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CANF's Jorge Más Santos Endorses Barack Obama

Jorge Más Santos is our Fidelito. Or, at least, that's how he perceives himself. Which means, of course, that he is nothing without his father, in whose posthumous shadow he suns himself as if he were something more than a rich man's son with twice the presumption of his father and none of his personal achievements. Jorge Más Canosa, founder of the Cuban-American National Foundation, also had his entente cordiale with Bill Clinton, which gave us the "Wet Foot/Dry Foot" policy and the Elián abduction. So I am not going to lament here how far the acorn fell from the tree. The only difference between Más Canosa and Más Santos is that the father was bigger than his creation (CANF, that is), which derived its relevance and authority from him. In the case of the son, it is the Foundation, or what remains of it after the purge of 2001, which is his political lodestar. Without CANF, Más Santos' opinions would matter as much to the Washington Post as any other Cuban exile's, and it is doubtful whether it would even have reported his endorsement of a presidential candidate had he picked McCain instead of Obama. But because he did endorse Obama, the red carpet was laid out for him at The Post and he was invited to expand on his vision of the impact an Obama administration would have on U.S.-Cuba relations.

Más Santos Op-Ed piece is elliptically titled "How to Win the Cuban American Vote." Whether it is his own headline or the copy editor's I don't pretend to know. However, from the content of the article itself, it is obvious that a few words were lost in the printing. Here is how it should read with those missing words restored: "How to Win the Cuban American Vote for Obama." It is understandable why those words would go a-missing. If his article is intended as some kind of primer for Obama on courting the Cuban-American vote, then it's a bigger fraud than is Obama himself. The Cuban-American vote is wedded to McCain and the marriage grows stronger the more that Obama's affinities to Fidel Castro become apparent. If McCain gets less than 85 percent of the Cuban-American vote, Más Santos can press his case for an ambassadorship (supposing Obama wins). Although the migration of Cuban exiles from the Republican to the Democratic party is a fiction, Más Santos wishes to convey the impression that there is a vanguard among them, made up of second and third generation Cuban-Americans, who are not afraid to tread where their fathers never trod; and leading these invisible legions of "forward-looking" and "proactive" younger Cubans in the thrall of Obama is -- whom else? --Más Santos himself.

I do not disagree with him that the Bush administration has followed a policy towards Cuba during the last 8 years that can indeed be described as "static" and even "counterproductive;" and it is also obvious to me that the U.S. has been more interested in maintaining the "sad status quo" than in fomenting freedom in Cuba. Unacceptable as I find this state of affairs, there is a case scenario that I would find even more objectionable: if U.S. policy had not merely stalled but rushed headlong in the wrong direction. In other words, if Bush had done to Cuba what Obama has said that he intends to do and has already substantially done. It has always been the regime's official position that it would not enter into negotiations with the U.S. or any other government, on the basis of prior conditions. If one wants to sit at the table with Castro, it must be on his terms, which are that no concessions should be requested of him that would diminish his control over the Cuban people and increase their freedom of action. This is in fact what Barack Obama has agreed not to ask. Such a dispensation means that nothing is negotiable except the terms of U.S. capitulation.

The resumption of diplomatic relations with Communist Cuba, which Obama's disposition to placate the tyrant will ensure, would be the greatest victory ever obtained by the Revolution at the expense of the United States since the Missile Crisis (1962): the first established the U.S. as guarantor of the Castro regime, but the latter would institutionalize it, also, at the literal expense of the U.S. Communism in Cuba, then, would not survive at the sufferance of the United States but through its patronage. Cubans would lose their freedom forever but gain a new and very active agent in their subordination, which, by making Communism profitable, would make it permanent for them.

Más Santos describes this as a "policy of support and engagement directed toward opening new avenues of freedom for the Cuban people as well as enhancing stability in the United States." Yes, they will be very new indeed because freedom never before was found on tyranny's Appian way. The "stability" that the U.S. would supposedly enjoy by cultivating amicable relations with Communist Cuba presupposes that Castro would cease being an antagonist if the U.S. ceased to oppose him. Such an expectation of reciprocality would only ensnare a fool or a fellow traveller who was only too willing to leave every avenue open, not to freedom, but to the unhampered advance of socialism.

One of the questions that Más Santos says Cuban-American voters will be asking themselves on November 4 is: "[I]f dissidents in Cuba had a vote in our election, for whom would they vote?" Nothing is more ridiculous. It is well to acknowledge that dissidents on the island are better acquainted with Castro's predations, as practiced on them and others, than is anybody else. They are the undoubted experts on Castro's apparatus of repression. However, it is the greatest folly to suggest that we should take our cues on U.S. politics from those who are the least informed on the subject, through no fault of their own, but because they live in a totalitarian state with a monopoly on the dissemination of news and rigid controls on the internet. If the MSM can conceal (as they have) from the American public the truth about Obama, are we to suppose that Cubans will unravel that truth through Castro's praise of him in Granma?

Más Santos also expressed the hope that a democratic Cuba would become "another Israel." An online commenter reacted thusly to this suggestion: "This guy wants Cuba to become 'the Israel of Latin America?' Do you guys at WP understand the motivation any Cuban would have to wish such a fate for his country? Who is this maniac anyway?" Indeed, Israel is not only the poorest Western democracy but the most embattled one (and, if Obama is elected, soon to be ever so more embattled). Is this the fate that Más Canosa imagines for Cuba? Have not the last 50 years of continuous belligerency been enough for our people? After all, Cubans don't have any enemies in the world pledged to our destruction. It is not necessary for us to defend ourselves from foreign threats that would not exist for a democratic Cuba. If Más Santos means that we should at least act independently of the United States even if actually dependent on it like Israel, then I would agree, although I should hope that a future democratic Cuba would not have to be dependent on the U.S. or any other country. We have had enough of that over the last 50 years too.

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109 comments: said...

However, we think that Obama’s victory will affect negatively the Latinamerican left. Check our last blog post to know how.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

If you mean that Obama's election would deprive Latin Americans of their favorite bogeyman because an African-American as president would be a living refutation of their propaganda about the U.S. being a "racist" country, I would answer that I should prefer that they continue to think so than to buy their good opinion at the price of an Obama presidency.

It's not a good idea to set the house on fire in order to prove that one is not a pyromaniac.

Alex said...

1) There was no purge but a schism, nobody told anybody to leave. If you think the CANF has less influence after the schism, ask yourself how much influence the CLC has, other than on Miami airwaves. 2) I don't know where you got that statistic about Israel being the poorest Western democracy (according to the CIA World Factbook is right between Ireland and Finland) but if Cuba had Israel's numbers it would be the best economy in the Caribbean and among the best in Latin America. If you look at where the former Eastern bloc countries are in their transition, Israel is a fantastic goal to aspire to. Add to it the many demographic and sociographic similarities and it's a very good comparison.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Purge or schism, the end result was the same: all the old Más Canosa hands were gone. Let's split the difference and call them recusants from an inhospitable church.

As for Israel, it is the world's poorest Western democracy. Without the largesse of the United States, it would be even poorer. This is due, in part, to being a desert state without oil; but also to the fact that it is a socialist one.

Ireland is now among the most prosperous nations of Europe. As for Finland, it should properly be considered a former Soviet dependency, though I would not be surprised if it were more prosperous than Israel, too.

It is interesting to note that before 1959 Cubans enjoyed a higher standard of living than did the Irish, the Italians, the Spaniards and the Portuguese (as well as all of Eastern Europe). Now every nation has pulled ahead of Cuba, and whereas formerly we bested all the not-so-developed parts of Europe, now even the poorest of them 50 years ago is immeasurably better off than Cuba.

Anonymous said...

