Monday, September 29, 2008

Celebrity Compatibility with Fidel Castro

As RCAB's tribute to the late actor, we linked in a previous post to "Paul Newman's Compatibility to Fidel Castro." It was an unusually high quotient, but not higher, we might note, than Robert Redford's (see below). Newman's was only one comparison. As some of you have already noticed, there a lot more besides.

I do not subscribe to New Age wisdom, nor should the reproduction of these findings be interpreted as an endorsement. We note, however, that in most cases the results are uncanny. I amend that last statement to read in most cases with which I am acquainted, since, frankly, most of these names are unfamiliar to me and likely to remain so. It is remarkable that someone took it upon himself to create a computer program which charts one's compatibility with Fidel Castro. So Fidel is now the golden mean of the human condition? Well, I choose to look at in a positive light. I don't think that most people aspire to be like Fidel. A high degree of compatibility with him would not, I think, be expected or welcomed, unlike, say, a high level of compatibility with Mother Teresa (or at least the perceived image of Mother Teresa). Oh, yes, you can also chart your own compatibility with Fidel Castro if you are interested. There you can judge for yourself the accuracy of this curious curious website.

Adam Sandler
Adriana Lima
Al Pacino
Alessandra Ambrosio
Alyssa Milano
Angelina Jolie
Antonio Banderas
Ariel Sharon
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Ashlee Simpson
Ashton Kutcher
Avril Lavigne
Barack Obama
Barbara Streisand
Ben Affleck
BeyonceBill Gates
Bill O'Reilly
Bob Dylan
Brad Pitt
Britney Spears
Brittany Murphy
Bruce Willis
Cameron Diaz
Carmen Electra
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Celine Dion
Charles Manson
Chow Yun Fat
Chris Rock
Christian Bale
Christie Brinkley
Christina Aguilera
Chuck Norris
Cindy Crawford
Claire Forlani
Clint Eastwood
Colin Farrell
Colin Powell
David Beckham
David Boreanaz
David Bowie
David Letterman
Denise Richards
Denzel Washington
Dick Cheney
Donald Rumsfeld
Donald Trump
Dr. PhilEddie Murphy
Edward Norton
Elisha Cuthbert
Eliza Dushku
Elizabeth Taylor
Eric Bana
Eva Mendes
Faith Hill
Famke Janssen
Fiona Apple
Freddie Prinze Jr.
George Clooney
George W. Bush
Halle Berry
Harrison Ford
Heidi Klum
Hilary Duff
Hillary Clinton
Howard Stern
Hugh Grant
Hugh Hefner
Hugh Jackman
Ice Cube
Jack Nicholson
Jackie Chan
James Brown
James Gandolfini
Jane Seymour
Jay Leno
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Connelly
Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jerry Seinfeld
Jessica Alba
Jessica Biel
Jessica Simpson
Jet Li
Jim Carrey
John Travolta
Jon Stewart
Josh Hartnett
Jude Law
Julia Roberts
Justin Timberlake
Karl Rove
Kate Beckinsale
Kate Moss
Keanu Reeves
Kelly Hu
Kelsey Grammer
Kid Rock
Kim Jong Il
Kim Kardashian
Kobe Bryant
Kurt Vonnegut
Kylie Minogue
Laurence Fishburne
Lenny Kravitz
Leonardo DiCaprio
Liam Neeson
Lindsay Lohan
Liv Tyler
Lucy Liu
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Mariah Carey
Matt Damon
Mel Brooks
Mel Gibson
Michael Jackson
Michael Jordan
Michael Moore
Michael York
Michelle Yeoh
Mick Jagger
Mike Myers
Mitt Romney
MobyMonica Potter
Muhammad Ali
Naomi Campbell
Natalie Imbruglia
Natalie Portman
bin Laden
P Diddy
Pamela Anderson
Paris Hilton
Paul McCartney
Paul Newman
Penelope Cruz
Peter O'Toole
Pierce Brosnan
Rachel Weisz
Rebecca Gayheart
Rebecca Romijn
Richard Branson
Ricky Martin
Ridley Scott
Ringo Starr
Robert De Niro
Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Redford
Robin Williams
Ron Howard
Rose McGowan
Rosie O'Donnell
Rudi Bakhtiar
Rush Limbaugh
Russell Crowe
Salma Hayek
Samuel L. Jackson
Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Sarah Silverman
Scarlett Johansson
Sean Connery
Shaquille O'Neal
Simon Cowell
Sofia Vergara
Stephen Colbert
Steve Martin
Steven Spielberg
The Rock
Tiger Woods
Tom Cruise
Tom Hanks
Toni Braxton
Tyra Banks
Uma Thurman
Vin Diesel
Vladimir Putin
Will Smith


Vana said...

The really scary one is Tom Hanks, very compatible to the beast, wonder who had the need to draw comparisons with such a monster.

