Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Meet Fidel Odinga

Yes, his complete name is Fidel Castro Odinga. He is the eldest son of Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga and a first cousin to Barack Hussein Obama. The late Obama Sr. was the prime minister's maternal uncle. Although Obama Sr. was educated at Harvard and Odinga in East Germany, uncle and nephew were friends and political allies.

Today it is Barack Obama and Raila Odinga who have formed a transcontinental political alliance. In fact, Senator Obama, in an unprecedented breech of protocal, went to Kenya in 2006 to campaign on his cousin's behalf in that country's presidential election.

Raila lost the election when a secret pact was revealed with Kenya's Muslim Brotherhood to institute sharia law in all the country's courts in exchange for their support of his candidacy. This is all the more remarkable because it is Christianity (66%), not Islam (10%), which is the largest religion in Kenya, and English common law, not the Koran, which is the basis for its legal system. Or, perhaps, it is not so remarkable, after all, since both the Odingas and Obamas belong to the 10 percent.

Although not an observant Muslim, Odinga does represent Moammar Qaffafy's oil interests in southern Africa, which may better explain his willingness to tranform his non-Muslim country into a Muslim state as Idi Amin did in Uganda when he was the recipient of the colonel's largesse 30 years ago.

Odinga's connection to Barack Obama, however, has proved more useful in his political career than Qadaffy's billions. It was in the expectation of Obama's election as president, and to ingratiate himself to him, that Odinga's political rival offered him the premiership as a consolation prize.

When Prime Minister Odinga named his son "Fidel Castro," he broke with Kenyan tradition as he should have named him for the boy's grandfather Oginga Odinga (the Kenyan "Fidel Castro"), a Marxist-Leninist revolutionary who led an unsuccessful coup to topple the government of Kenya on behalf of the Soviets.

It is not known whether Oginga Odinga's brother-in-law, Obama Sr., was involved in the coup, though given the tribal character of politics in Kenya it would be difficult to imagine that he wasn't at least aware of it or wouldn't have profited by it even if he didn't contribute to it. Indeed, that may have been the reason for Obama Sr.'s failed political career in Kenya.

It is certainly ironic that Obama Sr.'s star eclipsed because of his relationship to Oginga Odinga, whereas his son Raila's rose because of his connection to Obama Jr.

We wonder how things might have turned out if Obama Sr., the Harvard-trained economist, had followed his cousin's example and named his American-born son "John Maynard Keynes Obama."


Ms Calabaza said...


you just made my day ... I feel so much better now./s/
If there is an October surprise-attack on McCain/Palin, this is what we are left with? I'm going back to my fetal position now ...

Srcohiba said...

Dude, good stuff but more powerful if you cited your references.

with the left, if you don't back up your stuff with sources, they just call it swiftboating.

Vana said...

WOW!! Manuel you always get the scoop and teach us something in the process, thanks for this tidbit.

Fantomas said...

Como dice Alexis Valdez Mansuelo


lol, lol

Anonymous said...

Is he your cousin Manuel

Agustin Farinas said...

you need to post the video Calabaza has about Obama wanting to disarm the US military and cancel all future defense programs while we are threatened with more attacks by the Islamofascists. It is a piece of work from the Messiah and it has his own words to show what he is planning to do. We need to show everyone what he is planning.
No one can say it was made up by Republicans because this video has his own words telling us about it.

Fantomas said...

Agustin pareces una puta de barrio chismosa bretera, deja eso ya

ganale el dia 4 vota por mc Cain y san se acabo

no cojas lucha consorte

Fantomas said...

So far the Republican Convention is a success.

Me ha gustado todo lo que han dicho Thompson y Lieberman


Me estan convenciendo a que regrese a mi core, veremos que dice Gulianni mañana

Ms Calabaza said...

If anyone is interested, here is the link to the video of Obama ... it's worth a look and please forward to as many people you are able to. Thanks!


Fantomas said...

Calabaza despues de ver las fotos de Obama con tunica arabe en tu blog me imagino que habra en ese video

no thanks

Fantomas said...


Como esta Pinar?

Dicen que esta de Odinga

y la Isla de Pinos


Fantomas said...

de Fantomas para todos ustedes Gorki pasenlo


Anonymous said...

Manuel la cosa sigue de Odinga en Pinar del Rio

Estarias dispuesto a recolectar dinero , ropa y comida para enviar a Cuba a nuestros hermanos

Anonymous said...

This blog is dead

Agustin Farinas said...