Desespero total en Babalandia

Ya no saben mas que poner ni que inventarse en contra de Obama . Se le acaban los cheques del GOP . Se le acaba la importancia. Se le acaba el acceso a la Casa Blanca


Alex said...

Ah but there's a big difference, isn't it? Purge indicates they were expelled, schism indicates they took their marbles and left in a huff. BTW, most of the directors stayed on the CANF including of course its long time president Francisco Hernandez.

The Finns dependent on the Soviet Union? Seriously, where do you source this stuff?

History is history and facts are facts. Facing an arduous reconstruction ahead, Cuba can't have a better role model than Israel. Diversified economy, highly educated work force, highest living conditions in the Middle East and of course its most functional democracy despite being attacked since its foundation. As for US largesse, I hope Cuba receives an equal amount post-Castro.

What route do you suggest Cuba should take?

Anonymous said...

Val el plomero

Cuando Val iba a la Casa Blanca entraba por la cocina. A partir de Enero 2009 ira cuando sea llamado a arreglar la cañeria

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Not every purge is "proactive," to use Más Santos' favorite word. Some are carried out with more finesse and less forthrightness. The temperature in the office is raised to 120 degrees; the coffee is watered; the chairman ignores his "directors" at meetings or doesn't inform them when they are to take place. Or the locks are changed. As for "Pepe" Hernández, he wouldn't leave CANF even if Jorguito declared himself a "Marxist-Leninist."

Finland gave us Finlandization, a foreign policy of official neutrality influenced by a country's proximity to the Soviet Union. There were different shades of Soviet influence in Eastern Europe, and though not red Finland was certainly flaming pink in order not be colored red. It was only after the fall of the Soviet Union that Finland recovered its independence though the Finns had never lost their freedom.

I am surprised that you would ask me what route Cubans should take after the end of Castroism. You know my views well enough to answer that question yourself.

Cuba cannot be Israel, or Switzerland or anything other than itself. There is only one route for us: the 1940 Constitution; and one model: pre-Castro Cuba.

Alex said...

How do you get there is the question.

Anonymous said...

Tellechea we agree with you when you say that Cuba should look back to the 1940 constitution in order to move forward but with one caveat, the death penalty should be temporarily reinstated to legally allow the delivery of justice to those that have commited crimes against humanity and who betrayed the nation by siding with oppression, afterwards we should reinstate the ban on the death penalty.

It seems that Alex is either playing coy today, or is having memory lapses, if the former is at play, he should know that someone with nihilistic narcisism is like an open book to most everyone but the afflicted, if however the latter is taking place, it shouldn't surprise anyone here, leftists like Alex sometimes lose track of their invented realities and after a few years of scripting them it gets pretty hard to keep track of all the details, like Hillary and Biden, who "vividly remember" being shot at and having to force land the helicopters where they traveled in whatever war zones.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Yes, that is a good question.

All that I know is that we will be even farther from that day if what I hope doesn't happen on Nov. 4 happens.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I could sleep at night if Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden were at the top of the ticket. I envy Alex that. He actually admires McCain and would not be too disappointed if he won. I wish I felt that way about Obama. I can't. Never.

Fantomas said...

La Fundacion ha perdido mucha fuerza despues de la muerte de Mas Canosa. Quizas nunca mas sea lo que fue. Ciertamente una victoria de Obama los pondria de nuevo in the mix. Serian consultados mas a menudo por la gente de Obama y recibirian el respaldo politico y economico Democrata algo nunca antes visto. Siempre y cuando trabajen realmente para tratat de llevar la democracia a Cuba entonces it will be ok

Ahora resulta que El Gobierno de los EEUU ya comenzado a mover las fichas para hablar con el TALIBAN.

Si leyo usted bien claro. Los Queridos Talibanes de Afganistan

Aqui parece que se han olvidado de condiciones o pre condiciones y ahora buscan como aliarse con estos terroristas para acabar con la violencia

Los rusos nunca pudieron con ellos y los EEUU asi manden medio millon de soldados jamas podran acabar con los Talibanes

El problema de Cuba aparte de dictatorial es ideologico. Quizas Cuba JAMAS cambie politicamente

Con Obama y los Democratas quizas la vida del cubano comun sea mas llevadera ,menos confrontacional

Quizas aumenten los viajes y el comercio

Sera muy dificil que veamos el derrumbe del sitema A MENOS QUE EL PUEBLO ENARDECIDO TOME LAS CALLES de una vez y eso amigos parece estar muy lejos de ocurrir

Siempre lo he dicho el problema de Cuba se resuelve adentro . Ni los Republicanos ni los Democratas traeran la Democracia a Cuba . Ya lo demostraron . Tuvieron 50 años para hacerlo y fracasaron

Si hemos negociado con China, Vietnam, Rusia, North Korea que mas da negociar con Cuba

Ya España y la UE lo estan haciendo y Cuba sin mover un apice

Que nos queda? Seguir Esperando y teniendo fe que algun dia todo aquello acabara solo

Pasaran 200 años mas

Fantomas said...

Informacion de negociacion con taliban aqui

Anonymous said...

Fantomas usted piensa igual que los niños de poca sabiduria, su razonamiento con respecto a esta polemica carece de sabiduria y por lo tanto de validez, para proponer una posible doctrina o un punto de vista valido es impresindible estár basado en record historico y no en emociones, los brutos són guiados por emociones, los inteligentes por información valida, y sabiduria, acabe de crecér y deje de tratar de analizar con emociones, use la materia gris que tiene en el coco, no está ahi para acumulár polvo.

centurion said...

Señor Fantomas como esta? Gracias por escribir en español el idioma que hablamos todos los cubanos.

Agustin Farinas said...

es muy dificil analizar algo cuando se tiene solo una celula en el cerebro y esta esta trabajando dia y noche y sin descanso. No le pidas peras al olmo. Fantomas solo tiene una celula de materia gris y la pobre celula esta sobrecargada de trabajo. Su coeficiente de inteligencia esta a la misma altura de la temperatura de la fiebre en la escala de grados centigrados o Celsius.

centurion said...

Señor Farinas como esta? Gracias por escribir en español el idioma que hablamos todos los cubanos.

Fantomas said...

su razonamiento con respecto a esta polemica carece de sabiduria y por lo tanto de validez, para proponer una posible doctrina o un punto de vista valido es impresindible estár basado en record historico y no en emociones, los brutos són guiados por emociones, los inteligentes por información valida, y sabiduria, acabe de crecér y deje de tratar de analizar con emociones, use la materia gris que tiene en el coco, no está ahi para acumulár polvo.

No, No, no, no, no se trata de ninguna Doctrina... By the way the question was on the table y todavia Manolo no ha respondido

What is the Obama Doctrine?

El punto esta ahi pobre del que no lo quiera ver pero te lo voy a resumir una vez mas ..




Fariñas utiliza tu medula osea para entender lo que te acabo de decir . Es bien facil de entenderlo . Te lo he simplificado a nivel preescolar para que lo puedas entender

Anonymous said...

Señor Farina yo creo que usted erra al apuntár al coeficiente de Fantomas, si presta atención a algunos de los comentarios de este señor verá que a el le gusta jodér como decimos los cubanos, yo creo que su coeficiente puede estár normál pero el parece que prefiere comportarse como un fiñe.

Anonymous said...

Fantomas no le haga caso a Farinas
Nosotros sabemos lo que usted quiso decir. Lo que pasa es que estos intransigentes estan ciegos y tan abochornados por la paliza que su candidato recibira el cuatro de Noviembre.
Estan desesperados amigo Fantomas, recurren a las tacticas mas bajas para desprestigiar a los jovenes pensantes que no tienen pelos en la lengua como usted, porque sabemos fantomas que usted es muy joven
Usted representa el futuro de una Cuba libre y democratica. Los ancianos del Versalles, la generacion Batistiana , y los comunistas no tiene cabida en Cuba
Apreciamos su trabajo, admiramos su dedicacion, su ahinco y su perseverancia. Continue como va demostrandole al mundo su verdadero potencial

CJB-Fantomas' Nemesis said...