Not new age Manuel, obviously astrology is being used since they ask for your birthdate, very old age, remember it was three astrologers who observed something unusual in the sky that led them to Jesus, there's something to it my friend.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I am sure that you are right. I should have paid more attention to the logistics of the compatibility scale, although I felt guilty paying any attention at all. It's fun, though, especially when one's expectations are met or greatly defrauded.

And who would have guessed that Tom Hanks had the greatest compatibility to Fidel of all the celebrities listed?

Manuel A Chechechea said...

Don't forget to visit my new child

Vana said...


Perhaps my friend we should not be surprised, Tom Hanks started out as a cross dresser on a tv sitcom, he took his career under control to become who he is today, though he seems like a good natured man, one that does not strike me as your typical tyrant, who's to say the person he really is, ambitious yes, but as you have noted there is really nothing wrong with that, unless you want to use your ambition and or greed to enslave a population.

Am glad you were able to relax and enjoy it, there's wisdom hiding everywhere one looks.

BTW don't feel guilty enjoy!

The cuban gallup guy said...

Print E-mail September 29, 2008
Gallup Daily: Obama Maintains 8-Point LeadRegistered voters prefer Obama to McCain, 50% to 42%USA Election 2008 Gallup Daily Americas Northern America PRINCETON, NJ -- The latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking update, based on Sept. 26-28 polling, shows Barack Obama with a 50% to 42% lead over John McCain, unchanged from the prior report.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I will take notice of you in due course, fear not.

For now regale yourself with this post from last year:

The Cuban-American Misfits Review is Dead

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

cuban gallop guy:

McCain is going to carry 30+ states.

You heard it here first.

Vana said...

I see cheche is up to his old tricks, what a waste of time and blog.

Fantomas said...

There was a second blog devoted to me which I have recently discovered entitled Review of the Review of Cuban-American Blogs. It is a title which fantomas first suggested here, but which would have suggested itself to anyone if it suggested itself to fantomas. But fantomas did not act quickly enough and "Manuel A. Chechechea" beat him to it. A much better writer by far than fantomas, he did not have fantomas' staying power

Oye Mansuelo, to make it loud and clear, I had nothing to do with the chechechea nick or that new blog..

Tu sabes muy bien quienes son los que se dedican a eso pero la Vana y fariñas como siempre hablando pestes culpandome a mi de todo lo malo que pasa aqui...

Algun dia se arrepentiran de las acusaciones, algun dia

Fantomas said...

McCain is going to carry 30+ states.

You heard it here first.

Manuel cuando gane Obama , cuando cierras este blog , el dia 5 de Nov o lo dejaras abierto hasta el inauguration day in 09


Fantomas said...

McCain is going to carry 30+ states.

You heard it here first.

Florida Mc Cain 48%
Obama 47%

Mc Cain cogera los 30 estados mas chiquitos de la nacion . Not enough , Mansuelo

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Why don't you show your confidence in Obama as I have shown mine in McCain? Close your blog on November 5th if Obama loses. Your refusal to make that pledge shows that you really don't have any confidence in Obama. Attraction is not confidence.

Agustin Farinas said...

Rubber Head,
de ti no hay que hablar pestes, simplemente porque TU mismo eres una peste!

Vana said...


Tu eres todo lo malo que pasa aqui.

Fantomas said...

Fariñas tranquilizate , tomate un te, cuanto perdiste en Wall Street, fijate que hay personas tirandoze de azoteas ya

Yo por mi parte tengo mis inversiones bien diversificadas en mi portofolio y ahora estoy comprando bargains como loco, te dejo que me llamo el broker desde NY

Fantomas said...

Why don't you show your confidence in Obama as I have shown mine in McCain? Close your blog on November 5th if Obama loses

Mansuelo porque te preocupas tanto si a mi blog solo entran 4 gatos diariamente y son los mismos siempre que ni comentan.

Tu fuistes el que dijistes que si ganaba Obama cerraba, solo espero tu palabra de gentleman , any ezfuerzo de mantener tu blog abierto despues de la fecha indicada siginificara you complete dimise in the blogosfera

Fantomas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fantomas said...


WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The House's failure to pass a $700 billion bailout package Monday not only held back billions for Wall Street, but also was a major blow to Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign.

Sen. John McCain says he is ready to work to get a financial rescue plan through Congress.

The Republican presidential nominee raised the stakes for himself last week when he suspended his campaign and returned to Washington for negotiations over a solution to the financial crisis.

"Even before the House vote, voters blamed Republicans more than Democrats for the crisis. Then McCain suspended his campaign to come back to Washington to rally support for a rescue plan," said Bill Schneider, a CNN political analyst. "He failed, so he gets blamed by both supporters and opponents of the rescue plan."

During a campaign event in Des Moines, Iowa, on Tuesday, McCain appeared to distance himself from Monday's House vote, saying the congressional inaction had "every American and the entire economy at the gravest risk."

"Yesterday, the country and the world looked to Washington for leadership, and Congress once again came up empty-handed," he said.

Anonymous said...

Fantomas se desencadena contra Ernestos Bustos de Penultimos Dias