anonymous said...

Moneo segun Fantomas tu biberon esta listo el dia 5

Richard Montalban said...

Oh my god Georgie Boy is upset for a change. Cuida esa lengua Tatu

Fantomas said...

Bueno me retiro como mismo vine. Esto se pudo aburrido y monotomo
Mañana sera otro dia faltan 3 para Black tuesday. Ese dia llovera a cantaros , tronara , hell will brake loose

George Moneo said...

Enrique get your affairs in order, when we meet in Miami you will not return to Puerto Rico fucking communist faggot maricon

Fantomas said...

So long infideles y batisteles

Fantomas said...

Have a nice day Moneo, sleep well , dream , las ovejitas son negras

Fantomas said...

Enrique get your affairs in order, when we meet in Miami you will not return to Puerto Rico

By the time you see me in May ya Obama libero a Elias , las restricciones y viajes lifted y la Fundacion acabando con la 5ta y con los mangos. Chupate esa ahora

Anonymous said...

A masterpiece , a classic

Another fantoism at its best

"So long infideles y batisteles"


Anonymous said...

Don't give him fuel. He lives off it. Kill esa cucaracha ya Manuel. Do something . Is the Madhouse closed
Where is the administrator of this fine Blog

Anonymous said...

It is true Manuel. Moneo does not allow us to write at KKKulandia
Why to keep this small roach in here. To the Madhouse I say

George Moneo said...

Enrique "Fantomas" Rubio Miami will be the last place on earth you will ever see, this will become "No Country for Old Fags" Enrique, we will go Javier Bardem on your ass faggot. but you won't go quick you maricon fuck cocksucker.

Fantomas said...

I'm, moving there next year. Cafesitos y croqueticas every morning at Versailles de la 8

Anonymous said...

Latest tube Mc Cain wins by a nose

Barbara Tellechea , Union City said...

Manuel te dije que dejaras a Fantomas tranquilo. Recuerda que tienes que podarme el arbusto hoy , y pasarle el mower al jardin

Vana said...

Fantomas solo se llena la boca para hablar mierda, esta adicto a este blog, no que no regresaba hasta el 5 de Noviembre, que poco hombre eres fantomas!!

Vana said...


Good one and oh so true!

Para Vana said...

Vana no seas descara mija tu eres la unica adicta aqui

Asere...el Nichardo dice... said...

Eto etá de lo grillo se oyen aqui.....DEP

Anonymous said...

Fantomas has died

George "Me He Miao" Moneao said...

Fantomas' days are numbered, We will take care of that traitor and his homosexuak lover Jay Martinez.

Anonymous said...


Fantomas said...



Mañana voy a Walgreens a comprarle los Biberones a Moneo , a Fariñas a Manuel y a Ganzon

Anonymous said...

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