Anonimo 5:04 = Fantomas = Enrique Rubio = Gordisimo & Calvo = De Joven No Tiene Nada = Salchichones Prietos en Su Bocota = Maricón Profesionál = Comunista Sin Fidel

Anonymous said...

Apreciamos su trabajo, admiramos su dedicacion, su ahinco y su perseverancia. Continue como va demostrandole al mundo su verdadero potencial

El verdadero potencial de Fantomas lo reconocemos. Adelante hermano adelante, te leemos

Afgan Warrior said...

Fantomas y usted cree que Mc Cain hable con los talibanes con condiciones o con precondiciones

Anonymous said...

Usted representa el futuro de una Cuba libre y democratica. Los ancianos del Versalles, la generacion Batistiana , y los comunistas no tiene cabida en Cuba

Y te falto decir los Americanos cubanos y cubanos exiliados que llevan mas de 40 años en el exilio esos tampoco tendran cabida en una Cuba libre. No los queremos , no los necesitamos

Fantomas said...

Afgan Warrior said...
Fantomas y usted cree que Mc Cain hable con los talibanes con condiciones o con precondiciones

10/28/2008 5:49 PM

I Think Mc Cain is walking a fine line. Obama will certainly talk to Taliban without pre conditions if the end goal is to end violence .

Fantomas said...

Babalu on British TV - UPDATED
Val, George and I are in Miami Beach where we'll be participating with Sky News from the UK.

Me imagino que Manuel nos deleitara con un post acerca de la participacion de Val , George and Henry oon Sky News , British TV

Acabo de ver el video y escuchar a Henry hablar. Ralmente no aporto nada nuevo al debate . La misma retorica de siempre

Lo que me llamo mucho la atencion fue que el presentador Ingles se refirio a Babalu como Babalu blog the got to guys in the cuban american comunity

Y ahi es que yo difiero grandemente quien CARAJO ha dicho que Babalu me representa a mi o a ningun cubano en el exilio. Este self proclaim title se lo creeran 2 o 3 fascinerosos que con los blinkers on le siguen el juego a estos muchachones Americanos cubanos que jamas han vivido con CARNE PROPIA what is to be a victim of that concentration camp called Cuba

Bueno aqui termino por ahora porque se que Manuel Tellechea escribira un tremendo post una vez el vea el replay del British show

Bloody me

Fantomas said...

Mas de un millon de Norteamericanos han votado adelantado en la florida. Basta con ver la contextura de la raza en las filas para saber hacia donde irian esos votos

Señores no hay que ser muy inteligente para analizar todo esto.

A mayor participacion ciudadana estas eleccciones mayores los chances de Obama

La gante sale a votar cuando quieren un cambio , si todo estuviera color de rosa la gente se quedaria en sus casas y no votaria

By the way, it is a shame in the USA Nov 4 is NOT a NATIONAL holiday

It is time to ask for it

Anonymous said...

By the way, it is a shame in the USA Nov 4 is NOT a NATIONAL holiday

It is time to ask for it


(201) 864-7968 said...

Manuel A Tellechea , Union City NJ

Feel free to call me

No le den el numero a Fantomas que despues me llama de noche

CJB-Fantomas' Nemesis said...

Fantomas is so incapable of writing anything other than his usual mariconá, that even he/it recognizes that when the time comes to truly write a post, rather than copy & paste, he/it is incapable of doing it, the maricón then defers the job to Tellechea, a fellow whose writing skill is unquestionable.

Enriqueta = Maricón
Enriqueta = Mamalón de Salchichón
Enriqueta = Te Queda Poco Pato

Encontramos a un negrón bugarrón que nos ha dicho que le partirá el trasero a Fantomas por gratis, le aclaramos que el ano de Fantomas está partido de hace decadas.

plomero de Kendal said...

Farinas, usted es un bofe.

Anonymous said...

"Val, George and I are in Miami Beach where we'll be participating with Sky News from the UK."

wow! 1-800-jenny-craig

Anonymous said...

Wow, there is already talk about a Palin/Trancredo ticket in 2012. And Manuel, how do you feel about Pailin mocking the Spanish language today. And will you be rooting for this xenophoic, and anti-Cuban-American Palin/Trancredo ticket?

Cracker Wacker - Xenophobe...Go Home said...

Janey "Louise Dobbie" LittleWinner @ 9:12, your Bull Shit is so old that not even the stench of shit can manage to emanate from it, basically you are down to nothing you xenophobe cracker MoFo, go and find yourself a xenomorph at LB 426, just ask Van Luen for permission first, otherwise the shake & bake colony members will rape your fucken hillbilly ass, you prick.

Anonymous said...

plomero de Kendal said...
Farinas, usted es un bofe.

Fariñas es un desgraciado

Anonymous said...

tic tac tic tac tic tac tic tac tic tac tic tac tic tac tic tac tic tac tic tac tic tac tic tac

Anonymous said...

Como dice Fantomas , ver cerrando las persianas Manuel le quedan 6 dias de vida a este Blog

Black Tuesday is upon us

Anonymous said...

Fariñas es de los que mea sentado

Anonymous said...

Manuel tellechea = chivato

Alex said...

Well, I would certainly not feel civilization has ended if McCain wins.

So Manuel, it's the 1940 constitution a political document or a time machine? I agree with its restoration. But the Cuba of 200X is not the Cuba of 1959. That's gone. It has been destroyed and set back a few decades. What I'm asking about is what route, what plan, what country's experiences should we look at and learn from. Again, Israel, which was created out of nothing, is not a bad role model.

Fantomas said...

And Manuel, how do you feel about Pailin mocking the Spanish language today

Que dijo la Palin hoy en contra de los Hispanos?

palin video said...

Angel Garzón said...

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

"...The Cuban-American vote is wedded to McCain and the marriage grows stronger the more that Obama's affinities to Fidel Castro become apparent. If McCain gets less than 85 percent of the Cuban-American vote, Más Santos can press his case for an ambassadorship (supposing Obama wins)..."

Manuel, in the case of this C-A, my vote has been wedded to Senator McCain since 1999, when as a volunteer in his campaign for the GOP nomination I had the opportunity to meet him and briefly speak to him about VietNam and Cuba, it was not the meeting that swayed me, for I had been swayed long before the meeting took place by the Senator's personal and political record, the meet however served to seal my loyalty, for McCain's honesty and candor are not only uncommon for a politician of his level and length of service, but what he tells you is what he believes, whether you like it or not becomes irrelevant and his eyes being the windows to his soul say it all.

So Manuel, if Jorge Más Santos were to hypothetically press his case for an ambassadorship, something that I believe will not take place, not because Jorge will not deliver more than 15% of the C-A vote, but because I believe that the McCain-Palin ticket will win and by a landslide, then - and again hypothetically speaking - what would Fantomas be inclined to press Obama for, given his fanatic support and advocacy for the closet-Marxist and fellow-closet homosexual?

CJB-Fantomas' Nemesis said...

Señor Garzón nos gustó mucho el segundo parrafo de su comentario, especialmente la pregunta hypotetica suya, en particular la parte que se refiere a las inclinaciones de Enriqueta, bien dicho, ahora espere la diarrea mental del mariconsón retardao, pero no se preocupe cuando venga eso, nosotros tenemos al tipo rodeao, ya queda poco tiempo para que llegue la justicia y de que viene no tenga duda.

juan de translator said...