Rubber head,
of course you don't want to see the video becasue it exposes your candidate for what he is: anti-American and extreme left. Obviously you are implying Ms. Calabaza somehow photoshopped the picture of Obama dressed as an Arab. It is a true picture just like the picture of Obama with his hands on the side while everyone else including Hillary Clinton, had her hand over her heart during the playing of the national anthem.
Look, you do not fool anyone here. We all know "de que pata tu cojeas y no es la derecha". So please do not come here making yourself out like you are some kind of patriotic person when we all know what you are.
You can hurl all the insults you want, all that rolls off my back. When the words come out of a stupid and ignorant filthy mouth like yours, is best to ignore them, since they are worthless and irrelevat. What you are we all have know for months. Your own words here in this blog have betrayed your leanings and your ideology.
As the old saying goes:
"La mona aunque se vista de seda, mona se queda"

Fantomas said...

Agustin ya enviastes ayuda monetaria a Cuba, recuerda tus hermanos cubanos te necesitan ahora mas que nunca

Look, you do not fool anyone here. We all know "de que pata tu cojeas y no es la derecha


Anonymous said...

LOL, obama lost the election last month when he told America that we should speak Spanish.

As a side note, i stumbled upon a vicious hate crime against a nice and bright Cuban American girl in my hometown.


Fantomas said...
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Anonymous said...

And, oh yah, regardless of what the republican Spanish-haters say about Obama statement, "that Americans should learn Spanish." Obama, at least on this major issue, is correct.

Antonio33 said...

Anonymous, on what major issue is Obama right? On planning to transform the U.S. into a "socialist" (communist) country so we can enjoy dire poverty and opression as the Cubans do? On imposing Sharia (Islamic law) on us as his Marxist relative planned to do in Kenia although only 10% of Kenyans are Muslims?

Anonymous said...

This is so wrong and un substantiated it's unbelievable.
1.Obama visited Kenya as a US Senator. He met the president of Kenya and other leaders of the country. he did not campaign for any one. Exactly what protocol was breached?
2. Oginga Odinga and Obama Snr are not in any way related. The closest claim to "relation" one can put forth is that they speak the same african dialect.
3. Neither the Obamas nor the Odingas are Muslims. The name Hussein came into the family via Zanzibar. ( check your atlas, i know u don’t know where that is). Obama's grandfather was a soldier in the British army in WWI and he was stationed in Zanzibar.
He fell in love with a Muslim woman and wanted to marry her. Per the Zanzibari traditions, he had to adopt a Muslim name before he could marry her, and thus the name Hussein came into the family.
Neither he (Obama's grandfather) nor his children practiced Islam.
Per Luo traditions, the family follows in the religion of the father.
4. Sharia law is practiced in Kenya. So saying that there was a pact to introduce Sharia is misleading. sharia is practiced in Kenya much like it is practiced in the UK. ( aha, I bet you did not know that).
5. Did you know that Raila also named his daughter after Winnie Mandela? Had they had a son he would have been named Nelson Mandela. It is not uncommon for parents in Kenya to name their children after world leaders who fight or stand for a course. There are many Lennins, Thatchers, Bill Clintons, Mandelas, Fidels, John Paul (pope) to name a few. It has absolutely nothing to do with ones political inclinations.
6. Muammar al-Gadaffi ( btw, that is the correct spelling) has met with many world leaders, present and past. Gadafi has no oil interests in Kenya because (here comes the big reveal)… there is no oil in Kenya!!!! The oil refinery in Kenya is state owned and refines oil purchased from primarily the middle east, much like the refineries in America, England and just about everywhere else in the.

Your blog is so wrong on so many angles.
Do some basic research next time.
And congrats to President Obama.

Anonymous said...

Thank you "anonymous" (Dec 5/08 comment) for clarifying and putting forth your arguments in an intelligent and informed manner. I do so wish people (read blog owner) would take the time to research and understand our Kenyan culture before spewing "cooked" stories. And just to corroborate the names issue, I do have a brother named Pope J.P. :-)

Anonymous said...

Cheers Manuel, uve taught mi smthing. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

This story is full of false statements. Raila is not at all related to obama they know each other only because of their fathers friendship and thats abouit it....

Habari said...

I am Kenyan and this is a bunch of lies. Raila is in no way related to Obama. Please cite your sources.

Anonymous said...

Hey are you a professional journalist? This article is very well written, as compared to most other blogs i saw today….
anyhow thanks for the good read!

ondiege philip said...

Hey I'm From Kenya and for once i would love to Dispel the False accusation in this artice. First of all there was no election in Kenya in 2006. Obama came under the directive of Goerge Bush to spread the US agenda because no one would listen to bush.Second he did not campaign for him and for your information, during the 2007 Kenyan election Dick Morris came to kenya to campaign for Odinga.He was kicked out because he did not have work papers. I love the conservative movement however I'm always surprised with the amount of ignorance displayed and how many people believe what they are reading. Please find the facts and you will make us all happy.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Free e-book about Raila Odinga:

Politics of Poverty: Odinga, Curse to the Luos

Quote from Raila Odinga:

The Luos (Odinga's people) will follow me like houseflies, even if I give them nothing.