Garzon said:

"McCain-Palin ticket will win and by a landslide"

ha ha ha ha ha ha
hee hee hee heeeeee heeeeeeeee

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Such is my frame of mind in anticipation of Nov. 4 that not even the Unholy Triad's antics on British tv can whet my interest.

It could have been a great post, though, with Monty Python references and my vast knowledge of British history thrown into the mix.

But the heart is weary and the pen is sluggish; and, worst of all, my funny bone is in a sling.

Nothing is funny anymore; nothing matters except this. It is said that the prospect of death wonderfully concentrates the mind. Here, of course, we are talking of collective suicide, and even those who are not signatories to the pact must suffer its consequences.

Now, fantomas, go have your breakfast of orange Kool-Aid while the brand-name version is still available.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Actually, if McCain won, you would think that the country was in pretty good hands and there would be no more sincere a well-wisher for his longevity than you.

A time machine would be nice; not for our sake, since we already know the truth about Cuban history, but so that those who don't could be disabused of their illusions about Castro (supposing that they would have the honesty to admit their error).

We cannot, of course, live in the past because we have lives in the present. Yet the lessons of the past, which can be gleamed without a time machine, are the only ones we need to reconstruct our country.

Israel was not created out of nothing; it was created out of Palestine, and there's the rub, so to speak. A free and democratic Cuba would not have a score of nations vent on its destruction, nor would it have to evolve politically, socially and economically in spite of that fact. If we can transcend our present condition we will be infinitely better situated in the world than is Israel or virtually any other country.

The problem, of course, lies in getting to that juncture. We never will, however, so long as the U.S. remains the guarantor of Communism in Cuba or values stability there more than it does the freedom of the Cuban people.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


If Obama wins, I am sure that he will find some way to reward Fantomas' allegiance. It takes so little to please him -- a $10 per month increment in his food stamp allowance would do it.

Fantomas said...

What is the Obama Doctrine Manuel?

Alex said...

Well, a Zionist would say it was created in (not out of) the British protectorate of Palestine, formerly a Roman province called Judah.

Anyway. So you can't avail yourself of a time machine nor a crystal ball. Whishes are fine, but why stand on the way of those with concrete proposals? It's easy to sit on the roof and throw stones at the people walking below.

Benny Hill said...

It could have been a great post, though, with Monty Python references and my vast knowledge of British history thrown into the mix.

You are not British Manuel, sorry Lad

Anonymous said...

juan de translator said...

Garzon said:

"McCain-Palin ticket will win and by a landslide"

ha ha ha ha ha ha
hee hee hee heeeeee heeeeeeeee

10/29/2008 1:16 AM

Juan Garzon drinks Kool Aid

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I don't mind sitting on the roof threwing stones at those who are about to jump blindly into the abyss. It may actually save some of them from committing a great mistake.

Anonymous said...

El sitio en internet Net for Cuba international está desarrollando una intensa campaña en contra del candidato presidencial demócrata, Barack Obama.
Entre las ''preocupaciones'' que este sitio alega, las cuales utiliza para rechazar a Obama se encuentra la siguiente:
''Barack Hussein Obama ha desarrollado lazos cercanos con terroristas y enemigos confesos de Estados Unidos, como por ejemplo William Ayers, líder de un grupo terrorista denominado: 'Weatherman Underground', el cual bombardeó varios edificios del gobierno federal incluyendo el Pentágono, asesinó civiles y oficiales de la policía. En el año 2001, Ayers enfatizó que no se arrepentía de sus acciones y que hubiera deseado haber realizado otras. La carrera política de Obama fue lanzada en la casa de William Ayers y ambos sirvieron juntos en la Junta del ala izquierda en Chicago'', especifica Net for Cuba.
Ahora bien, es este mismo sitio aparece una petición en favor de la libertad para Eduardo Arocena, en que se le pide la firma a los visitantes. Net for Cuba cataloga a Arocena de ''prisionero político cubano en cárceles de Estados Unidos''.
En realidad, Eduardo Arocena no tiene nada de ''prisionero político'' y cumple condena por asesinato y atentados terroristas. El fiscal a cargo de su caso fue
Los ataques en los que participó Arocena no se realizaron en suelo cubano y no estuvieron dirigidos contra objetivos militares. Se produjeron en territorio norteamericano y contra contra personas e instituciones civiles, que simplemente tenían criterios diferentes a los de Arocena y la organización terrorista Omega 7.
Dos personas, Eulalio José Negrín, participante en el llamado Diálogo realizado en 1978 y el diplomático cubano Félix García Rodríguez, murieron asesinadas en los ataques llevados a cabo por Arocena.
Omega 7, bajo el liderazgo de Arocena, también colocó explosivos en un equipaje de la aerolínea TWA en el aeropuerto JFK en 1979. La explosión causó grandes daños. La organización también realizó atentado explosivos contra una oficina de venta de boletos de la aerolínea soviética Aeroflot, la embajada de México en Nueva York, la misión diplomática cubana en Nueva York y los consulados de Venezuela y México en Miami de ese país y de Venezuela. Durante el atentado en la oficina de Aeroflot, también fue baleado un policía. Omega & incluso llegó atentar contra el Avery Fisher Hall y el Madison Square Garden, en Nueva York.
Ayers realizó actos aborrecibles durante su juventud, y así lo ha hecho Obama. Nunca se ha demostrado que participó en actos en que murieron personas. El lamentable comentario, en que expresó que no se arrepentía de lo que había hecho en su juventud, ha sido sacado de contexto y no siempre se repite sin agregar una declaración posterior de éste, en que repudia los atentados terroristas del 11 de septiembre de 2001. Tampoco se habla de la notable carrera educacional que ha desarrollado con posterioridad ni de las opiniones que sobre él tienen políticos y funcionarios de Chicago, pertenecientes a ambos partidos.
Sin embargo, lo que llama la atención es que ciertos exiliados continúen manteniendo la postura de considerar a unos terroristas buenos y a otros malos, de acuerdo a sus simpatías políticas. Esta posición no sólo es anacrónica, sino lo que es más importante: inmoral.
Fotografía: una niña baila en su casa en la barriada de Diez de Octubre, en La Habana (Ramón Espinosa/AP).
Comentario de Alejandro Armengol a las 7:43 PM 1 Comentarios

El Herald se retracta said...

Aclaración sobre la nota de Bill Ayers
Redacción de El Nuevo Herald
Con referencia a la nota informativa titulada Bill Ayers trabajó para Cuba, según informe del FBI, la columnista Judi McLeod, de Canada Free Press, utiliza como fuente un artículo publicado por The New York Times el 9 de octubre de 1977, por lo que El Nuevo Herald considera que está desactualizada y por lo tanto carece de valor noticioso.

El informe del FBI, que constituye el elemento central de la columna, se remonta a 1976.

Cuban gallup man said...

Polls of polls 10-29-08


Obama 50%
Mc Cain 42%
Unsure 8%

Anonymous said...

McCain rally in Miami
I have a correspondent on the scene at the McCain rally here in Miami and will report later today. Suffice to say that the yelling and cheering in the background during the phone call was pretty loud. Conservatives are energized as I haven't seen since the days of Ronald Reagan.

Posted by George Moneo at 10:16 AM | Permanent Link to this Post | Habla (1)

Perdonadlo dios Mio , no sabe que inventar este individuo. ahora dice que tienen un correspondiente en el rally de Mc Same. O sea tiene un corresponsal embedded, ayer fue la entrevista en el programa de Benny Hill de British Network y manaña donde veremos a estos personajes the so called " got to guys in the Cuban American Community"

Yuniesky el plomero balsero said...

Estos " got to gays" de la comunidad de Miami deben quedarse bailando en Mangos cafe en la playa

Ellos representan a los plomeros no a los cubanos

jimmy said...

Un tercer y devastador huracán se enfila directamente hacia la isla de Cuba. Con la Isla apenas iniciando su recuperación de los devastadores huracanes Ike y Gustav el huracán Hugh pareciera que le daría a Cuba y su revolución el tan esperado “knock out” final.

Los huracanes se forman debido a la convergencia de corrientes naturales de aire. La colisión de estas fuerzas naturales produce principalmente en el centro una fuerza destructiva capaz de dejar en ruinas todo lo que encuentra a su paso.

El huracán Hugh no es un huracán literal si no más bien un ciclón alegórico y lo he nombrado así en honor al aprendiz de gobernante “Hugo Chávez”. La convergencia de fuerzas se está dando, por un lado con la inminente recesión mundial y por el otro con la insana política socialista liderada por el aprendiz de dictador de Venezuela.

Con el desplome de los precios del petróleo y una política económica errática y antojadiza de Hugo Chávez, Venezuela se encuentra a las puertas del colapso económico. La pregunta que uno se hace es: ¿Continuará Hugo Chávez en medio de una inminente crisis económica subsidiando con billones de petrodólares el fracasado experimento socialista Cubano?

A mi parecer los primeros vientos del huracán Hugh se comenzarán a sentir en las propias puertas de los cuadros chavistas. Cuando los interminables miembros de sus estructura política dejen de recibir las dádivas o incentivos económicos a cambio del incuestionable respaldo a sus dictatoriales y errantes lineamientos políticos.

Cuando los cuadros chavistas no tengan más subsidios para pagar sus teléfonos celulares, comprar cerveza o recibir un salario por la simple razón de “disponibilidad”, buscarán a un culpable y el culpable mas lógico seria para ellos el generoso apoyo económico de su mandatario hacia el régimen cubano.

Hugo Chávez le ha dado a Cuba un apoyo económico que de manera indocta estimo que podría haber llegado ha esta fecha a cuarenta billones de dólares. Estoy seguro que cuando la tormenta económica comience a azotar Venezuela, los cuadros chavistas se comenzaran a preguntar: ¿Cuantas hidroeléctricas, escuelas, hospitales se pudieron haber construido con ese dinero?

Perdón, debo rectificar la anterior pregunta porque me había olvidado que las masas que apoyan a Hugo Chávez pertenecen a lo que en el lenguaje socialista se denominan “lumpen proletariado” por lo tanto esta pregunta seria demasiado profunda para estas ignorantes masas, la pregunta tal ves seria: ¿Con la ayuda que le ha dado Venezuela a Cuba cuantos DVD’s, Ipods, celulares, cervezas y ron se pudieron comprar?

Seguramente los Castro, a sabiendas de que su supervivencia política estaría en una situación muy comprometida, comenzarán a influenciar aun más a su “tonto útil” en su lado más vulnerable: Su ego. Puedo vislumbrar más cartas personales de Fidel hacia Hugo, más llamadas telefónicas, más visitas, etc. Tal vez inclusive los Castro le den a este aprendiz de dictador el status de héroe nacional junto con José Martí y Che Guevara. No se extrañen los cubanos si de pronto se encuentran con una estatua de Hugo Chávez en algún lugar de Cuba del mismo tamaño que la que tiene el Che en Santa Clara.

Después de esto la fuerza del huracán se trasladará directamente al Palacio de Miraflores. Hugo Chávez será presionado por sus asesores y ministros económicos a hacer recortes en su generoso presupuesto. El tema del espléndido subsidio hacia Cuba saldrá de nuevo a la palestra, pero con los tantos asesores, monitores, consejeros y guías cubanos rodeando al aprendiz de dictador, será para este casi imposible hacer recortes a su desprendida generosidad hacia la isla.

Puedo visualizar que en este momento de la tormenta habrá una “guerra sucia” en el Palacio de Miraflores. Por un lado los “asesores” cubanos defendiendo los intereses de Cuba y por los otros funcionarios venezolanos siendo “neutralizados” ante cualquier iniciativa que presenten que pueda cambiar la generosa política venezolana hacia la isla. En ese momento los venezolanos caerán en cuenta que en su palacio de gobierno no existe una fuerza aliada amiga si no más bien una fuerza de ocupación…

Por último cuando la situación económica venezolana se haga insostenible el huracán Hugh se enfilara directamente hacia la isla de Cuba y según mi lenguaje alegórico con una categoría cinco. La pregunta será muy obvia: ¿Que hará el régimen cubano sin los casi diez millones de dólares diarios que le regala Venezuela?

En una ocasión compare a Hugo Chávez con el torpe e ingenuo héroe de mi infancia, el Chapulín Colorado y rebautice al aprendiz de dictador como el Chavez-lin Colorado. El arma del Chapulín para destruir a sus enemigos era un enorme martillo de plástico: El chipote chillón. Muy pronto Hugo Chávez o el Chavez-lin Colorado tendrá que enfrentar muchos enemigos debido a sus erráticas y torpes decisiones económicas. Mi pregunta es: ¿Que clase de daño puede hacerle a los venezolanos el “chipote chillón” de su Chavez-lin Colorado?

Vana said...

As we can see by this endorsment from Mas Santos is impossible to unite us, some of us desperate to see an end to this stalemate are jumping in the wrong bandwagon.

Disciplina Sr. Tellechea said...

Señor Tellechea como dueño de este jornál ustéd tiene la responsabilidád, de acuerdo a las leyes que le aplican a las "blogs", de protejér la propiedad intelectual de otras fuentes, cuando ustéd permite que sus comentaristas copien y pégen la propiedad intelectual de una fuente que tiene derechos reservados a ella, está ustéd violando los derechos de esas fuentes y la ley le puede sér aplicada a ustéd, por favor, ponga disciplina en esa area, todo comentarista que quiera referír a los lectores debe solamente escribír las priméras frases de un articulo y el resto de ese articulo debe sér referido via un enlaze (link). Muchas gracias señor.

Jill said...

Is the economic crisis leading to more suicides?
Although such cases are making headlines, the link between suicides and a troubled economy isn't as clear-cut, and other risk factors enter into the equation.
By Jill U. Adams

October 27, 2008

A 45-year-old man in Porter Ranch killed himself and his family earlier this month after losing his job and money he had invested in the stock market.

One week later, a 53-year-old Pasadena woman was found dead in her burning home, an apparent suicide, after facing eviction from the house where she grew up. The house was foreclosed earlier this year.

Stories like these raise sober questions: Will economic hard times trigger more suicides? What kind of people are most likely to kill themselves over lost jobs, savings and homes? The risk factors for suicide have been well-studied by psychologists and sociologists, says Dr. Robert Simon, psychiatrist at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Md., and professor at Georgetown University School of Medicine in Washington, D.C. By far, the strongest risk factor is mental illness in the form of depression or anxiety disorders. Many studies have shown that about 90% of those who attempt suicide have a mental disorder.

But there are documented economic risk factors too, including low income and unemployment, says Matthew Nock, a psychologist at Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass. Nock is coauthor of a July paper, published in Epidemiologic Reviews, that reviewed more than 1,000 published papers on suicides from all over the world and consistently found economically disadvantaged people at higher risk for suicide. Low educational achievement and unmarried status also play a role, he says.

A 2007 report is seemingly at odds with this well-accepted pattern of low social status begetting higher suicide rates. The paper, published in the Archives of General Psychiatry, showed that high-status people who experience a loss of job, income or marriage had the highest risk of any group of committing suicide. The study used data collected from 96,000 psychiatric patients in Denmark.

As with the low-status risk factors, specific causes underlying the big-fall phenomenon are not clear. "Is it some psychological factor, such as loss of identity?" Nock says. "I have a more practical view. This could just represent a huge stressor for a person."

Generally, a number of stressors are involved. "Suicides are rarely if ever caused by just one thing," says Simon. An impulsive personality "is one risk factor. If you've got a bunch of other ones, they start to add up."

Adds Nock, "The No. 1 reason people give for making suicide attempts, pretty consistently across studies, is escape from some intolerable or humiliating situation."

Often there is a trigger, some final stressor that may push a person to suicide.

There are protective factors as well, Simon says, such as a strong marriage, children in the household, good coping skills and self-esteem, moral and religious values, and even beloved pets.

Stephen Stack, a professor of criminal justice at Wayne State University in Detroit, says that although unemployment is strongly linked to suicide, there are almost no data on loss of home or foreclosures. Stack studied 62 suicide case files in Detroit that had some element of economic strain and found that in 10 of those cases, victims had lost their homes, and seven of those had been evicted. Home loss often occurred with unemployment.

This suggests that a loss of home "may be just as bad as loss of job, but there is little research on it," Stack says. The link between economic downturns and suicide rates is not straightforward. Says Brian Mishara, president of the International Assn. for Suicide Prevention and psychologist at the University of Quebec at Montreal: "Ireland's suicides soared when unemployment decreased and standards of living increased. New Zealand suicide rates increased along with economic prosperity." During the Great Depression, suicide rates rose dramatically. In the 1930s, suicides were the cause of nearly 16 deaths per 100,000 people, according to a 2002 report by the Institute of Medicine. "The rate hasn't been that high since," Nock says. "Now we're at about 10 deaths by suicide per 100,000 people" -- back to the rate observed in 1920, before the Great Depression.

However, stories of people jumping from windows on Black Monday are largely myth. In other words, economic hard times may simply shine a brighter light on suicides even if there's not much change in rate. Suicides today may appear more newsworthy as the media attempt to describe how the financial market crisis affects everyday Americans.

Adams is a freelance writer.

Anonymous said...

"Fair use" rules under section 107 of the U.S copyright law applies" -

As long as Tellechea is not profitting from it, it should be ok Mr Disciplina

Anonymous said...


A new vanaism?

oveja negra said...



No Martinez, that is PRECISELY "the America we came to." And most of your current supporters came to it PRECISELY because it was NOT socialist, because socialism had a made a nauseating mess of their own birthplace. You and your supporters are perfectly free to return to your country of origin, where such items are paid for by the state. Instead of campaigning to supplant the means for your supporters' improvidence and stupidity from productive Americans, why not--simply GO BACK TO CUBA!

In case you haven't heard: that system has been tried. And your district is full of refugees from it.

Posted by Humberto at 01:13 PM | Permanent Link to this Post | Habla (3)

Comandos F44 said...

En west Hollywood salio una figura de Palin ahorcada a un arbol. Ya es hora de ajusticiar a los Humberto Fontovas de la vida , los Val Prietos de la vida y hacer lo mismo con ellos . Del palo de mango mas alto

Llego la hora cubanos. Manos a la obra que pa luego es tarde

Anonymous said...

You and your supporters are perfectly free to return to your country of origin, where such items are paid for by the state.

WRONG EN CUBA TODO CUESTA, las neveras las estan vendiendo a 6000 pesos, las tejas a 9.50 cuc cada una, la luz hay que pagarla, el agua, el telefono, la comida carisima , ademas en Cuba estas pagando con la falta de libertad personal todo lo que te ofrece el gobierno de gratis

Charlie papa said...

Everybody please congratulate Val on this historic milestone

This is the 10,000th actual post on Babalu Blog
And on this occassion, I just want to humbly thank our readers for their continued support and their continued visits and for being part of this family. And to our contributors: guys, what can I say. You all are the heart and soul of Babalu.

When I started this blog, I had no idea where it would lead. Today I know exactly where it has led.

All of you - readers, commenters, lurkers, linkers, contributors, writers...every single one of you - has come here to this little island on the net and made me a much better human being.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your lives and for being such a wonderful part of mine.

Posted by Val Prieto at 02:09 PM | Permanent Link to this Post | Habla (0)

Escrito por Chago said...

Excelente Manuel. No te lo pierdas, enseñaselo a Farinas

La amenaza (no otra cosa, es sin duda la más seria de las amenazas para la estabilidad de todos) de una continuación en la presidencia del representante del Partido Republicano en la Casa Blanca, y el embullo Obama (no hay que restarle ni un ápice de mérito al jabao: si no fuera por él no hubiera sido) han logrado que muchos de los que estamos por esta otra ribera nos decantemos, y hasta declaremos públicamente, cuál de los dos candidatos recibiría el voto —en caso de que fuera posible.
Los cubanos estamos llenos de futuribles, de deseos incompletos, de ganas de vivir lo ajeno. Por otra parte es natural, teniendo como referencia el último medio siglo pasado y lo que va de éste.
Pero es importante recalcar que todo esto es gracias al señor Barack, no al anciano McCain, quien evidentemente va a pagar los platos rotos, y quien me parece que fue el último truco de su propio mago: su partido. No hay más que ver la pareja escogida para que dé la cara de la Roma moderna ante sus socios y homólogos; no haya más que escuchar a Sarah Palin para saber quién es John McCain.
Y es curioso, luego de ver al anciano militar contar cómo se jugaba el pellejo, alardear de sus heridas de combate en aquellos gloriosos ataques con modernísimos artilugios y niños y niñas quemados que luego recorrieron nuestras vidas y se alojaron en la memoria colectiva, me dan unos deseos tremendos de ser norteamericano, de que me dejaran votar a tan alto héroe, defensor, según leo, de los valores de Occidente. ¿Qué valores son los de Occidente? ¿Son valores de Occidente? No lo sé, pero siempre que escucho a John McCain me sube un eggun conservador, que ahora se lleva, mezcla de Arnold Schwarzenegger y Julio Iglesias, que es un reflejo del american way of life.
Aquí se me agudiza el trauma, pido paciencia, se me profundiza el desconcierto y me preocupo, quede claro.
Trauma que viene de ver y escuchar al señor McCain confesando haber ido a matar repetidamente, no hubo meeting donde no se prodigara en sus años de milico, que han sido casi todos. ¡Exigir sentirse valorado! Por haber dejado, no sabe ni siquiera él mismo a cuántos sin vida, sin familia, mutilados en los mejores casos, y reclamando el voto por ello. ¡Por haber invadido sin objeciones de ninguna índole a varios países! Todo para salvar los valores de Occidente, claro.
Ya hemos sabido de la amenaza de Vietnam y del poderío de Irak. De la paz lograda y de la buena voluntad de los EE UU en formar terroristas para luego combatirlos.
Mi trauma es ver cómo todavía el manantial de la insensatez, que es definitivamente sempiterna —¿o era la estupidez infinita?— continúa, borbotea, fresco. Cómo se sigue premiando al que mata, al que hace la guerra, cómo lo secundan.

Santiago Méndez Alpízar (Chago)

Disciplina Sr. Tellechea said...

Anonymous said...

"Fair use" rules under section 107 of the U.S copyright law applies" -

As long as Tellechea is not profitting from it, it should be ok Mr Disciplina"

10/29/2008 1:41 PM

You are WRONG anonymous 1:41 PM. See a brief summary of Kelly vs. Arriba Soft Corporation as held by the US Ninth Circuit Court:

"...the secondary user only copies as much as is necessary for his or her intended use."

The cut-off line is set at roughly 400 words and furthermore, those 400 words MUST NOT represent "...the heart of the original work..." as ruled in Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc. v. Nation Enters.

Is that clear to you now Fantomas, aka, multiple personalities?

Mr. Tellechea the responsibility lies with you while the infringement is taking place on your blog, please sir, institute discipline as per the currently acknowledged and accepted rules. Thank you.

Disciplina Sr. Tellechea said...

Let me make it simple and crystal clear for you Fantomas:

Just because my garage door is open, you don't have a "fair use" right to enter said garage, in fact you do not even have a right to walk onto my property with the intention of gaining entry unless you have obtained my approval prior to entering. Furthermore, even if I were to give you permission to enter my garage while I am there with you, does not mean that you now have the "fair use" right to enter any other section of my house without my permission and consent. Is that clear enough for you fantomas, aka Mr. Cut & Paste"?

Anonymous said...

Just because my garage door is open

Is that You Manuel Alberto?

Anonymous said...

Disciplina Sr. Tellechea = Manuel

Disciplina Sr. Tellechea said...

Enrique, dejate ya de estár comiéndo mierda, Tellechea no es el autor de los comentarios acerca de la disciplina y tu lo sabes, abandona tu mala costumbre de copiar & pegár, le vaz a crear un problema a Tellechea, aunque séa por una sola vez en tu miserable vida, extiendele la cortesia a Tellechea de prevenír el crearle un problema legal innecesariamente, Tellechea te extiende cortesía a ti diariamente, recipróca, come mierda.

Anonymous said...

Palestinian Ibrahim Abu Jayab, 24, is seen next to his computer, in his family house in Nusayrat refugee camp, central Gaza Strip, Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2008. A young Palestinian in a Gaza refugee camp is doing his part to get out the vote for Barack Obama. With a little help from the Internet, 24-year-old Ibrahim Abu Jayab is cold calling random American families from his parent's home imploring them to vote Obama.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News....

Babalu Radio will air tonite from 8pm til 8.30pm . Millions of Mc Cain supporters will tune in to listen to the Benny Hill Gang George Moneo, Val Prieto and Henry Gomez . This in response to Obama's infomercial which will take over the US airwaves at the same time

Possible surprise Guest, Ronald Reagan from heaven

Angel Garzón said...

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


If Obama wins, I am sure that he will find some way to reward Fantomas' allegiance. It takes so little to please him -- a $10 per month increment in his food stamp allowance would do it."

10/29/2008 7:15 AM

Manuel, you made laugh uncontrollably, but I have to disagree with you on this subject, Fantomas will demand more, a lot more from Obama, these parasites are constantly demanding more and more entitlements from everyone else, while just as constantly refusing to do anything for themselves, the Casstros have ruined Cuba in many different ways, one of those has been instilling in many members of the population the mentality that if you can steal from the State or from someone else, go ahead and do it, because after all, it's all part of "resolvér," Fantomas is one of those that likes the "guaguancó."

If Obama were to run into Enrique, el Fantomas would do anything within his power to convince the mulato to meet with him inside the limo, afterwards he would remind Obama that he was able to have his tuition at Columbia "taken care of" by sucking the chrome off an Saudi trailer hitch, Fantomas would absolutely demand to have the same right as the Arab to such entitlement.

Angel Garzón said...

Manuel and Alex, I would suggest that perhaps a mixture of the Hong Kong and Singapore models twitched to more accurately represent the Cuban cultural, national heritage and republican institutions would work best for a new Cuban republic. What do you think?

centurion said...

Señor Garzon como esta? Por favor escriba en español el idioma que hablamos todos los cubanos.

Angel Garzón said...

Disciplina Sr. Tellechea, there have been a number of RCAB commentators, including me, that have brought up the issue of copy and paste as it affects the Fair Use Rules, or rather, as the rules affect the copy and paste practice when it's done in an improper way, if I remember well, Ms. Calabaza of Pumpkin Seeds and Contradictions, Vana and Agustin Farinas have also brought up the subject, it is appropriate to mention that the usual perpetrator here at RCAB doesn't ignore the rules at his own "blog," it makes me wonder what his intentions are towards the only respectable blogger (Manuel Tellechea) that extends him seemingly never-ending courtesies, I'd suggest that Manuel should put his foot down and squash this cockroach.

centurion con c minuscula, aprenda a leer y escribír en inglés, o callese la boca caballero, este blog está basado en los EEUU, aqui se habla el inglés, alfabeticese...¿OK...Fantomas?

Vana said...

I say we all go to fantomas blog and cutNpaste all we feel like doing, who's willing?

Angel Garzón said...

Hey V, what's new and different with you?

It wouldn't work, not without hacking into it, which I could do, but will not do, not because of Fantomas, but because doing so would be against principles that I adhere to, anyway, his "blog" is set up so that all comments are pre-screened by him before being posted, he believes in all kinds of transparency and freedoms, as long as he is exempted from them as he wishes, sounds familiar?

Vana said...

Hey Angel, nothing new here, same old, rested from your travels? is always good to hear from you.

Too bad it will not work, I feel like going to his blog and pestering him no end, though the thought of going there makes me shudder.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Fantomas is taking advantage of the fact that I do not at present have the energy to re-open The Madhouse. If things don't go our way on November 4, all will be epilogue. But if McCain wins, Fantomas will receive the full Madhouse treatment from an exhilarated and exuberant me.

Fantomas said...

RCAB::::Breaking News

Major announcement

Fantomas will cease operations until Nov 5. No comments should be posted here or any other Blog until further notice

This hiatus will serve one purpose only

Still, Manuel You have not told me what " The Obama Doctrine " means

If I do not have an answer from you before Nov 5 That day I will tell you what I think it is

see you in 7 days...

Anonymous said...

The chickens, are coming home to roost...

Angel Garzón said...

Vana, I barely got a chance to really rest until this past weekend when basically I didn't do much but watch TV and catch up on a few personal eMails, I was going to take the job, but my wife didn't quite like the idea of me being away for three weeks every month, I'm working on trying to talk to another outfit about their opportunities in either Ireland or Germany, the wife is willing to accept those locations because I could be home in eight or ten hours, the other job required a whole day to get back here because of the time zones, it would've been sweet, but what are you gonna do? you women rule the earth.

How was Vegas? Did you stay at my fave, the Lady Luck?

CJB-Fantomas' Nemesis said...

Señor Tellechea le hemos limpiado su blog de la viruléncia de Fantomas, no solo lo tenemos rodeado, sino también encarcelado, el cobarde no se atreve a salír del caserío publico (proyecto) donde vive a costo de los contribuyentes. De nada Sr. Tellechea.

Angel Garzón said...

Manuel, you might as well begin to get the Madhouse ready, I wasn't kidding or hoping when I said that the McCain-Palin team is going to win by a landslide, the data that I have indicates that as election day has been getting closer, more people who will vote are going to do so for our team, as for us here, we already bought the champagne, so go on ahead and dust up the ol' facility, it should be fun, I look forward to it.

BTW, what do you think about my proposal (see my comment at 5:43 PM yesterday) for the mixture of the Hong-Kong and Singapore models for a future Cuban republic?

Angel Garzón said...

Fantomas said...

"RCAB::::Breaking News

Major announcement

Fantomas will cease operations until Nov 5. No comments should be posted here or any other Blog until further notice

This hiatus will serve one purpose only..."

ROFLMREO, I'm willing to bet $100 that Fantomas will brake this "hiatus," as far as the "purpose" that will be served by it I think it might give him time to try to get away from these CJB guys that have been on his rear end for a few days (or is it longer?). I say, good riddance.

Vana said...


3 weeks away from wife home and hearth, no way will I live that long apart, you have a very understanding wife my friend.

Las Vegas was great, we stayed at The Luxor, I'm always luckiest there, maybe it's the

Vana said...

Fantomas will leave us until election day..LMAO..we should be so lucky!!

Anonymous said...

Repeat after me: President Barrak Obama

The chickens, come home, to ROOOOOOST.

Anonymous said...

The whole world is with Obama, except: 1) the racist bigots like the Tom Trancredo types, and 2) the extremist Cuban-Americans.

Not to worry though, a President Obama, backed by the supercharged left will unleash a vicious vengence, that will completely devestate both groups.

The chickens, have come home, to ROOOST...

Anonymous said...

Oh my, now we learn, Joe the Bigot, ooops, i meant Joe the Plumber will be moving to Nashville to pursue his dreams of being a country/western singer.

There can be no doubt, he will be putting his xenophoic remarks to his lyrics, and sell them to the other republican bigots who gather at Palin's xenophic rallies.

Hey Manuel, be sure to post his xenophoic, anti-immigrant lyrics in this blog.

Anonymous said...

President Bush was a leftist plant, he never was a conservative. Bush created leftist governments throughout Latin America, prevented Cuba's march to freedom. And now has created a vengeful and dangerous leftist government in America that will last a generation.

I dont know who to thank, President Bush, or the Miami Cubans who put that leftist idiot into office...

kkk arkansas said...

Moneo da en el clavo



If we vote for Obama will you stop calling "racist"?
No. Sorry. Can't do it Sally.

Even if you vote for Obama, you’re still probably a racist, according to Harvard law professor Charles Ogletree, in his remarks at a recent panel discussion at my alma mater. Ogletree, Obama’s top advisor on race issues, explains that since Obama is “biracial,” his election won’t prove that racism has receded. White America won’t vote for blacks, Ogletree argues, and Obama’s election is possible only because he’s partly white. The ABA Journal predicts that Ogletree, who has long advocated race-based reparations, will be the Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Civil Rights Division during the Obama administration.
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Anonymous said...

Hey George, unfortunately nobody is calling Cuban-Americans racist. It is unfortunate, because nobody cares what the Cuban-American says or does. As Bush has render the Cuban-American community irrelevant.

Your only hope is that Raul Martinez gets elected, that way you can have at least one lonely voice that actually cares about the community.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and one other point, if Collin Powell wanted to run for President in 2000, he would have easily beaten Bush. And he is not half-white. So, your point is kind of stupid. Just like your repression of free speech in your blog.

please frame this comment said...

Angel Garzón said...
Ms. C., to answer your second/last question, the answer is that YES, that would be what we could expect, however, as I told you before, it will not happen, the McCain-Palin team will win on election day and the victory will be by a landslide, I am not just stating this out of thin air, the data that I have (I cannot release it, it's internal, don't ask, please) backs up my statement, you and the hubby should go and buy the champagne now, we already got ours, stop worrying so much, trust me, by all means DO remember to vote if you have not yet done so.

Anonymous said...

The chickens are coming home, to ROOOST...

President Obama

Joe but not the plumber said...

CNN) -- Sen. Joe Biden said Thursday that the Republican ticket has its economic priorities "upside down," pointing to news of a shrinking GDP and record quarterly profits for Exxon Mobil Corp.

1 of 3 "Here the entire economy of America is shrinking, and the oil companies ... one, in fact, made the largest profit in its history in a quarter," Biden said at a rally in Arnold, Missouri.

"Ladies and gentlemen, what more evidence do we need that the Exxon Mobils of the world don't need a tax break?" he asked, speaking to supporters in a half-empty high school gym. "That $4 billion should go to middle class taxpayers, people who need the money. John [McCain] and Gov. [Sarah] Palin have this upside down. They literally have it upside down."

Spread the wealth...ja ja ja ja

Robin hood said...

My next target is Exxon mobil

January 2009

Fantomas said...

Getting ready for the Obama transition... Jimmy Carter days

Voy a romper el hiatus porque he encontrado una joyita que quisiera compartir con todos ustedes, para que los subsodichos cubanos que no conocieron esta parte de la historia porque ya estaban aqui pueden enterarse de algo que quizas ya se les olvido o que nunca entendieron en su momento oportuno por no vivirlo en carne propia
traido de cubanet web site
Raúl Soroa escribe
La crisis era evidente. En abril de 1980, en sólo tres días, casi 11 mil cubanos se asilaron en la embajada del Perú en La Habana. En esos días se produce una de las famosas crisis migratorias, que tan bien ha sabido manejar el régimen de La Habana, la crisis del Mariel. Castro autoriza la salida masiva de cubanos desafectos, y Carter les ofrece hospitalidad. Más de 130 mil cubanos se marchan por el puerto de Mariel. El régimen, asustado por la fuerza de los acontecimientos, recurre a la represión de los que se quieren marchar, en un intento por detener la ola migratoria. A los ojos del mundo se estaba realizando el mayor plebiscito de la historia revolucionaria, y era desfavorable al sistema. Castro recurre a los actos de repudio. Grupos armados de palos, cabillas y bates de béisbol, verdaderas turbas, cercan en sus viviendas a los que quieren emigrar, les cortan el agua, la luz y el gas, les impiden salir de las casas. No se detienen ante nada, ni ante mujeres, niños ni ancianos. Golpea, humillan, matan a golpes. Las escenas más deleznables de la historia patria se viven en esos días. Los individuos, no importa la edad ni el sexo, capturados por las turbas frenéticas, son obligados a caminar desnudos, en plena vía pública, entre insultos y golpes. Les arrojan huevos, tomates, pintura, excrementos. Nunca se ha sabido la cifra total de muertos y heridos en esos días, pero debe de ser significativa, teniendo en cuenta las referencias de testigos presenciales.

Manuel and what did you write in 1980 when the crisis began. Were you writting articles or comments for the NY times by then

Por Favor Tellechea said...

Enriquito mariconsito, aquí deben sabér que tu has visitado y comentado desde temprano hoy, mariconsón.

Tellechea, esto está pasado del limite, favor de eliminár a este virus y su pestilencia, este tipo no tiene una onza de moralidád, le recomendamos que transfiera su blog a Typepad, asi lo puede interdecir, POR FAVOR, caballero.

Si ustéd no está seguro con respecto a ese tipo de acción a lo mejór puede ponerlo al voto de sus lectores, en español para evitár que los xenófobos que comentan aqui arruinen el voto. Muchas gracias.

Angel Garzón said...

I knew it, that's why I offered $100.00 as a bet that Fantomas was not going to be able to stay away from commenting here and......

..........DRUM ROLL PLEASE..........

I was RIGHT, this poor excuse for a disease of the mouth, fingers and brain is so predictable it is really hilarious, calling it an open book is just not even close, what a fraking loser.

CJB guys, please do us all a favor, put this POS out of its misery, take it the halls of justice, that is.

Vana said...


Why do you think I didn't take your knew he would break his word because he's not a man.

Anonymous said...

A los ojos del mundo se estaba realizando el mayor plebiscito de la historia revolucionaria, y era desfavorable al sistema. Castro recurre a los actos de repudio. Grupos armados de palos, cabillas y bates de béisbol, verdaderas turbas, cercan en sus viviendas a los que quieren emigrar, les cortan el agua, la luz y el gas, les impiden salir de las casas. No se detienen ante nada, ni ante mujeres, niños ni ancianos. Golpea, humillan, matan a golpes. Las escenas más deleznables de la historia patria se viven en esos días. Los individuos, no importa la edad ni el sexo, capturados por las turbas frenéticas, son obligados a caminar desnudos, en plena vía pública, entre insultos y golpes. Les arrojan huevos, tomates, pintura, excrementos. Nunca se ha sabido la cifra total de muertos y heridos en esos días, pero debe de ser significativa, teniendo en cuenta las referencias de testigos presenciales.

Que barbaridad Fantomas , y tu vivistes eso en carne propia?